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  • About Dreadlocks Natural Dreads

    Specializing in healthy dreadlocks, we only promote dreading methods and dreadlocks maintenance that are healthy for dreadlocks.

    Dreads grown the dreadlockssite way remain beautiful and healthy throughout the lifetime of your dreadlocks.

    There are only a couple dreadlocks sites that aren't strictly profit driven, and willing to do great harm in the creation of instant dreads, using very harmful methods. We provide the most honest information on dreadlocks methods, the maintenance dreads require, and what products are best for dreadlocks care.

    We have strict standards and will never promote, or allow the sales of harmful dreadlocks products, or dreading tools.

    We provide free shops for hand made natural dreadlocks products and accessories. All dreads products sold here must meet our strict standards and are guaranteed to be healthy for your dreadlocks, hair, and scalp.

    Although we recommend the natural way of growing dreadlocks, we recognize that many people start their dreads using many dreading methods. We are just here to provide the information on the gentlest healthiest alternatives and to help you recover if you used an aggressive damaging method.

    We care more about dreadlocks than about profit. We just want you're dreads to last a lifetime.

    We know when starting dreadlocks, many want instantly formed dreads. This often means turning to a dread salon or loctician to start your dreads. In most cases, this is the worst thing for your dreads, as the dreadlocks are started with brute force methods, and advice that often delays or prevents the proper formation of dreadlocks. Dreads started these ways require far more effort, and cost, to force them to look like dreadlocks. This almost always does severe harm to your dreadlocks.

    Dreads treated gently, are happy, healthy dreads.

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    @twheless • 3 hours ago • comments: 0
    Posted a response to "5 reasons why you should think about starting and/or maintaining dreads the natural way":
    "Good reasons to start maintaining dreads in a totally natural way. It teaches you a lot. There's always more that meets the eye."
    @twheless • 3 hours ago • comments: 0
    Posted a response to "Required Length For Beardlocks ":
    "If you are considering the option of growing dreads then, it must be at least 5-6 inches long and only that is not enough, your beards need to be tamed and..."
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    @soaring-eagle • 11 hours ago • comments: 0
    Posted a response to "shampoo reviews ":
    "me too on occasion almost always bar though but that liquid sure knots things up tight in a hurry"
    @j-welsh • 11 hours ago • comments: 0
    Posted a response to "shampoo reviews ":
    "Their shampoo is awesome! I switch between the liquid and bar."
    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
    @soaring-eagle • 15 hours ago • comments: 0
    Posted a response to "shampoo reviews ":
    "add a review here too ell, go to the shampoo you got and write it there but i told ya they were..."
    @benjamin-newman • 15 hours ago • comments: 0
    Created a new forum topic "shampoo reviews ":
    "Dreadlocks shampoos review Okay so I have tried must of the dreadlock shampoos dollylocks, vital goods, superdreads, they all said that they were residue..."
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    @soaring-eagle • 17 hours ago • comments: 5
    Posted a new Comment on @moppusan:
    "i'll send that in a message to you or u can open the messenger and click load previous messages  it was sent privately for a reason haha as far as the..."
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    @soaring-eagle • 17 hours ago • comments: 0
    Posted a response to "Natural Method":
    "that's why dreading is so healthy for most people with those issues i have friends who were abused and suffer a lot who cut their faces out of pictures or..."
    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
    @soaring-eagle • 17 hours ago • comments: 0
    Posted a response to "Help! My beautiful dread babies went from vienna sausages to pencils! ":
    "I don't think he wants to be a doctor at all.. I think he's pressured into it most likely a dr dad hes too miserable and uncaring to want to be a doctor he..."
    @moppusan • 17 hours ago • comments: 835
    Posted a new Comment on @soaring-eagle:
    "Oh I forgot to mention if you'd like me to set up a fund raising site I'd be cool with that. I have waaaay too much time on my hands. I love helping people."
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  • aetherfaither

    5 reasons why you should think about starting and/or maintaining dreads the natural way

    09/29/16 04:03:35PM, by Dreading Methods
    1: For teenagers, especially, who are researching starting methods, (a lot of dread questions come from those who are hoping to hide them from their parents or school) the natural way has the least drastic changes right away. Most kids want instant results- want to see dreads right away, but also...

    Replies 4
    Raven's Light

    Required Length For Beardlocks

    10/30/16 11:36:14AM, by General Questions
    I have had a question for a while now. I am still debating on the idea growing dreads in my beard...still really on the fence, but this leads me to wonder how long my beard needs to be to even start them if I decided to? 

    Replies 41

    shampoo reviews

    04/27/17 05:08:06PM, by Dread Products
    Dreadlocks shampoos review Okay so I have tried must of the dreadlock shampoos dollylocks, vital goods, superdreads, they all said that they were residue free mind you I was using seed size amounts of liquid and still was getting residue... So I just did the acv wash monthly. Fast forward...

    Replies 4

    Natural Method

    04/26/17 04:16:38PM, by Dreading Methods
    I tend to have a habit of sort of smoothing down my hair from the front to the back possibly several times per day; much more if I'm out in public and my anxiety kicks in and I think people are looking at my hair and judging me. How hands-off do I need to be for the natural method? Also, is...

    Replies 4

    Help! My beautiful dread babies went from vienna sausages to pencils!

    04/20/17 12:30:42PM, by Help! Save My Dreads
    Hello. I have had my locs for about 3 years and have noticed a drastic difference my hair’s thickness. They are pretty much half the size that they initially were. Seeing as how my initial goal was the have thick locs, this is very disappointing. I cannot get to the cause of this although I have...

    Replies 25
    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    Positive Vibrations

    04/27/17 11:25:29AM, by Dready love
    What are positive (and negative) vibrations and any perceived relationship with dreadlocks? This question can be approached from many different angles from purely scientific, to metaphysical, spiritual, emotional, and ancient concepts like "chi energy". From a mixed bag of the above, hair...

    Replies 1
    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    On Freedoms Wings We Soar

    04/26/17 12:53:14PM, by Dreads as Community Leaders/Builders
    So many of you know I have been involved in many things over the years. From uniting rival gangs, and turning dangerous crack bombed hoods into safe loving communities.  But this 1 program I am involved with has meant the most to me, and everyone else we serve.  [jrEmbed module="jrYouTube"...

    Replies 1
    Jayke Watson

    Petition to get Soaring Eagle to Write a Book

    07/04/13 09:25:57PM, by dreadlockssite appreciation
    Hey everyone, I've been thinking about this sinceiI first came to the site and I've decided it's time to do something about it. Soaring eagle and the other dread gurus on the site have a wealth of knowledge that is extremely hard to come by unless you're extremely intent on doing lots of research...

    Replies 14
    Nicole Binns

    Thank you Soaring Eagle!

    03/16/11 03:33:21AM, by Dreads as Community Leaders/Builders
    Thank you Soaring Eagle.-for making the biggest and best dreadlocks site on the web.-for helping, teaching, and sharing your knowledge with thousands of people.-for your time and effort.-for being who you are.

    Replies 6


    04/19/17 09:18:52PM, by General Talk
    Anyone else on here surf? And where at? VB here, but go down to Hatteras as much as possible.

    Replies 7
  • Healthy Dreads

    The easiest difference to spot between dreads on our site vs 'locs' on most other sites is the fact we have no balding, no excessively tight roots, and excessivly tight styling.

    We do not promote the tightening of dreadlocks roots by force, allowing hair to continue growing on your scalp and remain healthy. Most dread salons over tighten the dreads roots till it causes balding called traction alopecia.

    We only promote dreadlocks products and methods that keep your dreads healthy and strong for a lifetime.

    We promote no wax or products that build up in dreadlocks, nor do we promote products that contain known carcinogens and skin iritants.

    We are the only site that has such strict standards, so when it comes to dreadlocks health we are the site to trust.

    Many strictly profit driven dreadlocks sites are not happy about the information we provide!

    We are experts at fixing the problems other sites cause, unfortunately many sites cause so much harm to dreads the dreadlocks need to be restarted. We try to avoid this if possible.

    Our dreadlocks health experts are always here to help undo the damage caused by other sites.

    We are widely considered the only trustworthy source for dreadlocks info.
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    Ah separation, how I took thee for granted when I first heard of you. Everything I read about natural dreadlocks said Separate, make sure you're separating those dreads that are growing together! Make sure they don't grow together at the roots! Pull them apart! So sure I kept separating them, pulling them apart all blissful and ignorant. Not until over 3 months in did I realize OH you don't just pull them apart, GO THROUGH THOSE THINGS AT THE ROOT HAIR. BY. HAIR. Make sure that they're...

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    So as Ive been dreading my hair Ive noticed way more vibrations in people than I ever could before. Is this a thing? I have a background in the eastern healing and modalities as a massage therapist and deal with these kinds of things often but Ive felt it more consistently since my hair has been locking up. I must try some more reading about the antenna that is the hair and how locking attracts more energy so to speak. Maybe Im just hyperaware of people and their reactions because I feel on...

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  • Natural Dreadlocks, Why Choose Natural Dreads?

    Why should you choose natural dreads over salon dreads?

    Salon dreads give you instant gratification, at the cost of severe harm. You look like you have dreads immediately, but actually takes much longer for them to actually become dreadlocks. They use aggressive force in order to force them to look like dreads often damaging the scalp and the hair severely.

    Natural dreads on the other hand form organically with more unique personality, your dreads are yours and not like anyone else's. Natural dreads remain strong, healthy and are kept clean. Salons often tell you not to wash your dreadlocks for long periods of time. Sometimes six months. Even the entire first year.

    When you're growing natural dreads, it is the washing that makes them dread. Additionally, companies that sell dread kits and products to make growing dreads easier actually make it much harder and ruin your dreadlocks. Dreads caked in wax might seem to mature fast, but they are only being glued together in wax and actually take much longer. Products designed to hold like wax, especially are very difficult to remove, and can sometimes result in the dreads needing to be cut.

    We have become experts at saving dreads that other dreadlocks sites and dread salons have harmed.

    If you are experiencing your dreads thinning at the roots, dreadlocks breaking off, scratchy rough dreads, heavy dreads from product buildup, we are here to help you restore the health of your precious dreads.

    Dreads can mean a great deal to those who choose to grow dreads, natural dreads most of all because of the time and patience it takes to grow dreads naturally. Dreads that form naturally take on a personality that is unique to the individual. Many who grow dreads the natural way, report growing as a person, as thier dreadlocks form. Dreads therefore can take on a spiritual growth aspect that can be profound.

    Dreadlocks facts
    • Dreadlocks need to be clean: Dreadlocks should be washed between one and three times a week, from the day you start dreading. Clean dreadlocks dread faster.
    • Dreadlocks are the natural state of all hair: All hair will become dreadlocks if permitted. Hair type, race, or ethnicity has nothing to do with the formation of dreadlocks. Dreadlocks do not require special treatments or products based on hair type or race.
    • Dreadlocks are low maintenance: Dreadlocks require very little maintenance, washing, and, if desired separating. Separation is recomended in most cases to prevent massive dreads.
    • Dreads are not unprofessional: Because dreads are often spiritual, and dreadlocks are a part of most religions (not just rastafarian beliefs), dreadlocks, especially natural dreads must be accepted in any job, by law.
    • Dreads don't cause balding: Salons and locticians that forceibly over tighten the roots of dreads cause thinning and balding in dreads. However balding is not caused by wearing dreads when the dreadlocks are not over maintained.
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