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    Raven's Light

    Court Of Appeals Ruling On Dreadlocks and Employers

    09/23/16 03:24:17PM, by Life Issues Facing Dreads
    Hi,  I am unsure if I am posting this in the right section (if not please advise me where to post this), but I recently saw this story circulating and wanted to get some feedback on it from people on this forum as it obviously affects many of us. This link below has more details:...

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    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    Wax For Dreads The Dreadwax Scam Exposed

    08/23/15 01:49:40PM, by Dreading Methods
    Wax for dreads is dreadwax really a scam? It's hard to believe that people still believe wax like beeswax or dread wax can be used safely in dreads. It's even harder to believe that these companies that sell wax can still convince some people it's helpfull. Is dreadwax a scam? Absolutely yes!...

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    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    dreadlockssite universal app now available

    07/31/15 09:26:07AM, by General Talk
    The dreadlockssite universal app is now live! in fact, i'm posting using it now!  its super fast and easy to use The universal app takes advantage of all the universal app structure built into the new windows 10 (wich is awesome) family, and will run on all windows 8 and 10 devices, including x...

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    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    Dreadlocks and employement laws your rights to wear dreads in the workplace explained

    05/01/15 01:17:30PM, by dreads jobs employment issues
    The following is the Uniteed States laws concerning dreadlocks, and religious garm and grooming practices in the workplace as well as an explanation.Please note, these laws do not affect dreads worn for fashion, maintained ina salon, or with no religious or spiritual meaning.The...

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    thinning and balding, alopecia from salon dreds

    02/19/15 11:07:33PM, by salon and loctician dreads recovery
    Thinning and balding at the crown. Dry and itchy scalp at the damaged area causing breakage. Usually get locs retwisted every 4-6 weeks. Things got progressively worse as loctician tried to repair by reattaching locs after breaking. Made roots thinner and eventually break again bc too heavy....

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    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    dread wax sellers boycott

    12/14/14 08:18:32PM, by Dread Products
    boycott all companies that sell dread wax dread wax is well known to be a scam and a destroyer of dreads however many companies continue to push it and other stores sell it unaware of how bad it is so we are calling for a total boycott of all companies that make dread wax and a letter/email...

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    Hey! I'm the guy who's waxy lock you see in the dreadwax removal section

    11/20/14 11:38:40PM, by Introduce Yourself
    Hey whats up everybody! Glad to see this website is still very much alive and kicking :D. So much really great info here, and everyone is so respectful and nice too!I'm not sure if I ever really messaged many other members when I originally signed up to this forum in like 2008 or something and I...

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    Itchy Scalp along with root thinning and balding from retwisting

    11/02/14 01:56:30AM, by Help! Save My Dreads
    Hello DreadlocksSite community! For a little over a year now I've had serious scalp itching near the crown area of my head. It feels good to scratch it, like its relieving stress or something, but I try to control touching my scalp too much at the same time. In 2011, I had a big dread that fell...

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    Jessica Reyes


    10/01/14 08:57:28PM, by Dreading Methods
    If you're from shaolin (staten island, nyc), holla. This is my neglect timeline, keeping it really short sweet and simple... Method used: Neglect/Separation Products used: Dr. Bronners/ blue (once or twice a month for scalp), Water Hair type: Curly, I'm puerto rican...

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    Bear Scott

    Dreadlock Maintenance: A Cautionary Tale

    08/07/14 11:47:37AM, by Dread Maintenance
    Hello everyone! I don't post on here very often, but I am an admin in the Dreadlocks Natty Dreads Facebook group, and this was the pinned post in there for a long time. We will be changing it soon, but Soaring Eagle asked me to post it here on Dreadlockssite before we unpinned it from the group....

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    More reasons to not use a crochet hook. Don't watch if you're squeamish.

    06/26/14 12:39:59PM, by crochet and dread tools recovery
    Again, DO NOT watch if you're squeamish. admin note: i decided to feature this as undeniable proof of how damaging these hooks can be if the hook can go completely through your thumb it can wreak havoc breaking hundreds of hairs passing through a dread without any resistance to indicate its...

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    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    locs and traction alopecia from twisting or interlocking

    04/23/14 10:43:37AM, by Dreads Hair and Scalp Health
    traction alopecia is caused by tension on the roots over extended periods of time, this can be caused from keeping it pulled back or up in a tight style without releasing the tension (taking it down) often, or from over tightening the roots its extremely common among african americans even...

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    Crotcheting damages hair

    04/05/14 11:41:20AM, by crochet and dread tools recovery
    One of my dreads right in the middle of my forehead was too big - the section was almost an inch and a half and I was worried that in time it will grow fatter and then I'd have a big horn to deal with. It took me three hours to undo it because it'd been so tightly crocheted. I couldn't have...

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    Kasiem Walker

    balding caused by retwisting locs in just 5 months

    03/02/14 04:58:54PM, by Help! Save My Dreads
    I've been growing my dreads for about 5 months now and I've started balding at the top of my head. This hasn't happened before and I think I know the reason why it is now. I think it's because I've been retwisting them too much and some of them started thinning. Can someone please help me figure...

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    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    crochet dreads discussion and pictures

    02/09/14 06:22:48PM, by Dreading Methods
    note all of these images were foind on google many on salon sites that specialize in crochetting dreadlocks, (a few of the images were lost when the site was upgraded, sorry) i apologize to the people in the photos for using them as examples, and do not wish to make it about the person, the...

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