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Jessica Reyes
10 years ago
24 posts

If you're from shaolin (staten island, nyc), holla. This is my neglect timeline, keeping it really short sweet and simple...

Method used : Neglect/Separation

Products used : Dr. Bronners/ blue (once or twice a month for scalp), Water

Hair type : Curly, I'm puerto rican with hair on the more "kinkier" side for lack of better terms, so hair tends to get dry often, I wet it everyday, But I wash it 2-3 times a week with Dr. Bronners peppermint, sometimes more depending on work.

Little things that help me : Tam. Tam that shit up at night...helped me ALOT. Again don't let hair get too dry...needs moisture, but do not condition! Separate as often as you need because if you have hair similar to mine it will dread FAST. Shake dry out of the shower, let hair in front of a fan for a bit. Oh and if your hair is shoulder long...grow it out longer...I'm telling you, long hair dreads so much faster. at least 3 inches under the shoulders, if you're hair is not dreading very fast, probably because of length.

Advice : I have tried ALL methods...all of which i ended up cutting. I have used wax, i have crocheted and backcombed, I have even gone to a salon where they put fake hair in my hair in order to thicken it so it would dread. I have used beeswax, lime and mango gels...all of doesn't work, only builds up, stinks and oils the hair to prevent dreading. Backcombing is the biggest waste of time, so is TnR...they FALL OUT and THEN start to instead of waiting for them to fall out and then dread, just leave them for at least 5-6 months. You will see how fast it goes by. Crochet is DAMAGING. Wax.......just think about's WAX's friggin WAX. That shit don't wash out! I have attempted dreads many times over, over a span of 6-7 years. This is the first time I love them and I feel confident and happy about how fast they are progressing.


Day One/Week One :

yeah i work at trader joes...and i love pizza...and my tam....and my flannel pjs....ok lol

2 Months:

how I wear it at work, just a band to keep it out of my face, let it run wild!


lots of clumping, loops galore!!! sections!!! I now have to separate after every wash and every morning. was soooooo short I'm so happy, will update again in my 6th month!


4 MONTHS!!!! Update 10/28/2014


Just getting tighter and less frizzy by the day. Lots of clumps and loops...lots of solidity throughout the dread. more definition. LOTS OF SHRINKAGE!

some hair towards the side of my head, by my ear, is taking especially long to even just curl, if it doesn't dread that's's kinda nice to have some loose hair. overall, I'm's going fast. I'm enjoying the hell out of this journey. I've gotten ALOT of ridicule, stares, and comments but I know I live in a place where ignorance is bliss...every once in a while though when I am discouraged the universe will send a rasta or someone who is free forming my way...very rarely but always when I need to see...and I don't feel so alone. i'm staying strong, and when they are long and mature...I would know I have earned them.




!!!!!!!!!!!5 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! BUT FIRST! this is me RIGHT at the very very beginning, still brushing at this point!

JUST 5 Months, fresh, just out of the shower...

idk why this is upside down .-.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 5 MONTH VIDEO UPDATE here!

updated by @jessica-reyes: 02/14/15 09:49:14AM
Diego F.
10 years ago
73 posts

nice progress!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,641 posts

great timeline great progress and you made some great points


but..with being featured i expect updates at least monthly to everry 2 months at the longest

one note

i would not use selsun blue ever

u might want to look into the teatree rosemary

the liquid would make it dread insanely fast so youd be seperating alot more and will need to moisturize the bars however you might not need to moisturize as much or at all

also hot water adds to dryness switching to cool tto cold water will also reduce the need for anything for flakey scalp etc

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Lauren Maxwell
10 years ago
19 posts

very nice!!!

Jessica Reyes
10 years ago
24 posts
Awww thank you for the featured SE!!! Yeah i will give the teatree a try For sure, always best to leave chemical products out. And i will update monthly then! Thanks everyone! :D
10 years ago
4 posts

I'm jealous of folks with curly hair like this. Nice timeline.

Lady J2
10 years ago
1 posts

Nice to see someone else with this hair type! Hope mine dread up as fast as yours (just started myself). Will be dropping in to see how it's going, looks great so far.

10 years ago
8 posts

they look awesome! it's such a fun process to watch hair lock from default.

like Marley you are washing it and leaving it.

u ever do tea rinse wid herbs? natural lox loove rosemary tea rinse and you feel like a boss

Jessica Reyes
10 years ago
24 posts
Sorry about not replying, I dont get notified! Lol. Anyhow, No i have yet to try herbs! Gonna get someAcv/bs rince going soon also.
10 years ago
393 posts
Awesome! I am surprised at how fast curly hair becomes dreadlocks. My super fine textured and straight hair takes it's time.
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