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    dreadlock sea salt locking accelerator

    08/13/09 08:04:16PM, by Dread Products
    I had an idea that if I take a bottle and fill it up full of sea-salt and pour some on my head and rinse it out in the shower. Would this help lock up my dreads? This is real sea salt and not table salt.

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    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    beautiful inspirational dreadlock pictures

    08/13/09 09:10:12PM, by Dreadlock Picture Gallery
    simple as can be post pictures of beautiful dreads freinds family your own random ones off the netany dreadlocks you find beautiful or inspirationallets keep the icon worship to a minumum by that i mean all the holiwood or rock idol typesinstead just everyday dreadies youd meet on the street or...

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    baking soda dreadlock Wash Rave!!

    08/14/09 01:04:35PM, by Dread Maintenance
    So I decided after having major irritable scalp, snowflakes and itchies quite extreme that I would do something different when I wash my dreads.SoaringEagle had mentioned baking soda- and keeping that in mind ..I decided to use my Dr. Bronners (1 part to 25parts water- very diluted) and washed my...

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    dread barter (not dread

    08/14/09 02:13:42PM, by Dread Craft Show and Trade
    this threads specificaly for trading only (or gifting) no buying or selling whatsoeverhave old beads hats tams wraps silly lil doodads or anything dread related ya wanna trade? (i suppose even drums and musical lil toys could be dread related in a way)anything can be traded for anything or given...

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    religious significance of dreadlocks

    08/15/09 01:37:38AM, by History and Religious Significance
    AfricansBlack Africans and people of Black African descent are known to wear this hairstyle. Various African tribes wear locks and the styles change from one group to another. The warriors of The Maasai tribesmen of Kenya are famous for their long, thin, red dreadlocks. These men dye their hair...

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    maintaining crochet dreads

    08/17/09 07:05:32PM, by Dread Maintenance
    i had my dreads crocheted 4 months ago and i love them, but little loops are starting to poke out of them. i've tried fixing them with a crochet needle by myself but that hasn't worked out for me. is there any other method someone could suggest to fix my problem? if not, i fear i'll have to get...

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    natural dreadlocks or neglect method dreading

    08/20/09 03:42:38AM, by Dreading Methods
    there is so much misinformation about growing (not making) natural dreadlocks the method called neglect is not accurate, you dont want to stop washing your hair and neglect hygeneclean hair dreads bestyou want to stop combing and conditioningcontinue washing but using a non residue...

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    shaun saunders

    Alternative's to wax

    08/22/09 03:41:47AM, by Dread Maintenance
    i really need to use a wax type of product to pull all my loose hairs in and tidy the look up but i dont wanna use "Wax" but could you use say a thick aloe vera or sumthing??

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    Home made locking accelerator

    08/25/09 07:37:35PM, by Dread Products
    So, people will say you dont really need to make a homemade locking accelerator, but i dont think my hair would have dreaded without the use of this stuff. I have super oily, thin, dead-straight hair and i could never get it to knot up properly. So I will throw this recipe in to help any newbies...

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    with dreads, is it length or girth that matters, or does size not matter at all?

    08/26/09 01:33:44AM, by General Questions
    when you see dreads you like what matters most in determining the attractiveness would it be length thickness neatness uniqueness perfectness craziness wildnessthere are no right or wrong answers only personal opinionsme i like em untamed natural size dont really matter but uniqueness...

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    how to dread

    08/31/09 01:07:41AM, by Dreading Methods
    the question "how to dread" is asked so often its ridiculous to try to simply answer "allow yourself to dread" but thats really the answer to how to dread, in fact the only answerso you might wonder what all this is ya hear about dreadkits backcombing waxing rolling rubbing crochetting and so...

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    the truth about crocheting dreadlocks

    09/02/09 01:18:36AM, by Dread Maintenance
    crocheted dreads become weak and are much more high maintenance than any other dreads.every time you push a crochet hook through a dread to pull in 1 loose hair you break dozens maybe even hundreds of other hairs. this slowly weakens the dread, while the broken hairs then find theyre way back out...

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    pictures comparing dreadlock methods at various stages

    09/02/09 12:27:54PM, by Dreadlock Picture Gallery
    its simple post pictures of your dreads including the methods you used any and all maintenance used and the approximate time since started or stage theyre inmine i dont have any early on picsso heres what i gotmethod natural aka neglectmaintenance only ripping to prevent congos (stopped that too...

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    herbs good for your head and dreads

    09/06/09 08:12:21PM, by Dread Products
    Rinses and/or soaks: boil a handful of herbs in a medium pot filled with water. Boil for 15-30 minutes until its a dark, strong tea. Strain and save the tea. Allow it to cool, then soak your dreads and scalp. You can let it soak for 30 minutes before rinsing with apple cider vinegar, then water,...

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    dreading the 1st few weeks of dreading

    09/14/09 11:00:02PM, by Dreading Methods
    with any method except natural its typical to freak out constantly over every lil unexpected change in your baby dreads, it starts with oh my god they are getting looser not tighter then progresses to oh my god i got my dreads wet then theres a loose hair or a loop or a bump or a bend oh my god...

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