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    crochet dreads recovery Need help and advise

    11/21/13 07:27:21AM, by General Questions
    Hey guy's, Completely new to this forum/site and I absolutely love what I am seeing, in fact this is my first official thread apart from my introduction. Let me start with summarizing my dreadlock history. OK so...I first got dreads in January 2013 and it is now November 2013 so I've had my...

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    Arden Rayne

    dreadlocks lice treatment and prevention - all natural

    11/01/13 01:18:58PM, by Dreads Hair and Scalp Health
    Here is list of oils for LICE: Eucalyptus Radiata, Lavender, Peppermint, Thyme, Geranium. A blend to use is: 4 dropsof Eucalyptus Radiata, 2 drops Lavender, 2 drops Geranium. Dilute 50-50. Apply 1 teaspoon to scalp. Massage entire scalp. Cover with disposable cap. Leave for 30 minutes. Shampoo...

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    Tara C

    My Wax Experiment

    09/30/13 11:51:25AM, by General Talk
    I bet I worried you guys with the title lol but don't worry. I had some KnottyBoy wax lying around from the first and only time I used it. I forgot about it and came across it today, so I decided to see if its claims that the wax comes out with shampoo is true. Because let's face it, you can...

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    Matt Simone

    ~~I Fell Victim to Dreadheadhq~~

    07/08/13 01:54:27AM, by Saved Dreads Success Stories
    I was an idiot and used the backcombing and palm rolling methods, whichpermanently damaged my hair. After my first post on this forum,Barrellady along with soaringeagleboth strongly advised that I undo the backcombing (using conditioner) and use the neglect/free-form method. After undoing every...

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    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    beginners guide to starting dreadlocks

    07/05/13 07:55:46PM, by Dreading Methods
    so your ready to start dreadlocks but not sure where to start? you probably have questions like: should i go to a salon to start my dreads? do i need a dread kit to start my dreadlocks? can i wash my baby locs? do i need wax to dread i heard its bad, but some sites say you need wax? what...

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    the Barrellady

    Palm rolling & wax

    06/19/13 02:17:38PM, by Dreading Methods
    Hi all, today a member was on Knotty Chat and wondered why his 1 year old dreads were thinning at the roots. He only has 6 dreads and the rest of his hair is normal. Guess what...he was palm rolling and also, those 6 dreads had wax in them. So anyone considering on wax & or palm rolling,...

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    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    dreadheadhq knottyboy owners customers - dreadlockssite wax off challenge

    06/17/13 02:45:15PM, by Dread Products
    dreadlockssite is challenging both the owners and customers of both dreadheadhq and knottyboy to a wax off challenge. i am not aware of 1 employee of knottyboy with dreads, so jonny clean, and any knottyboy employee with dreads are challenged to step up and take our wax off challenge (details...

    Replies 8
    John Summers

    Two years, and what I've learned.

    06/12/13 08:55:31PM, by General Talk
    First off, let me express my gratitude for the help I have received from Soaring Eagle, Baba Fats, and everyone here on dreadlockssite. Thank you so very much! Before I joined, I was so worried about how my locks looked, they were out of control loopy and messy. It caused me so much anxiety that...

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    emergency rescue for permed dreads!

    05/28/13 07:29:52PM, by salon and loctician dreads recovery
    OK! so I have my lovely natural dreads, which added some permed extensions to cause i'm such a girl and wanted some uber long dreads for a while. I was well aware that they would probably become brittle and break (as permed dreads do) but they were only extensions, so no fuss for me.However- I...

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    the Barrellady

    soap for dreads

    02/19/13 10:47:06PM, by Dread Maintenance
    Hi all. I've always used a Nag Champa soap bar I purchase from this fantastic retro shop I visit that also sells incense sticks etc. I love washing my skin with it and never felt residue that other soaps seem to have when washing. In the beginning of my journey I would use the bar on my dreads...

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    Alopecia and loctitians making more money after the fact.

    02/19/13 07:15:57PM, by salon and loctician dreads recovery
    I cried when I watched this. So this woman has been going to this shop for 5 years and all of the hair on the top of her head has been slowly pulled out by maintenance. And because there is no hair.....the loctician now can add a weave to cover the horror...

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    tyler rakowski

    dreadlocks and how they change you

    02/13/13 10:58:15AM, by Member Journals and Timelines
    i just cut off my dreads, yes yes freak out, but before you do, take something i have to say to heart. after three years of love and growth i have become such a different person and i didnt realize it until the moment that first beautiful lock fell to the floor. take a moment and think about...

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    Castaway J

    Natural Dreadlock Progression From 5-6 Inches Of Hair - A Dready Timeline - By Castaway Jesus

    01/01/13 04:24:52PM, by Member Journals and Timelines
    Dreadlocks are certainly something to grow with over time. Having intention to grow dreadlocks, and taking the steps toward them, is akin to strapping on your karma belt. It is a process not to be taken lightly but to be loved and enjoyed for the lessons we all have to learn along the way. Such...

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    My amazing revelation, thank you all dreadlockssite!

    11/05/12 04:34:23AM, by dreadlockssite appreciation
    So I'm officially just over 1 month in, and I just have to say that I am beyond Happy that I found this site before I did something truly awful to my hair!! I have wanted dreads for the longest time ( 15 yrs) and have had a set of back combed disasters for about 2 weeks, had synthetic dreads...

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    Hair That DreadheadHQ Is Proud Of

    11/02/12 10:29:43AM, by dread wax and dread kits recovery
    Before I knew the truth about how dreadlocks are formed, I purchased the most expensive dread kit from DreadheadHQ back in July and got started working on my locks soon after. They include a newsletter called "Lock-Up-Dates". Well, today I found the 3 month newsletter update sitting in my...

    Replies 34
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