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dreadlocks and how they change you

tyler rakowski
8 years ago
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i just cut off my dreads, yes yes freak out, but before you do, take something i have to say to heart. after three years of love and growth i have become such a different person and i didnt realize it until the moment that first beautiful lock fell to the floor. take a moment and think about what life experiences you have grown with while your dreads grew too. to me the whole "dreadlocks are a journey" thing is beyond true and you dont realize it until youseparateyourself from them. i grew into a wonderful human being and changed my life around from low life drug addict tosuccessfulcollege student in the course of those three years that my best friends grew. just remember that your dreadlocks are more than just a chincy fashion statement guys, think about the beautifulmetamorphosisthat your body and mind went through while those little buggers grew and locked and changed with you, not just as aseparatepart of your body, but a direct physical representation of your inner spirituality. the twists and turns of your life, and the twists and turns of your beautiful dreadlocks. i hope that somewhere in this paragraph i help someone truly understand what it means when they say dreadlocks are a journey. because they truly are.

and as i took thescissorsto my head i began to weep tears of joy because, even though i knew they were gone forever i knew that the lessons, patience,love, caring, kindness and most of all fluidity. didnt leave me, in fact iembodiedthem even more so now that the cycle has come to itsentirety when it was said and done and i looked on the ground at what seemed to be the ruins of the greatest thing i have ever done for myself, i didnt see ruins at all, in fact i saw every singlepieceoftutelagethat was there, and i literally picked up every single lock and hugged them. they were my best friends in triumph and failure and in all things good and bad, never did they once judge who i was but remained a silent partner in suffering and in joy. and the thing is, the most comforting fact i can think of in this case is the fact that if i ever need to go on a long journey to satisfy an inner question i can just stop and let nature take its course and those locks too will carry these things, but at the same time i know that that knew set that i someday may grow, will have their own lessons to teach me and their own story and journey to be had. and with that i say the final effigy of my beloved friends, goodbye and stay classy

Tyler John Rakowski

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
29,511 posts

sorry to ee them gone but the new journey will begin soojner then you think

what compelled you to pick up those evil scissors?

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
tyler rakowski
8 years ago
19 posts

well SE, you know when you go for a long walk and you feel that sense of peace and finality, that was it, they werent evil, they just showed me the way i was going. i just knew it was time to shed that physical wieght and internalize the lessons that my dreads taught me

8 years ago
7 posts

Awesome story. Nice to read you :)

tyler rakowski
8 years ago
19 posts

thanks sibyl, i hope you took something away from it :)

Sibyl said:

Awesome story. Nice to read you :)

the Barrellady
8 years ago
1,302 posts

Hi Tyler. Very touching that you hugged each and every lock after they left your body. When at any other time would we ever hug our cut off hairs? They are a part of us with the history. May you keep your spiritual peace in the next chapter of your young life.

8 years ago
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That was beautiful, man.

8 years ago
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thats the best reason for dread removal i have read. i always cringe when i hear of someone removing their dreads, but this is fitting. its wonderful you can be so in tune to the path you are on. not many people are.

8 years ago
9 posts

thx for sharing, i am speechless, I could feel your story flow through me. ty again

8 years ago
75 posts

Amazing story, thanks for sharing.

(tho I don't know how you could possibly go back to normal shampoo and conditioner after dreadlocks. nevertheless, we all yield the freedom to do however we please and you seem totally confident with your decision. congrats brother

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