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    Hair That DreadheadHQ Is Proud Of

    11/02/12 10:29:43AM, by dread wax and dread kits recovery
    Before I knew the truth about how dreadlocks are formed, I purchased the most expensive dread kit from DreadheadHQ back in July and got started working on my locks soon after. They include a newsletter called "Lock-Up-Dates". Well, today I found the 3 month newsletter update sitting in my...

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    14 months natural dreads timeline

    10/10/12 06:45:43PM, by Member Journals and Timelines
    Before I stopped brushing: Five Months along: And here is 7 Months: Annnnd nine months!! It has gone by so fast! And now at 10 months. This is before showering, all loopy and crazy: And here is right after a shower where the sections are a little more defined: 11...

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    Wayne Robert

    I give up...

    10/08/12 02:02:12PM, by Member Journals and Timelines
    I give up. I started this journey, some 5 months ago initially because all of my friends, my coworkers, my teammates thought that I should cut my hair. I thought of all of the people occupying Wall Street and Washington DC and decided that I would rebel in my own way. I would rebel against all...

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    Supa Dread

    1 year Dread-versary

    09/20/12 04:28:25PM, by Member Journals and Timelines
    So one year ago today, i started my dreads. If you dont know my story, here's a little quick recap. I got them done with the comb twist and finger twist. Wax, gel, lock peppa, the jamaican lime locking gel, and all this other crap was used. After about 5 months, it was february and i had washed...

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    Solace of the Solitary

    08/26/12 04:20:26PM, by General Talk
    When I decided I really did want to embark on the dread journey, I was the only one I knew who was on that path. I convinced some people in my online community to consider it, but I knew of no one in real life. There are days when that makes this process really lonely. But most days are like...

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    My greatest decision in life :)

    08/14/12 07:05:14PM, by Introduce Yourself
    So I'm sitting here sipping on my coffee and chiefin' on a ciggarette reminiscing on the times before I started my dreads.. and you know what? I don't miss it at all. I actually wish I would've started them before but I hadn't collected all the knowledge I needed about them just yet. It actually...

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    Baba Fats

    Some Assembly Required

    08/11/12 10:11:07PM, by Dreading Methods
    Starting on your dreadlock journey is always exciting. Just about everyone who decides to lock their hair is enthusiastic and can't wait for the finished product. The only thing is, there's a waiting period. Dreadlocks do not form overnight. And for those who use a starter method like back...

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    I get why people use wax now...

    08/08/12 10:21:11AM, by Dread Maintenance
    So when i started my dreads, i didnt fully understand all of the info i was taking in. before i started, i had gone to dreadheadhq and started to rethink wanting dreads because i was gonna "have" to buy a kit and maintenance tools and gunk and gunk to put on the other gunk to make it feel less...

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    The beauty of natural Dreadlocks, and support for any fellow early dreadies!

    08/03/12 07:36:23PM, by Dreadlocks Journey Emotional Support
    When people first decide that they want dreads, some of them, as i did, will look for the quickest way possible to get the classic bob marley looking locks that are conventionally considered "dreadlocks". On discovery that the only safe way to form dreads is to stop combing and conditioning the...

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    Audrey Bowdan

    Do not make the same mistake I did. Go natural.

    06/23/12 01:47:30AM, by Saved Dreads Success Stories
    So I am a month in having dreadlocks and its been a learning process, let me tell you. I wanted to share what I went through to get these loverly locks and how thankful I am to have stumbled upon this site.After reading about dreads I knew they were for me and after a small amount of research, I...

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    Besan and Coconut Oil Regimen (Inspired by Traditional South Indian Routine)

    06/21/12 12:53:36AM, by Dread Products
    With the push of Soaring Eagle, I wanted to share with you guys my washing routine that is/was used throughout Southern India traditionally. While I am not Indian, I use this regimen with the up most respect and I am receiving great results. It is great for anyone and it really keeps the hair...

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    Why I chose to dread...

    06/20/12 08:33:35PM, by Introduce Yourself
    I know that a lot of people dread for many reasons. Some spiritual/religious reasons. Some for fashion. Some for reasons of their own that don't apply to any of those. I believe I am one of the latter. I can't really explain it but I have always just felt like I needed them. Practically my entire...

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    kris acosta


    06/12/12 08:04:03PM, by Dreading Methods
    neglect is the best way, i long you been dreadin for? i got a few months in...neglect is too legit...avoid anything that isn't natural/herbal <3

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    Chevelle Trant

    Learn from my mistake,,the crocheting nightmare aka interlocking

    06/09/12 09:52:22AM, by Dreading Methods
    Hey everyone, I havent been on here in a very long time due to the stress of my current court situation with my children. Thats another post alltogether though. I wanted to share some dreadie knowledge with you. A few years ago my dreads were fuzzy and unruly up top. It seemed nothing was...

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    Gilly's Mum

    Gilly's Mum Said "NO!"

    06/05/12 03:09:42PM, by Dreads in the Family
    I thought you might enjoy this little story: My Ex (Gilly's Dad) is having a lil trouble being cool with her lumps, bumps, loops, zigzagz, varying sizes and fuzzy roots. He stopped by the other day and we had a discussion that went like this: Dad : "We need to talk about Gill's hair........."...

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