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    Welcome to the Dread Shops at The shops at DreadlocksSite are member-operated and screened for quality and ethics. We do not allow products or tools that harm dreadlocks, so you can rest assured that all the products for dreadlocks sold here meet our very high standards.

    We offer free shops to any of our members. Items may include dreadlocks shampoos, or other dreadlocks products and accessories such as dread beads, tams and hats for dreads, peyote stitches or sleeves, and much more.

    Most of the products and accessories made for dreadlocks and sold here are hand crafted, made with love. Many are one of a kind items, and some shops offer custom made items.

    Shops are not limited to dreadlocks products, however, and cover a wide range of items every dready may be interested in.

    Bands, musicians, photographers and artists can also sell digital goods, like music and photos / videos .

    Our goal is to bring you the best of the best... And leave out the rest. If it's good for your dreads, you will find it here... If not... You won't. If you are looking for something in particular, and not finding it, you might want to check our extensive forums to see if you should even be using it.

    Happy, healthy dreadlocks are our passion.

  • Set up your own shop

    Members wishing to set up a shop should head over to Profile Modification form and choose either Featured Shop Owner or Regular Shop Owner, and save.

    What's the difference? Featured shops get more exposure, being displayed at the top of the page. There are no per item listing fees, no limits on number of items, nor duration of listings. There is only a small after sale fee of 1% from regular shops and 3% from featured shops. This is far less then sites like Etsy charge.

    Once you have changed your profile to one of the types of shop owners, you will have the option to create a second profile. This second profile will be your shop, not your "user profile" which you will use for everyday site activity.

    After you have created your shop on that second profile and added your payment info, adding products is as simple as can be. Setting prices on music and digital goods, as well as grouping items together to be sold as a bundle, and even marking certain items as only available as part of a bundle, is point and click easy.

    Shop setup can be completed in just 5 minutes.

    Furthermore you may personalize your shop with custom skins (coming soon), point your own domain to your DreadlocksSite shop (and still be a part of the site's shops with your products showing up in the shops and on the front page), add a custom logo, background or even a custom landing page.


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