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Yeay! Gifts in the mail!

By: Andelynn
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So I come home and lo and behold my essential oils have arrived! Yeay! I love getting stuff in the mail! Practically all my shopping is done online these days. Who has time to browse stores anymore? Sooooo I got Tea tree oil - smells pretty strong - Lavender, Rosemary and Peppermint oils. Nice. I'm looking forward to trying them. I also - ok, this is actually pretty funny, but I also looked everywhere for sea salt here in my town and couldn't find any so once again, I looked online. I found this great bulk health foods store and bought a 5lb. bag! I didn't really MEAN to get such a large bag but it was so inexpe nsive I figured - why not? Now I'm thinking, how funny is it that I got a 5LB BAG OF SALT coming to me in the mail? LOL! It's gonna last me forever!! It's gonna come and my hubby is going to look at me like I'm crazy! "You bought SALT through the mail?!" yes, yes I did.So I am only a couple of days away from taking a break from school (thank GOD!) and hopefully soon my friend and I will get going on starting my dreads. I've been thinking a lot about how to go about doing this because I've got really silky hair and just leaving it really isn't doing anything. I sent her the link I found on this site that shows you how to do the twist and rip and i figure that will probably be ok, but if not, I thought maybe I would have her braid the sections up like, half way or something. That way they will be anchored but the roots will still be loose enough to start knotting on their own... that sounds fairly reasonable to me, hopefully it will work. If not, um... well I don't know. I think it should be fine. Plus I've got 5 lbs of sea salt to use to dry my hair out a bit first soooo.. lol!A
08/18/10 06:44:11PM @andelynn:
SE - I gotta say, I'm amazed by you. Everytime I post something you are right there with a kind word, some advice, a little laugh or two. How do you keep up with all that is going on here and what everyone is posting is beyond me. I salute you sir, you are the best! :)Yes, I am thinking that I will find many uses for the sea salt, it is just funny that I ordered salt thru the mail. What a world! lol!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/18/10 06:15:37PM @soaring-eagle:
twist n rip will do iu good and sea salts good for food too

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