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Diego F.


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I can feel it!

user image 2012-12-18
By: Diego F.
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Nearly seven months... And as time passes by, i can feel the changes happening!

My sections are locking and looping...Now i have LOTS AND LOTS of loops, and today i felt that lots of those sections are already dreads, that are locking and getting tight...

Yesterday i ripped my biggest section in 3 dreads, because i was looking the root, and i saw that it was really giant, and now i have lots of thin dreads and lots of medium-sized dreads, in a original and crazy pattern...

What i saw in the back of my head in the end of the last month, i'm seeing it happening in the sides of my head... now it is looking more like dreadlocks in formation...

I think i had overcome my psoriasis [with the help of spike lavender and rosemary oil on my washings]...

And what i most love is that i will be one of these curly dreadheads... my hair shrunk a lot on the backs of my head, because it is so curly, there are sections who curl 7 times, it is so lovely!

Now i'm SURE that i will never cut my hair again, and i'm learning a lot of good things on this journey, i can even see an improvement on my DEPRESSION because i learnt how to be patient and positive about the things!

Diego F.
12/19/12 04:37:32PM @diego-f:

I don't wash too regular now that my scalp seems relieved... Sometimes every 2 days, sometimes every 3 days... There are times that i wash 2 times a week only... But before the essential oils i had to wash every 2 days to get the dandruff flakes out of my head... There were times that i wash 3 days straight, day after day, with LOTS of bs [100g of bs to 500ml of water but i tried lots of ratios too].

I think that you don't need to care too much about losing your curls... On my journey there were times that my sections just looked straight... but then they curled again!

Diego F.
12/19/12 09:39:39AM @diego-f:

Just uploaded a video

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12/19/12 09:30:45AM @gingerrose:

Diego F.
12/19/12 09:02:34AM @diego-f:

Yeah Robyn, it really helped, only 3 washes were sufficient to see an improvement on my scalp health. I had psoriasis, and even when i washed my hair with bs/acv, on the end of the day, i had big flakes [really BIG] of dandruff.

Now i still have dandruff, but not like before, and the problem on my hairline just disappeared!

ღHippie Loveღ
12/18/12 04:12:31PM @hippie-love:

Awesome news.. My hair is wavy/curly anyways but my sections are getting there. I have 15 dreads now since the day I started my third set of dreads. The passed 2 weeks have been amazing for me as well. Wishing the best to the rest of your journey and Happy Dreading.

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