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Dreadlock Kinship & pet peeves

user image 2012-08-11
By: ashley walker
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When I see others with dreadlocks I feel a sort of bond, do you feel it too? especially if they're as messy or messier than mine. I think it's really cool because I never really felt that with normal hair. I didn't really notice if another person had curly brown hair similar to mine or i at least didn't feel as if we were connected in some way. When i was in Puerto Rico there was a lot of people with dreads and there were a few moments where we would recognize that we had dreads. People sold dreads beads on the street and offered to make dreadlocks on people. It was the same way at Ocean City, along with friendly gestures of approval from others with dreadlocks. There was a store and all of the employers had dreadlocks (except this little kid who worked there). They offered to make dreadlocks but it was $100 an hour and I feel like it shouldn't be that much because you can get dreadlocks for free. Anyways it's really cool to meet and see other people with dreads just because it's so rare for me to see them. I only know one person in my area that currently has dreadlocks. On another note, I have two pet peeves from those commenting on my dreads: when people ask "how long have you been TRYING to grow dread locks" i feel like they already are dreadlocks, they're pretty tight and you can tell that they're dreads from far away. When they say trying it's like Im putting effort into making them look a certain way but i guess it's because they have one image of the way dread locks are suppose to look like. And when they say "your dreads are sticking out" this happens when i put my hair to the side of my head so it doesn't fall flat on my head like normal hair. Those are just two that I've been noticing recently, it's fine that they say that because I mean i guess they're just making conversation (?)

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