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64 beautiful dreadlings ❤️

user image 2022-02-13
By: rays of the sun
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I’m a couple days short of my one month freeform anniversary, so I got comfortable in front of a mirror and spent some time admiring my dreadlings (seriously such a relaxing and enjoyable activity for me after a tiring day). Then I counted them— 64! I thought there would be more. There is loose hair around my ears and at my nape, so I imagine some are yet to be born.

i have loved this journey, it is incredibly spiritual, much more so than when I had TnR dreadlocks 10 years ago. This freeform natural dreadlock experience is such a testament to the animating intelligence of our bodies which I believe in so deeply. We are fragments of universal consciousness poured into bodily vessels. The consciousness which animates our bodies is so wise, so infinite, and it’s my belief that this wisdom is best expressed when we interfere as little as possible with our bodies’ natural processes. Well, this freeform journey is about as non-interfering as it gets. And I find it so delightful to watch my body’s natural expression manifest through my beautiful hair’s metamorphosis. My husband gave me a lovely compliment the other day when he said, “This is your natural hair, this is how your hair is meant to look.” I couldn’t agree more. ❤️

I must admit: I have been a bit loop-a-phobic from the start of this process.... I’ve done a few wraps to bring in some loops that I thought were crazy. But look at this!! This loop is a work of art. It reminds me of ornate Celtic and Viking knots. I have no desire to wrap in this little beauty, she’s staying. I will allow her to become just what she wants to be.

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