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Daryl  Brandon


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Plea for Help

By: Daryl Brandon
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Alright, the First Post was kinda like an intro.
Now, i'm going to pick some brains.
My hair is weird.
I'm half Black and Half White, and my hair is like no other.
It looks like similar to some hair, but it's got a personality unlike any other.
It's never obeyed for more than an hour.
I tried everything when I was younger.
Straightening, Cornrows, even when I wanted it to do what it did, it seemed to find a way to do the opposite.

Well, as you can guess, i'm here to learn how to dread.
I know about the crap I bought and I respect my hair enough to refuse to use it.
So this is where i'm at.
I hired a Loctician to do my hair, we backcombed it, (My hair NEEDS the push)
rubber banded it to start the Lock, and i'm going to start meeting with the Loctician every couple of weeks to get the dreads looked at.

I know that most of you guys like completely natural growing dreads and that's awesome, but I like to make a path for them, you know?
Me and my hair have been through alot. (people throwing gum in it, people taunting me for having it, etc.)
I've learned alot about my hair and my hair is a valuable companion to me.
and as such I take special care of it ALL the time.

I want to find out how people with difficult to tame hair manage to dread theirs.
Tips on what to use when Backcombing.
What Shampoo is best to help Lock and clear bacteria.
What I can do to keep my scalp moisturized.
How I can keep my scalp from being oily.

Basically, what can I do to Keep my Dreadlocks super Clean>?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/20/10 12:37:11AM @soaring-eagle:
the soap works pootly it will dry you right out and make u itchy and the baking soda works so much better that after using any soap u will rinse out brown water from the baking soda it cleans way betteruse aloe when u feel dry and brittle

Daryl  Brandon
05/19/10 11:24:17PM @daryl-brandon:
Alright, So does that Dread Head HQ Shampoo work?I know it's non residue and it makes my hair feel like it's locking right up.And when do you apply the Aloe Vera Gel?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/19/10 11:17:24PM @soaring-eagle:
what u describe is perfect hair for going natural and well if a salon (loctition) would backcomb your hair being afro-ish then i would never go back backcombings damaging but weven more so for the tight curls of african hairunrully hair with a mind if its own (klike mine)ing to do all the time? what youve been fighting against all your life?its been trying to dread since u were bornok so u backcombed thats not the end of the world lots of great dreads start that way..but now1 take out the bands and cancle the appointments2 any non residue shampoo or the baking soda ac v mix (baking soda beats ant soaps)3 wash when u want to did the loctition say not to go wash? if so never go back4 aloe vera gel to condition5 sea salt and thyme tea to prevent oiliness (as well as not washing daily once twice 3 times a weeks good to prevent oiliness)6 dont think of peoducts as helping think of them only as treating conditionslastly the less u do the better..let expect it to dread overnight

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