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    Dreadlocks Natural Dreads

  • About Dreadlocks Natural Dreads  

    About Dreadlocks Natural Dreads

    Specializing in healthy dreadlocks, we only promote dreading methods and dreadlocks maintenance that're healthy for dreadlocks.

    Dreads grown the dreadlockssite way remain beautiful and healthy throughout the lifetime of your dreadlocks.

    There's only a couple dreadlocks sites that aren't strictly profit driven, and willing to do great harm in the creation of instant dreads, using very harmful methods. We provide the most honest information on dreadlocks methods, the maintenance dreads require, and what products are best for dreadlocks care.

    We have strict standards and will never promote, or allow the sales of harmful dreadlocks products, or dreading tools.

    We provide free shops for hand made natural dreadlocks products and  accessories for dreads. All dreadlocks products sold here must meet our strict standards and are guaranteed to be healthy for your dreadlocks, hair, and scalp.

    Although we recommend the natural way of growing dreadlocks, we recognize that many people start their dreads using many dreading methods. We are just here to provide the information on the gentlest healthiest alternatives and to help you recover if you used an aggressive damaging method when startig dreads.

    We care more about dreadlocks than about profit. We just want your dreads to last a lifetime.

    We know when starting dreadlocks, many want instantly formed dreads. This often means turning to a dread salon or loctician to start your dreads. In most cases, this is the worst thing for your dreads, as the dreadlocks are started with brute force methods, and advice that often delays or prevents the proper formation of dreadlocks. Dreads started these ways require far more effort, and cost, to force them to look like dreadlocks. This almost always does severe harm to your dreadlocks.

    Dreads treated gently, are happy, healthy dreads. Dreadlocks don't need force to become Dreadlocks. When Dreadlocks are forced to become dreads, the more force that is used the more damaged the dreadlocks become. The methods of obtaining dreadlocks we recomend uses minimal force, if any to allow the hair to become dreads naturally. Natural dreadlocks, or minimally maintained dreads, are healthy and strong dreadlocks, so your dreads last a lifetime.

    Dreadlocks grown following the dreadlocks information found here are the healthiest dreads around! Your dreads will be happy you found such an informative site on dreadlocks! Welcome to the Dreadlocks  Site community.

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      Latest Dreadlocks Forums Discussions

      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      new server updates and what to expect

      04/16/16 07:32:53PM, by General Talk
      well its official, monday we are purchasing a shiny new server! it will also have more power, more speed (we had 2 options, more, or...1/2...i went with more) over the next week i will be setting the server up, configuring it migrating the sites to it and then taking it to a nearby server far
      Replies 14
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      dreaducation, comprehensive guide to all things dready

      07/31/09 10:05:37AM, by Dreading Methods
        First off, welcome to Dreadlocking 101. We will be covering all possible aspects of the subject of dreading. Before we begin, if you're able to learn this one lesson you can skip everything else: The less you do and put into your dreadlocks, the better the results. Learn that and graduate now.
      Replies 204

      Hello all!

      05/02/16 04:29:58PM, by Introduce Yourself
      My journey began about a month and half ago. I chose the neglect method and I'm so glad I did! My natural hair varies from ringlet curls to soft waves, so it tangled up real nice, twisting in on itself and has formed lots of lovely loops. I'm very proud of them, they are little extensions of me
      Replies 3


      04/21/16 09:33:54PM, by Introduce Yourself
      Hello there. So I've decided a month ago to let my hair do its own thing. My usual days before letting go consisted of at least an hour trying to make my hair look decent, never did though. There isn't much going on with my hair dread-wise. The hair behind my ears to the back of my neck keeps trying
      Replies 14

      Erik here

      04/26/16 02:51:15PM, by Introduce Yourself
      I figured I would start my thread for my questions, progress updates, etc. I've always wanted long hair but could never find a 'do' that worked for my very thick hair. But since I started letting it dread it has become much more manageable, and I think looks decent. I've been doing a fair amount of
      Replies 7

      Wondering if my dreads are okay...

      04/25/16 09:07:16PM, by Help! Save My Dreads
      So it's been close to 2 months since I got my hair dreaded. Basically I considered dreads for awhile before I got them and I thought it would be best to go to a local Jamaican lady that did dreads but that turned out to not be a great idea because I think she is so used to doing African American
      Replies 7
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      new dread locking gel from

      01/08/12 11:59:52AM, by Dread Products makers of the best dreadlocks shampoo i ever used is soon to come out with a new dreadlocks locking gel like no other we all know how bad waxes are in dreads well many locking gels are chemical and contain plastics in em! they harden and buildup like wax this new locking gel
      Replies 111
      colbi godlove

      Why not to wear hats when natural dreading - my year and a half journy and the effect the hat had.

      08/13/11 06:29:18PM, by Saved Dreads Success Stories
      So i started growing my hair when i was about 12 and dreaded when i was 14, I was addicted to wearing my hat though. for the first entire year of dreading i only had 2 immature dreads so on my 16th bday i had my friends jump me and remove all hats out of my grasp, That was on may 9th, its now aug
      Replies 16

      Question about frizzy hairs

      04/20/16 09:27:05AM, by Help! Save My Dreads
      Ok so i was just curious when u have a section of hair lets say its a 1/2" section for example, then u have frizzy hair from 2-3inches away trying to tangle in how long can u go without ripping/pulling that away from the section.. Me and the wife are having a debate i personally ask her to do it
      Replies 10

      8 months of neglect

      04/16/16 12:01:04PM, by Help! Save My Dreads
      here is a picture of my hair after 8 months of neglecting 2 months of using dreadlock liquid shampoo and sea salt spray. Here is what i do i wash every 3rd day.. spray my hair daily with vickis sea salt spray.. always wear my hair down im outside in the wind alot.. i drip dry my hair i dont use a
      Replies 18
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      Random Featured Dreadlocks Forums Discussions

      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      official johnny clean dreadlocks and dread wax debate may 7th 8pm est

      04/23/10 07:03:58PM, by Dread Products
      this discussion will remain closed untill 15 minutes before debate that time the debate will be held here openly for all the world to see and participate.johny clean 1st agreed to the debate then showed signs of trying to back out.we dont know if he will show or not but the truth will be
      Replies 200

      Whats it like being a dready parent?

      08/05/09 09:59:03PM, by Dreads in the Family
      I get some of the oddest looks when I am out in public with my kids.. I wonder if anyone else wants to exchange experiences of being a parent with dreadlocks?I went to enroll my oldest into a great school last week (it really is a 5 star place) and was amazed at the way the director seemed to
      Replies 46
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      dreads and jobs

      08/03/09 06:25:38PM, by dreads jobs employment issues
      what do ya all do? so often you hear how you will never get a decent job with dreadsbut i find thats not really truei have worked in an office (IT managing web designers) ive been on the board of directors of a non profit, having meetings with politicians reporters and wealthy patrons and the elite
      Replies 158
      John Summers

      Two years, and what I've learned.

      06/12/13 08:55:31PM, by General Talk
      First off, let me express my gratitude for the help I have received from Soaring Eagle, Baba Fats, and everyone here on dreadlockssite. Thank you so very much! Before I joined, I was so worried about how my locks looked, they were out of control loopy and messy. It caused me so much anxiety that
      Replies 11
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      dread wax why ya don't want it why ya don't need it and how to remove it

      08/06/09 01:57:18PM, by Dread Products
      new: we now have a way to remove most or even all of the dread wax now before we begin discussing dreadwax lets look at a few definitions first dreadlocksDreadlocks, sometimes called simply dreads or locks, are matted ropes of hair which will form by themselves if the hair is allowed to grow
      Replies 165
      nicole hernandez

      picture results of using wax

      04/24/12 10:58:28PM, by Help! Save My Dreads
      soooo iv had my dreads for about 2 ys now and a few of them are really hard and i always wondered why...i finally cut into them to find this.. just wanted to show anyone who is thinking about using wax... IV DONE THE BS VINEGER BODY SPLASH WASH A FEW TIMES DOESNT SEEM TO WORK...MAYB BC MY DREADS
      Replies 35

      How to use DreadheadHQ's dread wax.

      10/23/09 01:38:04PM, by Dread Products

      Replies 30

      Essential Oils & Pregnancy

      04/21/12 12:23:48AM, by Dread Products
      There are somecompoundsin certain essential oils that have hormone-like behavior because of their molecular structure and although there is no conclusive evidence on the effect of estrogenic oils it would be prudent to avoid anethole rich oils, likefennelandaniseedduring pregnancy. Although some
      Replies 18

      More reasons to not use a crochet hook. Don't watch if you're squeamish.

      06/26/14 12:39:59PM, by crochet and dread tools recovery
      Again, DO NOT watch if you're squeamish. admin note: i decided to feature this as undeniable proof of how damaging these hooks can be if the hook can go completely through your thumb it can wreak havoc breaking hundreds of hairs passing through a dread without any resistance to indicate its
      Replies 13
      shaun saunders

      Alternative's to wax

      08/22/09 03:41:47AM, by Dread Maintenance
      i really need to use a wax type of product to pull all my loose hairs in and tidy the look up but i dont wanna use "Wax" but could you use say a thick aloe vera or sumthing??
      Replies 46
  • Healthy Dreads  

    Healthy Dreads

    The easiest difference to spot between dreads on our site vs 'locs' on most other sites is the fact we have no balding, no excessively tight roots, and excessivly tight styling.

    We do not promote the tightening of dreadlocks roots by force, allowing hair to continue growing on your scalp and remain healthy. Most dread salons over tighten the dreads roots till it causes balding called traction alopecia.

    We only promote dreadlocks products and methods that keep your dreads healthy and strong for a lifetime.

    We promote no wax or products that build up in dreadlocks, nor do we promote products that contain known carcinogens and skin iritants.

    We are the only site that has such strict standards, so when it comes to dreadlocks health we are the site to trust.

    Many strictly profit driven dreadlocks sites are not happy about the information we provide!

    We are experts at fixing the problems other sites cause, unfortunately many sites cause so much harm to dreads the dreadlocks need to be restarted. We try to avoid this if possible.

    Our dreadlocks health experts are always here to help undo the damage caused by other sites.

    We are widely considered the only trustworthy source for dreadlocks info.
  • Latest Blogs  

    Latest Blogs

    Evan Knapp

    Let go

    Stop, drop , and dread. That is, stop worrying , drop the comb.. And boom, they begin. Slowly blooming like the flowers of the Forrest moments before summer. All our planets flowers need are water and heat. We humans don't go into the Forrest to water the plants and tame them and give them heat. They grow beautifully as they are, left alone and over time and patiently they sprout with unique shapes and sizes. Treat your hair as these flowers and plants and trees that dwell in the natural...

    Read More


    Okay, so this time around I'm going to update my hair every month. I was thinking about doing it different this time around. I wanted to take biotin for 3 months and then cut my hair and let it grow from there. Around a year I would stop combing it and let it dread from a big afro while still taking biotin. Then I'll start using the rosemary and aloe plants. They worked really well for me the first time so I'm pretty excited. Any questions let me know. Not sure if I should upload picture now...

    Read More
     / 1047
  • Natural Dreadlocks, Why Choose Natural Dreads?  

    Natural Dreadlocks, Why Choose Natural Dreads?

    Why should you choose natural dreads over salon dreads?

    Salon dreads give you instant gratification, at the cost of severe harm. You look like you have dreads immediately, but actually takes much longer for them to actually become dreadlocks. They use aggressive force in order to force them to look like dreads often damaging the scalp and the hair severely.

    Natural dreads on the other hand form organically with more unique personality, your dreads are yours and not like anyone else's. Natural dreads remain strong, healthy and are kept clean. Salons often tell you not to wash your dreadlocks for long periods of time. Sometimes six months. Even the entire first year.

    When you're growing natural dreads, it is the washing that makes them dread. Additionally, companies that sell dread kits and products to make growing dreads easier actually make it much harder and ruin your dreadlocks. Dreads caked in wax might seem to mature fast, but they are only being glued together in wax and actually take much longer. Products designed to hold like wax, especially are very difficult to remove, and can sometimes result in the dreads needing to be cut.

    We have become experts at saving dreads that other dreadlocks sites and dread salons have harmed.

    If you are experiencing your dreads thinning at the roots, dreadlocks breaking off, scratchy rough dreads, heavy dreads from product buildup, we are here to help you restore the health of your precious dreads.

    Dreads can mean a great deal to those who choose to grow dreads, natural dreads most of all because of the time and patience it takes to grow dreads naturally. Dreads that form naturally take on a personality that is unique to the individual. Many who grow dreads the natural way, report growing as a person, as thier dreadlocks form. Dreads therefore can take on a spiritual growth aspect that can be profound.

    Dreadlocks facts
    • Dreadlocks need to be clean: Dreadlocks should be washed between one and three times a week, from the day you start dreading. Clean dreadlocks dread faster.
    • Dreadlocks are the natural state of all hair: All hair will become dreadlocks if permitted. Hair type, race, or ethnicity has nothing to do with the formation of dreadlocks. Dreadlocks do not require special treatments or products based on hair type or race.
    • Dreadlocks are low maintenance: Dreadlocks require very little maintenance, washing, and, if desired separating. Separation is recomended in most cases to prevent massive dreads.
    • Dreads are not unprofessional: Because dreads are often spiritual, and dreadlocks are a part of most religions (not just rastafarian beliefs), dreadlocks, especially natural dreads must be accepted in any job, by law.
    • Dreads don't cause balding: Salons and locticians that forceibly over tighten the roots of dreads cause thinning and balding in dreads. However balding is not caused by wearing dreads when the dreadlocks are not over maintained.

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