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Dreadlocks are beautiful, dreads are natural, and dreadlocks are low maintenance - they are care free and spiritual.

The Truth About Dreads

Dreadlocks are often misunderstood, and have caused much discrimination. dreadlocks may be thought of as dirty, but dreads must be clean to dread. Often locs are cleaner then straight hair.

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Hello, I am soaringeagle, the creator of this community. I have had my all natural dreads for 22 years now (18 years in this photo). I have never used any dread products, nor have I ever been to a salon or loctician. My Locks are a result of camping in the woods for 2 weeks. This community advocates safe, healthy dreading practices like the natural method, or twist and rip.

Since Dreadlockssite was started just 3 years ago we have helped save tens of thousands of locs that had been started with harmful products and methods. We take great pride in promoting whats best for locs, not whats best for our wallets. We strongly believe locs are best and most meaningful when they are free!

Locs that are born gently and treated with love instead of brute force stay strong, healthy and last very long.

Please take a moment to read our F.A.Q's to answer the most common questions.

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Dreadlocks Information

Often called dreads or locs have been around for thousands of years. Dreadlocks have been embraced by virtually every culture and religious belief.

Dreadlocks Formation

Occur naturally when hair is left uncombed. locs started this way are known as natural locs.

Locks form when hair moves and creates knots. Then these knots are compressed while sleeping, and more knots added till locs form over time. locs can form quickly for some, for others this can take months.

When locs are allowed to form naturally, they are as healthy as can be. Natural dreadlocks (sometimes called neglect, freeform, or organic locs) are the preferred method of dreading by most who wear locs, despite what companies, salons, and locticians try to convince you to believe.

Locks have been started through many methods in more recent history;some very harmful, a few not so bad, but none has ever been better then the way they always formed for thousands of years.

Pushers of dread products try to sell you on instant locs, but the products only slow the development of real locs and give a false impression of locks, due to hair being glued in "dread wax".


Dreads Realitiesdreadlocks

In todays society, locs are misunderstood. They are often thought of as dirty, low-class, representing homelessness, drug use, or a desire to be part of another culture. However, the truth is that locs were often the sign of royalty and holiness throughout history. They predate the Jamaican / Rastafarian culture they are most often associated with today by thousands of years. locs were worn by kings and pharaohs, prophets, holy men, gurus, and philosophers since the earliest known times. They were a part of every civilization, religion and culture.

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natural dreads 11 weeks

natural Locks at only 11 weeks, no backcombing no wax or crochet, no palm rolling or twist and rip

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