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    Dreadlocks Natural Dreads

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    About Dreadlocks Natural Dreads

    All You Need to Know About DreadlocksWelcome to the new dreadlockssite

    We specialize in healthy dreadlocks, therefore we only promote dreading methods and dreadlocks maintenance that are healthy for your dreadlocks.

    Dreads grown the dreadlockssite way remain beautiful and healthy throughout the lifetime of your dreadlocks.

    There are only a small number of dreadlocks sites that are not strictly profit driven, and therefor willing to do great harm in the creation of instant dreads, using very harmful methods.

    We have strict standards and will never promote, or alow the sales of harmful dreadlocks products, or dreading tools.

    We do provide free shops for hand made natural dreadlocks products and accessories. All dread products sold here must meet our strict standards and are guaranteed to be healthy for your dreadlocks, hair, and scalp.

     Although we recommend the natural way of growing dreadlocks, we recognize that many people start their dreads using many dreading methods. We are just here to provide the information on the gentlest healthiest alternatives and to help you recover if you used a aggressive damaging method.

    We care more about dreadlocks than about profit. We just want you're dreads to last a lifetime

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      Latest Dreadlocks Forums Discussions


      Dandruff and shampooing

      04/22/15 08:51:00PM, by Dread Maintenance
      I'm about 1 1/2 months in to dreading my hair (neglect). I have a couple matted sections on the back of my head (most likely from friction when sleeping), but the rest is just starting to section. Couple questions/concerns.  -Shampooing- I've read to shampoo whenever they feel dirty. But at the same time, to work towards shampooing less frequently. I am a competitive powerlifter and I train at least 5 times a week. After each training session, my hair feels and looks dirty. Obviously that equals washing my hair 5 times a week. Every where I've read says thats too much. Also, I use an organic shampoo from a place in Florida called DollyLocks (contains essential oils), and when I'm out of...

      Replies 14
      Allison Ruthless


      10/28/13 01:32:40AM, by Dread Maintenance
      I was just doing my semi regular sewing session, that is, where I sew up the random dreads that are barely clinging to my head and are threatening to break off (blame my compulsive twisting, and please spare the lecture, I know it's terrible I just can't stop, so unless you have a suggestion on how to keep my bored, fidgety hands out of my head then just ignore that part :x) so I was wondering... does anyone else do this? Or do you just let them break off? It makes me sad to lose my ends, I used to have blonde tips but they're almost all gone from breakage, and I've come a long way to get my length (I started with those obnoxious 3-4 inch long sticking-up-straight type dreadies 4 years...

      Replies 8

      Hi there

      05/04/15 05:21:20AM, by General Questions
      Im new with this Just want to ask question on how to properly start dreading because I start not combing my hair and start using no poo method. is it ok for me to start early even though my hair short? and is it ok to put "Sanrio Rubber band"? because i want to have equal size or thats just not possible? and everytime i take a bath (Everyday) my hair goes back to normal because my hair is so straight. thats why I'm always wearing bonnet,cap etc.. and for my last question is crochet advisable? because I'm to excited on having dreads because all the time my friends,family saw my hair I got a lot of comment like "your hair look very messy or somethime they ask me if I have already taken a...

      Replies 2
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      Dreadlocks and employement laws your rights to wear dreads in the workplace explained

      05/01/15 01:17:30PM, by dreads jobs employment issues
      The following is the Uniteed States laws concerning dreadlocks, and religious garm and grooming practices in the workplace as well as an explanation.Please note, these laws do not affect dreads worn for fashion, maintained ina salon, or with no religious or spiritual meaning.The law:http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/publications/qa_religious_garb_grooming.cfmNote, this is U.S.A. law however many, if not most have simular laws, feel free to research your own countries laws and post them in responses. Religious Garb and Grooming in the Workplace: Rights and Responsibilities This publication by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) answers questions about how federal employment...

      Replies 3

      Did I make a mistake? New,

      04/27/15 02:44:59PM, by Dreading Methods

      Replies 27
      Lisa Rippee

      50% off art glass dread beads

      05/02/15 01:02:02AM, by Dread Accessories
      Hi all.  I'm trying to reduce some inventory and thought I'd offer everything in my Etsy shop at 50% off.  It's a great time to grab that bead you've been wanting.  Enter coupon code PaidVacation15 at checkout.  This sale will run through 5/8.  Thanks so much for checking it out.   https://www.cloudeleven.etsy.com  

      Replies 2

      9 months Neglect Method- Lots of pics!

      03/19/15 07:06:00PM, by Member Journals and Timelines
      Stopped brushing my hair on June 18th 2014. Waited to try and separate roots until August 7th 2014. Separated on the 7th then again a week later while I was on a road trip cross-country. Added some beads and wraps, but otherwise they are all natural :D

      Replies 12

      Sham Wow Towels

      05/20/14 07:06:08AM, by General Questions
      Hello all! I just had a quick question regarding Sham Wow towels. I bought some and am a little unsure of how to use it. The package says that they are supposed to be thoroughly soaked in water first and wrung out before using, but you're using it damp. Would this be the same if I am wrapping it around my hair? It says to use wet or dry but I've never used one before. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I know these are supposedly lint free but the orange fibers kinda look a little fuzzy, please tell me I won't end up with orange fuzz in my locks. Thanks again!!!Sorry...I had to move this as I originally put it in the wrong place...oops

      Replies 11

      Hello lovely Dreadfolk

      04/22/15 06:42:25PM, by Introduce Yourself
      I am just about to embark on my Dread journey, and I choose YOU Neglect Method!My knowledge in dreading is little to none, but that is going to change real soon with your help! First question: will tying my hair back prevent hair from knotting at all? I usually always have my hair tied back and I have noticed knots forming despite it, this is my first week of letting it knot and tangle. As far as starting off goes, is letting it knot up, and seperating into smaller sections once bigger knots form the right start?I am as excited for the journey as I am to meet and talk to you all and pick your dreaded heads for some knowledge. DROP IT ON ME (the knowledge)

      Replies 5

      White/Grey Sticky Stuff

      04/22/15 07:35:09AM, by Help! Save My Dreads
      So, I've been growing my dreads for around 2 years now. Achieved by the neglect method (although I hate that name for it). Every month I do a deep clean using BS & Tea Tree Oil and often use a bar of soap containing no residue, washing my hair about 2/3 times a week.  A couple of days ago I found in a couple of sections what appears to be white/grey sticky stuff. There is no smell so I don't believe it's mold. However I've noticed that when I wash my hair the sections containing this white/grey stuff stays wet for quite some time longer than my other sections.  I mostly use a hairdryer to dry my hair and never use it past the lowest setting.  I did a deep clean after discovering...

      Replies 7

      Solace of the Solitary

      08/26/12 04:20:26PM, by General Talk
      When I decided I really did want to embark on the dread journey, I was the only one I knew who was on that path. I convinced some people in my online community to consider it, but I knew of no one in real life. There are days when that makes this process really lonely. But most days are like today. No one I know has dreads and no one really understands. But that leads me to more focus inward instead of outward and that's EXACTLY what this journey is all about, right? I'm an individual. I'm unique. No one NEEDS to truly understand me. My husband and kids love me and accept me and that's all I need. I'm the only one who needs to really understand who I am on the inside. And all this...

      Replies 77

      Hair Shrinkage on young locks.

      02/09/10 02:10:34AM, by General Questions
      Just out of curiosity, answered a question on Yahoo of someone asking how much their hair shrinks when you let them lock,I see alot of people say different things like backcombing always loses 50% (which is bull absolutes are never right I lost about a few inches from my shoulders to where they were at 9months when they started growing again)what I'm wondering is how much did yours shrink (if at all noticeable for you even)and with what method,also someone mentioned crocheting stopping shrinking, which at first I dismissed before realizing it could be true to an extent,on my 2nd front right lock in the early months, lost alot of length but still had a long wispy curly tip that i...

      Replies 24

      Coconut Oil Disaster

      04/19/15 02:29:25PM, by Help! Save My Dreads
      Long story short, I rinsed my hair with a coconut oil/water/oil mix a couple weeks back for my itchy scalp. WHOA did it work, but I used way too much on accident, and it's extrememly difficult to wash out. It took a few washes/soaks and multiple remedies to find out how to wash it out, but ultimately baking soda was my only solution. I had to work the baking soda into my dreads and let it sit to soak up the coconut oil, then rinse it out. Only now my dreads have a faint, funky-sour smell from the coconut oil that won't go away not matter what I wash with. I'm worried I didn't wash out all the coconut oil and that it'll start to mold. Should I do another soak? Any recommendedations on oil...

      Replies 2

      Hello Dread Head family!

      04/16/15 03:46:24PM, by Introduce Yourself
      Hello dread head family, my name is Antone and I just joined your wonderful community the other day and I am very excited to learn from and contribute to it all! Over a year ago I decided I was going to dread my locks. I did a lot of reading and researching on the best approach and thought I had gotten a lot of good information, turns out I was wrong... I did a lot of reading on dreadheadhq and was going to go about a backcomb/rip and tear method and boy am I glad I found this site before going down that road. Personally I see nothing worng with the two methods but I don't like the look of the even dreads as much, very in favor of the natural un even look. Over a year ago when I decided...

      Replies 2
      Zachary Tyler

      Still here.

      04/15/15 10:30:33PM, by Introduce Yourself
      Hello I have been a member for awhile but have been on the site in a long time. I did have about shoulder length hair that I had started using the bs/acv wash on-hair delt cleaner then with "regular" shampoo. Since then I had to shave my head. I have been continuing to shave it about every other month. So now Im wanting to get back to dreading my hair, but now Ill be starting from a bald head. My issue now is with short hair I have really bad dandruf?? I dont have it when I have long hair. Or maybe I just dont notice it. But with a shaved head its like a film across my scalp. and when wet its clay like. I can scratch off my scalp in small chunks when its wet. Im guessing this is bad...

      Replies 4
    • Random Featured Forums Discussions  

      Random Featured Forums Discussions

      Chevelle Trant

      Children with Dreadlocks??

      08/03/09 10:50:43AM, by Dreads in the Family
      My beautiful daughter Cheyanne asked if she could have dreadlocks and my personal opinion is that she should be free to choose her own style. I told her yes and soon she's going to have her own knatty locks. Would you let your kids have dreads? Cheyanne is the older girl with the long hair.

      Replies 33
      Kristina P

      Shampoos and Soaps ~ Maybe get a list started

      03/04/11 06:07:23PM, by Dread Maintenance
      Maybe we should have a discussion that has a list of all the shampoos and soaps people use and recommend. I've been using/trying: Desert Essence Organics Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo for oily hair. Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo Neutrogena Shampoo Anti-residue formula Dr. Bonners peppermint soap I give a thumbs up to all of these except we have hard water so Bonners isn't working so great. What other soaps and shampoos have you used?

      Replies 89
      Patty Haynes

      Neglect Dread Timeline from day 1 (naturally curly)

      08/16/11 03:07:31PM, by Member Journals and Timelines
      I have been on no poo for about 2 years my hair is naturally curly. I have a scalp itch and flake issue but baking soda and vinegar have always worked well for me, along with a supplement program of sulfur powder, milled flax seed and multi vitamins. Witch Hazel with peppermint also helps the itches that occur between washes. I cant go more the 2 days without rinsing with BS and I use diluted Bronners every 4 or so days. Anyways here is some pics.

      Replies 38

      quick & easy fuzzy frizzy dreads fix

      05/02/10 06:37:51PM, by Dread Maintenance
      my dread friend taught me a neat little trick to get rid of fuzzies fast! put a towel over your hand with your fingers spread like a claw and run that bad boy through em.works wonders :)

      Replies 20
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      new site search

      06/07/10 07:01:34PM, by General Talk
      check out the new google powered site searchit includes some google ads that fund the site but i think it works much better then the built in search which is more dependent on tags added to content which are not always added or accurate, the new google powered search is great for finding hard to find content on the sitei can add a wed search one as well if anyone thinks its worth it but for now i think the internal search is a great additionespecially if your looking for a particular thread and remember only part of the title or just a general subject..so check it out see if u like it maybe compare the results between the 2 searchesive only been using the new search now cause it sure...

      Replies 2
      Sarah Weathers

      My Journey From Waxy Salon Dreads to My NOW Wax-Free Natural Dreads!

      05/04/12 07:22:19PM, by salon and loctician dreads recovery
      Hello to everyone :) First a BIG THANK YOU to Soaring Eagle and this community for helping guide me from my waxy salon dreads to my now wax-free natural ones. I am on my first week wax-free. I wanted to post a bit about my journey, including photos which I hope you can see. The first photo is what they looked like waxy. Twisted and sticky. I was smiling here, sure - but I felt really really gross and unnatural with my hair all waxed and gross. Then on the 2nd day of having waxy head hell, I soaked my head in a gallon of distilled pure white vinegar, then washed them vigorously with dish soap several times. I got *most* of the wax out. I believe 80% of it. Wax is VERY HARD to get out. I...

      Replies 69

      emergency rescue for permed dreads!

      05/28/13 07:29:52PM, by salon and loctician dreads recovery
      OK! so I have my lovely natural dreads, which added some permed extensions to cause i'm such a girl and wanted some uber long dreads for a while. I was well aware that they would probably become brittle and break (as permed dreads do) but they were only extensions, so no fuss for me.However- I feel the heartbreak everytime someone was silly enough to believe a salon dresser and got their whole head permed into dreads, and are told to cut them off and start again when they ask for a solution-Natural dreads are the way to go, You've all seen soaring eagle's locs, perfect example of why natural is the best best best! but if you're facing losing your whole head of hair and can't handle it, I...

      Replies 11
      Baba Fats

      It's not a race

      04/21/12 09:22:54PM, by Introduce Yourself
      This isn't an introduction to myself. Most of you already know me, anyway. This is an introduction to your new journies. I hear it a lot. Many people start their locks with the anticipation that in a few days or weeks, they will have nice formed mature locks. Some people will even be willing to damage their hair in order to make their dredlocks look older. I know many of you have come to terms with the fact that it's a process that takes time and patience, but there's a new person almost once a week that has some story about how they either crochet'd, or used wax, or palm rolled, or went to a salon, only to find out that after their first wash, all that work and money they spent was for...

      Replies 35
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      have you EVER used ANY dreadheadhq ot knotty boy products?

      04/04/10 06:39:23PM, by Dread Products
      if you ever used any of the dreadheadhqq or knottyboy productsplease add your real honnest reviews heretheres alot of reviews from users online but every 1 ive seen was a review writtebn the day after the 1st usehttps://www.dreadlockssite.com/page/dreadheadhq-and-knotty-boy-bad

      Replies 58
      Nicholas janousek

      dreadlocks changing more than your hair

      02/23/12 12:06:03PM, by General Talk
      so I'm posting this out of curious but I'm wondering what has changed about yourself since you've started dreading whether they be major or minor so I guess I'll start Since I've started dreading my self esteem has begin to rise and I dont find myself unattractive or a horrible person I'm comfortable with myself and am able to be who i truly think I am I feel as if my dreads are in extension of myself on the inside. theyve changed alot of my ideas on spirtuality and nature and living a happy simple lifestyle I've been through a lot of changes since I've started but these are the main ones in my mind but now then what about everyone else? :]

      Replies 56
      ashley ✿

      Twisting dreadlocks Theories?

      10/05/10 09:42:05PM, by Dread Maintenance
      okay, so, recently there have been a huge buzz over this whole twisting thing. I have a few things to say about this, without doing any research and what not, of course because honestly, it's common sense. My hair is pretty natty on it's own, yes? I am a quarter African American and that's why, but even my hair would not benefit from any bit of twisting, so i don't know why some people would think that on they're fair hair, it would help. All it does is cause stress and everything on your root. When someone pulls your hair, it hurts right? it causes damage to your root, why would twisting not do the same exact thing? You're not being as rough with you're hair, i admit, but your still...

      Replies 46
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      Dreadlocks and employement laws your rights to wear dreads in the workplace explained

      05/01/15 01:17:30PM, by dreads jobs employment issues
      The following is the Uniteed States laws concerning dreadlocks, and religious garm and grooming practices in the workplace as well as an explanation.Please note, these laws do not affect dreads worn for fashion, maintained ina salon, or with no religious or spiritual meaning.The law:http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/publications/qa_religious_garb_grooming.cfmNote, this is U.S.A. law however many, if not most have simular laws, feel free to research your own countries laws and post them in responses. Religious Garb and Grooming in the Workplace: Rights and Responsibilities This publication by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) answers questions about how federal employment...

      Replies 3
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      veggie vegan omni ital? whats your diet and hows it relate to your dreadiness (if at all)

      08/01/09 10:23:08PM, by Dreads and Diets
      a large number of dreads follow strrict diets for spiritual or philosophical reasons, others eat whatever they can. whats your diet and your reasons?me ive been vegetarian i dunno how long 25 i thinki think i became veg a year b4 dreading the 1st time aroundi know some follow the ital diet for religios reasonss i cant make that claim, i just felt peaceful, i loved animals and couldnt go on harming them but i do think going veg and dreading were a natural progression for me.i think both going veg and dresading had a huge impact on my life that brought me to who i am todaywhats your diet , and why and hows it influence your life (and dreadiness?)

      Replies 201
      Karrington <3

      Retwisting Really Isn't Necessary

      01/10/12 11:43:09PM, by General Talk
      Hi hi! I have been dreading for 4 months and 2 weeks and I have done lots of trial and error type things with my locks. My hair started out being twisted into spiral curls about once a week until I got tired of doing it and decided that I wanted dreads instead. (I had been fighting this for years) I started noticing some knotting in the first month and then it went crazy and took off form there. I then started to maintain them by re-twisting them (against my better judgement) about once every 3 weeks. I didn't to any visible damage to my locks, although I felt like I had. Re-twisting isn't necessary because I have noticed in the past few weeks (maybe the last month or so) that my locks...

      Replies 7
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      beginners guide to starting dreadlocks

      07/05/13 07:55:46PM, by Dreading Methods
      so your ready to start dreadlocks but not sure where to start? you probably have questions like: should i go to a salon to start my dreads? do i need a dread kit to start my dreadlocks? can i wash my baby locs? do i need wax to dread i heard its bad, but some sites say you need wax? what alternatives are there to dread wax? how long does it take to dread? whats the healthiest or best way to start dreads? well here i will answer all these questions and many more. should you go to a salon? absolutely not! (i will be fair and include legitimate reasons to consider a salon) 1st a few facts, salons are in the business of creating a dread look, byt at the same time they tend to...

      Replies 40
  • Healthy Dreads  

    Healthy Dreads

    The easiest difference to spot between dreads on our site vs 'locs' on most other sites is the fact we have no balding, no excessively tight roots, and excessivly tight styling.

    We do not promote the tightening of dread roots by force, this alows the hair to continue to grow on your head and remain healthy. Most dread salons over tighten the dreads roots till it causes a form of balding called traction alopecia.

    We only promote products and methods that keep your dreads healthy and strong for a lifetime.

    We promote no wax or other products that build up, nor do we promote products that contain known carcinogens and skin iritants.

    We are the only site that has such strict standards, so when it comes to dread health we are the site to trust.

    Many strictly profit driven sites are not happy about the information we provide!

    We are experts at fixing the problems other sites cause, unfortunately many sites cause so much harm to dreads they need to be restarted. We try to avoid this if possible.

    Our dread health experts are always here to help undo the damage caused by those other sites.


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    Tati Bear

    6 months YEAAAAH BOIIIIII!!!!

    Awwww yeah man I finally made it my six months! I'm hella juiced about it my hair has come a long freakin way from the pictures I took in my 4th month.  It really is amazing how much change has come about in just 2 months time. The patch I had at the back of my head has totally dreaded up in fact the whole bottom half of my head looks like a dread bob on account of the mega shrinkage. I dig it though man, I really do. I still have hella loose hair and now that its shrinking so much its a...

    Read More
    soulo abstracity

    1 year @@!!!!@@#@!!!@@@!

    Today is my one year neglect dreadiverssary from practically bald

    Read More
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  • Natural Dreadlocks, Why Choose Natural Dreads?  

    Natural Dreadlocks, Why Choose Natural Dreads?

    Natural Dreadlocks MaintenanceSo why should you choose natural dreads over salon dreads?

    Salon dreads give you instant gratification, but at the cost of severe harm. You look like you have dreads immediately, but actually takes much much longer for them to actually become locked. They use aggressive force in order to force them to look like dreads often damaging the scalp and the hair severely.

    Natural dreads on the other hand form organically with more unique personality, your dreads are yours and not like anyone else's. Natural dreads remain strong, healthy and are kept clean. Salons often tell you not to wash your locs for long periods of time. Sometimes his six months. Even the entire first year.

    When you're growing natural dreads, it is the washing that makes them dread. Additionally, companies that sell dread kits and products to make growing dreads easier actually make it much harder and ruin your locks. Dreads caked in wax might seem too mature fast, but they are only being glued together in wax and actually take much, much longer. These products designed to hold like wax, especially are very difficult to remove, and can sometimes result in the dreads needing to be cut.

    We have become experts at saving dreads that other dreadlocks sites and dread salons have harmed.

    If you are experiencing your dreads thinning at the roots, locs breaking off, scratchy rough dreads, heavy dreads from product buildup, we are here to help you restore the health of your precious dreads.


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