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    Dreadlocks Natural Dreads

  • About Dreadlocks Natural Dreads  

    About Dreadlocks Natural Dreads

    Welcome to the new mobile responsive dreadlockssite!

    Specializing in healthy dreadlocks, we only promote dreading methods and dreadlocks maintenance that're healthy for dreadlocks.

    Dreads grown the dreadlockssite way remain beautiful and healthy throughout the lifetime of your dreadlocks.

    There's only a couple dreadlocks sites that aren't strictly profit driven, and willing to do great harm in the creation of instant dreads, using very harmful methods. We provide the most honest information on dreadlocks methods, the maintenance dreads require, and what products are best for dreadlocks care.

    We have strict standards and will never promote, or allow the sales of harmful dreadlocks products, or dreading tools.

    We provide free shops for hand made natural dreadlocks products and accessories. All dreads products sold here must meet our strict standards and are guaranteed to be healthy for your dreadlocks, hair, and scalp.

    Although we recommend the natural way of growing dreadlocks, we recognize that many people start their dreads using many dreading methods. We are just here to provide the information on the gentlest healthiest alternatives and to help you recover if you used an aggressive damaging method.

    We care more about dreadlocks than about profit. We just want you're dreads to last a lifetime.

    We know when starting dreadlocks, many want instantly formed dreads. This often means turning to a dread salon or loctician to start your dreads. In most cases, this is the worst thing for your dreads, as the dreadlocks are started with brute force methods, and advice that often delays or prevents the proper formation of dreadlocks. Dreads started these ways require far more effort, and cost, to force them to look like dreadlocks. This almost always does severe harm to your dreadlocks.

    Dreads treated gently, are happy, healthy dreads.

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      Latest Dreadlocks Forums Discussions

      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      dreadlockssite universal app now available

      07/31/15 09:26:07AM, by General Talk
      The dreadlockssite universal app will be published within the next couple hours, in fact i am posting this from the development version! The universal app takes advantage of all the universal app structure built into the new windows 10 (wich is awesome) family, and will run on all windows 8 and...

      Replies 1

      Hello! I'm looking for friends :)

      05/23/15 06:37:58AM, by Introduce Yourself
      Hello, you can call me Jigga. I'm a dready from Australia. I've had my dreads for almost three years. I discovered this site when I was first researching how to care for dreadlocks, just before I decided to stop brushing. I'm super grateful for everything I learned here, I'm very happy with how...

      Replies 6

      Hair not Dreading

      07/28/15 03:15:38PM, by Dreading Methods
      Howdy.  I haven't posted here in years, forgot my old sign on so this is technically my first post.  :)  I mostly lurk.   I posted about 4 1/2 yrs or so ago as I was one of the ones that had my dreads done for me and had been taught all the wrong things and used wax the first few months as well...

      Replies 7

      Questions about new natural dreads

      07/28/15 01:46:07PM, by General Questions
      Hi, I have just started natural dreads after a bad episode of crochet dreads which I combed out. I have questions about maintenance and stuff. When do I start separating? Only when they actually dreads? I have curly hair so they all get together in a big mott. Can I massage my scalp when I...

      Replies 8
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      cutting dreads? donate to cancer patients

      12/08/10 05:43:32PM, by General Talk
      Someone who was unable to join (damn internet explorer) sent this to me by emailshe takes dreadlocks donations to make wigs for cancer patientsMy name isAnna, I work with a small charity in New Brunswick, Canada, dedicated tomaking wigs for the kids in the Oncology department of the IWK in...

      Replies 26

      I'm looking for fellow Pinoy or someone who also lives in the Philippines who's also into natural dread journey

      07/23/15 04:53:17AM, by General Questions
      Greetings, I'm in my 4th month of the natural dread journey and this site has been the resource of what i'm doing and what should im not be doing. Learning every day on the every post i've read. So thankful for the richness of information here. Thank you @SE. Thank you all. I'm posting this one...

      Replies 3

      Starting from new

      07/26/15 11:03:40AM, by crochet and dread tools recovery
      Hi, I have decided to comb out my dreads which were made by crochet and had extension. There felt fake and it did not feel right! On top of that my scalp was screaming to be free from this dreads that were too tight. I knew that I lot of my hair would be damaged and fall off but I prefered to...

      Replies 9

      A bit worried

      07/24/15 09:46:59AM, by Dreads Hair and Scalp Health
      Hi, my scalp is itchy and it hurts.  I'm just scared that the loctician made it to tight. I had nightmares that I was going bald because my dreads were made to tight. I didn't know anything about having healthy dreads before I came here.  I joined picture of my scalp from up close and a picture...

      Replies 11

      My story with new dreads and advise

      07/23/15 10:11:42AM, by Introduce Yourself
      Hi, I'm from Quebec, Canada and my english is not my main language so I'm sorry about any mistakes. I'm currently 39 and I have always wanted long hair but never had the patience to make them grow. I did all sort of things with my hair (bleach, color, breads..) over the years. My latest decision...

      Replies 4
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      retwisting locs dangers

      06/28/15 08:04:56PM, by Dread Maintenance
      This is why we do not support retwisting locs from the traction alopecia society Traction alopecia is hair loss that occurs as a result of continuous pulling of the hair. Pulling may occur from hairstyles such as tight cornrows, plaits or braids with or without extensions, weaves, ponytails or...

      Replies 3
    • Random Featured Dreadlocks Forums Discussions  

      Random Featured Dreadlocks Forums Discussions


      From a "loctician" to all natural

      01/04/11 01:50:52AM, by Saved Dreads Success Stories
      Gone through a lot of changes. a lot of things have loosened up, almost completely. Im worried about it being completely natural because I would rather not have one big knot. I do section about once a week but again its only been 3 weeks. pics attached. Just washed it today also, so I had alot of...

      Replies 10

      natural dreads timeline dreading fast as can be

      04/30/11 09:30:58AM, by Member Journals and Timelines
      So, today is day 5! All natural/neglect. I'll post 'em as I find 'em =) This is Day 2.... This is Day 4....

      Replies 89
      Trina Sandress

      Dread Wax Removal Process

      05/10/11 01:52:46AM, by Saved Dreads Success Stories
      Hello Everyone, Back in 1998 I began my dread journey and felt unsure of how to do it. I saw a website promoting wax and thought well I'll try it. You gotta understand that I just got through with putting relaxers on my hair and having braided extensions. I started fresh with shaving my head....

      Replies 19

      My Natural Dreads Timeline-Dreadlocks can form fast with neglect

      04/18/11 08:59:16PM, by Member Journals and Timelines
      To begin: I had a severe issue with brushing my hair. I would brush it probably upwards of 50 times a day. Because of this it's damaged. Yes yes that's right, I'm going natural! It's been two weeks now, and I have probably ~20 baby dreads, and the rest are already sectioned off and ready to...

      Replies 26
      Castaway J

      Natural Dreadlock Progression From 5-6 Inches Of Hair - A Dready Timeline - By Castaway Jesus

      01/01/13 05:24:52PM, by Member Journals and Timelines
      Dreadlocks are certainly something to grow with over time. Having intention to grow dreadlocks, and taking the steps toward them, is akin to strapping on your karma belt. It is a process not to be taken lightly but to be loved and enjoyed for the lessons we all have to learn along the way. Such...

      Replies 70
      Kerry Phillips

      Seeking Dread Families

      05/10/11 10:10:59PM, by Dreads in the Family
      Looking to profile a family (parents and children) with locks for an upcoming article in a new magazine about dreads. Anyone fit the profile? Why was this the decision made? What do they represent to your family? Why was the decision made to lock the children's hair? Also looking for a family...

      Replies 24

      Essential Oils & Pregnancy

      04/21/12 12:23:48AM, by Dread Products
      There are somecompoundsin certain essential oils that have hormone-like behavior because of their molecular structure and although there is no conclusive evidence on the effect of estrogenic oils it would be prudent to avoid anethole rich oils, likefennelandaniseedduring pregnancy. Although some...

      Replies 18
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      important info

      06/17/11 05:17:09PM, by General Talk
      ya all may have noticed the +1 button on the pages (front page and every page above login) its now confoirmed this increses your search possition as well as site value increasing the potential ad revenues and listing higher in search engines its pretty pathetic with a community of 5000 qwe have...

      Replies 1

      Hey! I'm the guy who's waxy lock you see in the dreadwax removal section

      11/21/14 12:38:40AM, by Introduce Yourself
      Hey whats up everybody! Glad to see this website is still very much alive and kicking :D. So much really great info here, and everyone is so respectful and nice too!I'm not sure if I ever really messaged many other members when I originally signed up to this forum in like 2008 or something and I...

      Replies 4

      How I removed wax from my dreads:

      07/14/11 10:01:12PM, by Saved Dreads Success Stories
      I want to start off by saying my waxed dread where only a month old! so you may have to modify depending on your particular needs!Supplies I used:Baking sodateatree oilOrange oilDissolve-it3-4 hoursIn a 2 liter bottle of water I mixed in baking soda, two caps of dissolve-it, and 20-30 drops of...

      Replies 5
  • Healthy Dreads  

    Healthy Dreads

    The easiest difference to spot between dreads on our site vs 'locs' on most other sites is the fact we have no balding, no excessively tight roots, and excessivly tight styling.

    We do not promote the tightening of dreadlocks roots by force, allowing hair to continue growing on your scalp and remain healthy. Most dread salons over tighten the dreads roots till it causes balding called traction alopecia.

    We only promote dreadlocks products and methods that keep your dreads healthy and strong for a lifetime.

    We promote no wax or products that build up in dreadlocks, nor do we promote products that contain known carcinogens and skin iritants.

    We are the only site that has such strict standards, so when it comes to dreadlocks health we are the site to trust.

    Many strictly profit driven dreadlocks sites are not happy about the information we provide!

    We are experts at fixing the problems other sites cause, unfortunately many sites cause so much harm to dreads the dreadlocks need to be restarted. We try to avoid this if possible.

    Our dreadlocks health experts are always here to help undo the damage caused by other sites.

    We are widely considered the only trustworthy source for dreadlocks info.
  • Latest Blogs  

    Latest Blogs


    3rd time is a charm

    3rd time is a charm: I have embarked on a new dreadlock "journey". (Ew, i actually hate that phrase, lol.) The time has come for another soul-searching quest. Perhaps I can be more specific in future posts, but for now this is basically what's going on. I am currently sitting here with hair like the mane of a lion. It is a wild, backcombed bush... and I can't wait to see what happens. For some reason, this time, I was able to dedicate the attention needed to correctly section the hair, which...

    Read More
    I've spent many rescources, much time, and tears over the compulsion to look for myself in the mirror's i see in people's eyes. The mirrors that i hate, that are like a clogged artery, but spit back twice as much. The mirrors that i look for, that i feel many look for to see what they look like on a given day. I believe that love is the absence of these mirrors. Freedom, is the abcece of the idea entirely. and power is the creating of a craving unlike any mirror i've ever looked in. Mirrors?...

    Read More
     / 1045

  • Natural Dreadlocks, Why Choose Natural Dreads?  

    Natural Dreadlocks, Why Choose Natural Dreads?

    Why should you choose natural dreads over salon dreads?

    Salon dreads give you instant gratification, at the cost of severe harm. You look like you have dreads immediately, but actually takes much longer for them to actually become dreadlocks. They use aggressive force in order to force them to look like dreads often damaging the scalp and the hair severely.

    Natural dreads on the other hand form organically with more unique personality, your dreads are yours and not like anyone else's. Natural dreads remain strong, healthy and are kept clean. Salons often tell you not to wash your dreadlocks for long periods of time. Sometimes six months. Even the entire first year.

    When you're growing natural dreads, it is the washing that makes them dread. Additionally, companies that sell dread kits and products to make growing dreads easier actually make it much harder and ruin your dreadlocks. Dreads caked in wax might seem to mature fast, but they are only being glued together in wax and actually take much longer. Products designed to hold like wax, especially are very difficult to remove, and can sometimes result in the dreads needing to be cut.

    We have become experts at saving dreads that other dreadlocks sites and dread salons have harmed.

    If you are experiencing your dreads thinning at the roots, dreadlocks breaking off, scratchy rough dreads, heavy dreads from product buildup, we are here to help you restore the health of your precious dreads.

    Dreads can mean a great deal to those who choose to grow dreads, natural dreads most of all because of the time and patience it takes to grow dreads naturally. Dreads that form naturally take on a personality that is unique to the individual. Many who grow dreads the natural way, report growing as a person, as thier dreadlocks form. Dreads therefore can take on a spiritual growth aspect that can be profound.

    Dreadlocks facts
    • Dreadlocks need to be clean: Dreadlocks should be washed between one and three times a week, from the day you start dreading. Clean dreadlocks dread faster.
    • Dreadlocks are the natural state of all hair: All hair will become dreadlocks if permitted. Hair type, race, or ethnicity has nothing to do with the formation of dreadlocks. Dreadlocks do not require special treatments or products based on hair type or race.
    • Dreadlocks are low maintenance: Dreadlocks require very little maintenance, washing, and, if desired separating. Separation is recomended in most cases to prevent massive dreads.
    • Dreads are not unprofessional: Because dreads are often spiritual, and dreadlocks are a part of most religions (not just rastafarian beliefs), dreadlocks, especially natural dreads must be accepted in any job, by law.
    • Dreads don't cause balding: Salons and locticians that forceibly over tighten the roots of dreads cause thinning and balding in dreads. However balding is not caused by wearing dreads when the dreadlocks are not over maintained.

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