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    Dreadlocks Natural Dreads

  • About Dreadlocks Natural Dreads  

    About Dreadlocks Natural Dreads

    Specializing in healthy dreadlocks, we only promote dreading methods and dreadlocks maintenance that're healthy for dreadlocks.

    Dreads grown the dreadlockssite way remain beautiful and healthy throughout the lifetime of your dreadlocks.

    There's only a couple dreadlocks sites that aren't strictly profit driven, and willing to do great harm in the creation of instant dreads, using very harmful methods. We provide the most honest information on dreadlocks methods, the maintenance dreads require, and what products are best for dreadlocks care.

    We have strict standards and will never promote, or allow the sales of harmful dreadlocks products, or dreading tools.

    We provide free shops for hand made natural dreadlocks products and  accessories for dreads. All dreadlocks products sold here must meet our strict standards and are guaranteed to be healthy for your dreadlocks, hair, and scalp.

    Although we recommend the natural way of growing dreadlocks, we recognize that many people start their dreads using many dreading methods. We are just here to provide the information on the gentlest healthiest alternatives and to help you recover if you used an aggressive damaging method when startig dreads.

    We care more about dreadlocks than about profit. We just want your dreads to last a lifetime.

    We know when starting dreadlocks, many want instantly formed dreads. This often means turning to a dread salon or loctician to start your dreads. In most cases, this is the worst thing for your dreads, as the dreadlocks are started with brute force methods, and advice that often delays or prevents the proper formation of dreadlocks. Dreads started these ways require far more effort, and cost, to force them to look like dreadlocks. This almost always does severe harm to your dreadlocks.

    Dreads treated gently, are happy, healthy dreads. Dreadlocks don't need force to become Dreadlocks. When Dreadlocks are forced to become dreads, the more force that is used the more damaged the dreadlocks become. The methods of obtaining dreadlocks we recomend uses minimal force, if any to allow the hair to become dreads naturally. Natural dreadlocks, or minimally maintained dreads, are healthy and strong dreadlocks, so your dreads last a lifetime.

    Dreadlocks grown following the dreadlocks information found here are the healthiest dreads around! Your dreads will be happy you found such an informative site on dreadlocks! Welcome to the Dreadlocks  Site community.

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      Latest Dreadlocks Forums Discussions


      AMPs Natural Timeline

      10/13/16 08:04:26PM, by Member Journals and Timelines
      Since I'm starting to show some progress I decided it was time to start a timeline. I'm three weeks now. The right side of my head is definitely progressing way faster because I sleep on that side more. I've been forcing myself to sleep on the other side so those are actually doing something now.
      Replies 14
      Raven's Light

      Sea Salt Soak Question

      08/18/16 10:54:52AM, by General Questions
      I was told on here to try doing weekly sea salt soaks before I wash my dreads, to help the roots. I was wondering how much sea salt I should put into the soak?  Advice? Could I also just substitute doing a soak for applying a spray? If so how much sea salt would I use in a spray vs a soak? I'm
      Replies 12
      Raven's Light

      From Interlocking to Natural: My Dreadlock Journey

      05/11/16 04:22:19PM, by Introduce Yourself
      Hello, I am new to the forum. I have been a fan of this website since long before I made this account. I have often promoted people go to it and learn from this community. I started my dreads 3 years ago (today actually), my starting method was not ideal by any stretch of the imagination...I had
      Replies 171

      Should I cut my dread down the middle?

      10/25/16 09:05:50PM, by Help! Save My Dreads
      I am four months into my dreadlocks and started by just letting them form naturally, then gave into peer preasure and started backcombing, then interlocking and then crocheting. I know, I know, shouldn't have done that. It's a good lesson not to give into what people tell you works best. My
      Replies 2

      Natural/Freeforming Journey - Tribal-Mama

      05/22/16 04:42:03PM, by Member Journals and Timelines
      A week ago, I stopped brushing my hair. Lots of background about how I came to this decision, but what matters most is that this is a journey of discovery, patience and letting go. Looking forward to seeing where it takes me..... Day 2/1 day in Post-wash, first wash since stopping brushing
      Replies 20

      Watching youtube locks

      08/19/16 07:48:05PM, by General Talk
      I just love to watch other beautiful dread heads on YouTube talking about their locks while I sit and separate my baby dreads. Anyone else?
      Replies 6

      Will this hair ever dread? Feeling frustrated

      07/03/16 06:05:57PM, by Dreadlocks Journey Emotional Support
      So I guess this is the best place to post this. I'm having some frustration in my dread journey. I'm 2 months in and feel like the back of my head is doing nothing.... I started with tnr and the sections fell out (notsurprised, it's normal I know). I have tried beads, string, and just letting it
      Replies 14

      Erik here

      04/26/16 02:51:15PM, by Introduce Yourself
      I figured I would start my thread for my questions, progress updates, etc. I've always wanted long hair but could never find a 'do' that worked for my very thick hair. But since I started letting it dread it has become much more manageable, and I think looks decent. I've been doing a fair amount of
      Replies 24
      Raven's Light

      Shampoo Questions

      09/15/16 07:39:52PM, by Dread Products
      Hi,  I was at my local CVS pharmacy, to scout out my local shampoo options, which sadly seems to be the easiest place to find shampoos for dreads. I had a question about two that I found. One of them was a lavender bar soap by Yardley, and the other one was an olive oil shampoo, by ORC (and I'm
      Replies 51

      Hello, Im trisha. I'm New to dreads

      10/19/16 02:18:17PM, by Introduce Yourself
      I don't know anyone with dreads so I really need some reassurance from someone, anyone that's actually had them.
      Replies 3
    • Random Featured Dreadlocks Forums Discussions  

      Random Featured Dreadlocks Forums Discussions

      Aya Heartright

      letting go- how my loopy dreads point out neurosis

      12/28/11 10:48:16AM, by Dread Maintenance
      :sigh: I'm starting to understand why so many spiritual paths regard dreads with high esteem. I see my emotions being so tied to these little knots, and seeing how my reactions to them also reflect how I react in the "outside world," so to speak. I started this post to complain about my loops and
      Replies 22
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      5 things you can do to help the site promote healthy dreads

      02/28/11 01:20:32PM, by General Talk
      so we are doing well, but... we could be ..and need to be.. doing lil better and heres some things we can do... install both the google and alexa toolbars these rank trafic higher trafficked sites are concidered more important..this and many other factors affect search engine ranking if you have
      Replies 13
      Totally Alex

      The wax truth,

      12/31/11 01:12:22AM, by Saved Dreads Success Stories
      Probably like,a thousand things on this, but here's mine anyway. Im writing this 'cause my friend just re-started her dreads the natural way after using dread head hq wax.starting dreads, maintaining them, however with anywax honestlyy, is just horrible man, its so sticky and crap, it hurts the
      Replies 12

      The beauty of natural Dreadlocks, and support for any fellow early dreadies!

      08/03/12 07:36:23PM, by Dreadlocks Journey Emotional Support
      When people first decide that they want dreads, some of them, as i did, will look for the quickest way possible to get the classic bob marley looking locks that are conventionally considered "dreadlocks". On discovery that the only safe way to form dreads is to stop combing and conditioning the
      Replies 35

      Solace of the Solitary

      08/26/12 04:20:26PM, by General Talk
      When I decided I really did want to embark on the dread journey, I was the only one I knew who was on that path. I convinced some people in my online community to consider it, but I knew of no one in real life. There are days when that makes this process really lonely. But most days are like
      Replies 77
      Jessica Ann Hughes

      crochet dreads recovery to natural dreadocks

      05/13/11 10:22:32PM, by Member Journals and Timelines
      You can see the one in the back that's just wavy. There's a loop in it. I love it though. So very much(: I have two of them like that actually(: This is day 5 of natural dreading, but day 6 of dreads all together(:
      Replies 8
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      pictures comparing dreadlock methods at various stages

      09/02/09 12:27:54PM, by Dreadlock Picture Gallery
      its simple post pictures of your dreads including the methods you used any and all maintenance used and the approximate time since started or stage theyre inmine i dont have any early on picsso heres what i gotmethod natural aka neglectmaintenance only ripping to prevent congos (stopped that too a
      Replies 72
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      natural dreadlocks or neglect method dreading

      08/20/09 03:42:38AM, by Dreading Methods
      there is so much misinformation about growing (not making) natural dreadlocks the method called neglect is not accurate, you dont want to stop washing your hair and neglect hygeneclean hair dreads bestyou want to stop combing and conditioningcontinue washing but using a non residue soapwait...wait..
      Replies 99
      ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

      locs and traction alopecia from twisting or interlocking

      04/23/14 10:43:37AM, by Dreads Hair and Scalp Health
      traction alopecia is caused by tension on the roots over extended periods of time, this can be caused from keeping it pulled back or up in a tight style without releasing the tension (taking it down) often, or from over tightening the roots its extremely common among african americans even children
      Replies 11

      baking soda dreadlock Wash Rave!!

      08/14/09 01:04:35PM, by Dread Maintenance
      So I decided after having major irritable scalp, snowflakes and itchies quite extreme that I would do something different when I wash my dreads.SoaringEagle had mentioned baking soda- and keeping that in mind ..I decided to use my Dr. Bronners (1 part to 25parts water- very diluted) and washed my
      Replies 31
  • Healthy Dreads  

    Healthy Dreads

    The easiest difference to spot between dreads on our site vs 'locs' on most other sites is the fact we have no balding, no excessively tight roots, and excessivly tight styling.

    We do not promote the tightening of dreadlocks roots by force, allowing hair to continue growing on your scalp and remain healthy. Most dread salons over tighten the dreads roots till it causes balding called traction alopecia.

    We only promote dreadlocks products and methods that keep your dreads healthy and strong for a lifetime.

    We promote no wax or products that build up in dreadlocks, nor do we promote products that contain known carcinogens and skin iritants.

    We are the only site that has such strict standards, so when it comes to dreadlocks health we are the site to trust.

    Many strictly profit driven dreadlocks sites are not happy about the information we provide!

    We are experts at fixing the problems other sites cause, unfortunately many sites cause so much harm to dreads the dreadlocks need to be restarted. We try to avoid this if possible.

    Our dreadlocks health experts are always here to help undo the damage caused by other sites.

    We are widely considered the only trustworthy source for dreadlocks info.
  • Newest Dreadlocks Blogs  

    Newest Dreadlocks Blogs

    ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

    soaring eagle soaring again

    Soaring is a sport like no other. So what is soaring and what brought me to this amazing sport to begin with? Soaring simplified: Soaring is the act of using rising air to extend the duration, and distance of unpowered flight. An unpowered plane also known as a glider, or sailplane, is powered strictly by gravity. in other words, its forward momentum is created by the downward pull of gravity. Efficiency of a glider is expressed in l/d or lift over drag at a certain speed, which translates...

    Read More

    Be one with nature

    Life and evolution make me wonder. Cats' and dogs' hairs grow to a certain length, then stop. So does our leg hair, arm hair, underarm hair, etc. Why does our crown hair ever grow? I believe there's some sort of spiritual reason for this, but I can't be too sure what it is. Maybe it's a manifestation of our spiritual energy, maybe it's a way of marking our human species as a special one. There's no denying that our species does have the most power on our Earth, the most self awareness and...

    Read More
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  • Natural Dreadlocks, Why Choose Natural Dreads?  

    Natural Dreadlocks, Why Choose Natural Dreads?

    Why should you choose natural dreads over salon dreads?

    Salon dreads give you instant gratification, at the cost of severe harm. You look like you have dreads immediately, but actually takes much longer for them to actually become dreadlocks. They use aggressive force in order to force them to look like dreads often damaging the scalp and the hair severely.

    Natural dreads on the other hand form organically with more unique personality, your dreads are yours and not like anyone else's. Natural dreads remain strong, healthy and are kept clean. Salons often tell you not to wash your dreadlocks for long periods of time. Sometimes six months. Even the entire first year.

    When you're growing natural dreads, it is the washing that makes them dread. Additionally, companies that sell dread kits and products to make growing dreads easier actually make it much harder and ruin your dreadlocks. Dreads caked in wax might seem to mature fast, but they are only being glued together in wax and actually take much longer. Products designed to hold like wax, especially are very difficult to remove, and can sometimes result in the dreads needing to be cut.

    We have become experts at saving dreads that other dreadlocks sites and dread salons have harmed.

    If you are experiencing your dreads thinning at the roots, dreadlocks breaking off, scratchy rough dreads, heavy dreads from product buildup, we are here to help you restore the health of your precious dreads.

    Dreads can mean a great deal to those who choose to grow dreads, natural dreads most of all because of the time and patience it takes to grow dreads naturally. Dreads that form naturally take on a personality that is unique to the individual. Many who grow dreads the natural way, report growing as a person, as thier dreadlocks form. Dreads therefore can take on a spiritual growth aspect that can be profound.

    Dreadlocks facts
    • Dreadlocks need to be clean: Dreadlocks should be washed between one and three times a week, from the day you start dreading. Clean dreadlocks dread faster.
    • Dreadlocks are the natural state of all hair: All hair will become dreadlocks if permitted. Hair type, race, or ethnicity has nothing to do with the formation of dreadlocks. Dreadlocks do not require special treatments or products based on hair type or race.
    • Dreadlocks are low maintenance: Dreadlocks require very little maintenance, washing, and, if desired separating. Separation is recomended in most cases to prevent massive dreads.
    • Dreads are not unprofessional: Because dreads are often spiritual, and dreadlocks are a part of most religions (not just rastafarian beliefs), dreadlocks, especially natural dreads must be accepted in any job, by law.
    • Dreads don't cause balding: Salons and locticians that forceibly over tighten the roots of dreads cause thinning and balding in dreads. However balding is not caused by wearing dreads when the dreadlocks are not over maintained.

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