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Karma Jane


Location: Fredericksburg, VA
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user image 2009-10-04
By: Karma Jane
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Up Up Off and Away. I'm thinking we all knew it would happen that way.Especially since I was praying for it everyday.Manifesting miracles all day in and outwithout a doubt that it's the spirit calling to me clear and loud.I swear I'm getting signalsThe co-incidents don't stop!I'm noticing the changes from the bottom to the top.When I tune into the spirits and hear what they have to sayTHey tell me spread the love and shine the darkness awayAway from the wicked and always stick it to emThat the spiral light of venus rises first and shines the bestFrom the North South East West cornersOf the galaxies endless moonsListen to the musicLove will help you with the rest.Catch a show, Catch a festBut remember that the bestComes from deep within your soul where your destiny manifests.~So manifest your destiny! Think about eternity and what you really want to be!THINK of what you want to tell your grandkids when you're seventy three!What do you believe to be holding us in placeIn this time of HERE and NOWAs we float through outer space?And WHO is this might GOD on highThat the masses reach up to in the sky?Isn't He I? Arent I AM?The spirit manifests in the palm of my handsAnd since I have it, and I can use it at my willI wish to manifest GOOD KARMA and keep away all illand wicked forces stepping in the wayOf getting me down the road because tomorrow's another day.I'm manifesting comfort in the rough of roots rock livingAt the gatherings in the hills or at RatDog in the City.It's ME. It's YOU. We are ONE.NOW..What are we to do??~Do some GOOD! And do it on purpose!Make it your duty to search beneath the surface!Every moment you remember that other people are alive,Conjure up some love for them and send to them your vibesCus that's your TRIBE! One family, one race!From the micro-organisms to the life in outer space!When you connect with this connectionThat everythings connectedYou're ultimately protectedFrom bad natural selection..Put out more good energy.So much that your friends can seeAnd be inspired to beWhat they see you can be.Anything that you can seeOr dream up's a possibility.
Karma Jane
10/04/09 09:21:53PM @karma-jane:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/04/09 09:14:47PM @soaring-eagle:
ya know ya only been here a day and your blogs are the most popular..your spirit shines in every word

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