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Thoughts at 1.5 months of freeform

user image 2022-02-28
By: rays of the sun
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It’s strange to me that it’s only been 1.5 months into my freeform journey; it feels like so much longer. I definitely didn’t imagine, when I started out, that almost all my hair would be sectioned and dreaded to varying degrees by 1.5 months. I have some loose hair around the ears and nape and a bit at the temples (I love my baby hairs <3), and a frizz halo of course (I’ve always had frizz), but everything else has found a home, and has some dreaded-ness to the body of each section. There are a handful of dreads that hang straight-ish, but most of ‘em have moderate to wild loopiness! I was loop-a-phobic starting out, but I’m really learning to love my special little loops. They are so unique and nature-inspired. They are my own nature. 💚

I’ve received some less-than-understanding comments from family: one person said that one of my crazy loops reminded them of a stray cat who didn’t take care of itself, then proceeded to tell me that “real dreads” were made by rolling hair back and forth between the palms. Yeah.... I had t’n’r dreads 10 years ago, and I can tell you that, at least for a white person, you don’t get dreads just by rolling some hair in between your palms. 😂 Unless you just let your hair be after that. Then you get freeform dreads! \o/

I think freeform dreads are so incredible because any hair type can have them. With so little effort and money spent! I wish 17-year-old me, who was trying to call salons to find out if anyone could dread white people hair, knew that. And I’m glad I never found a salon to do it! If anyone is like I was a month and a half ago, tired of ripping out tangles with a hair brush and having frizzed-out texture-less hair after, then freeform is definitely something to consider.

I think the freeform journey is infinitely more rewarding if one has a spiritual and/or deeply held reason for going on the journey. You let go of control (controlling variables associated with starter methods like sectioning, how tight you’re making the dreads, etc.), step out of the way, and let Mother Nature do her thing. The result is a beautiful unique creation that no salon or “loctician” could ever create. It’s a product of your body’s own divine intelligence. It’s magickal <3

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/02/22 06:12:27AM @soaring-eagle:

Very well said. Thank you.

and your baby dreadies are gorgeous 

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