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i'm not a hippy

13 years ago
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so why do ppl seem to think that most white ppl w/ dreads are hippies?

i have nothing against hippies...i relate to lots of things hippyish.

it annoys me sometimes tho when ppl automatic assume that because i'm growning dreads that i'm a hippy.

i'm planning to move back to alaska and live off the land, and say screw society...very very soon, but thats about all i have that relates at all to being a hippy...(ohh and i grow weed...legally)...i guess that's hippyish

...even the ppl on the weed forums give me constant crap about having would think that there would be some supportive ppl there, but ummmm...NO!

my attitude about this world is more militant...more like rage against the machine...but i don't have the desire to protest or spit words at the system....even tho i have alot to say.

....i don't like GD, or phish, or string cheeses...ppl auto assume that i do????? ilove roots reggae tho, and aside from that i mostly listen to rap...well i say rap i guess i mean eminem.

it doesn't seem like very many ppl relate to my way of thought and attitude tho....or they do and i don't know where they are.

so where do i fit in?

i'm a dreadlock fanatic (HUGE FANATIC), i can't stand ppl in general or society, i love guns, i love hunting (big game), i love fishing, i 'm an aging pro level freestyle bmx rider (im 39 and have ridden for over 20 years), i'm a backcountry skiier and snowboarder, and snowmachiner, i grow weed, i wear huge ass camo pants and black hoodies only, i used to commercial fish in alaska, and i used to work in the oilfields in north texas...i manage a manufacturing company in the colorado mtns right now....i grew up in wyoming.

i have never felt like i quite fit in anywhere (well in AK i did), but then i think and look, and i'm obviously finding a way to not fit in matter where i am i try to make sure that i don't have things in common w/ ppl and i don't ever want ppl to talk to me, and even when they do i often just look at them as if i didn't even hear them say (reffering to strangers talking to me)

i guess this became more than explaining why i'm not a hippy....i'm gonna post most of this to my ganja forums, and i'll paste some responses guys will get a kick out of what the "weed nazis" think about me.

...ill have to remove some of the dread stuff because they hate me bringing up dreads for some reason....but the responses will def have dreadlock refrences...ill post a link to the thread so u guys can see if you wanna.

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13 years ago
119 posts

here is the link to the same topic over there:

13 years ago
119 posts

here is a cpl that responded right'll get

"It's spelled hippie, you hippy. "

"WTF is this 1968"

"go live with the bears like timothy treadwell "

"dude your SOOO a hippy!"

"To get back to the warning that I received. You may take it with however many grains of salt that you wish. That the brown acid that is circulating around us isn't too good. It is suggested that you stay away from that. Of course it's your own trip. So be my guest, but please be advised that there is a warning on that one, ok? "

...that was just in the first 5 min' be back w/ more

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
13 years ago
29,641 posts

why the hell woulde u want to be on a site like that?

i was on a hippie sirt e hipforums thats as big or bigger then that and it was all assholes just like that made me miserable so i left and made this site

i dont care if your a hippie or a douche you still dont desserve those attitudes

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
13 years ago
119 posts

i don't take it personal...and it lets me know how ppl really are...sort of funny/telling.....kind of like how dreads seem to force ppl to show their true colors even when they don't know that they are....a huge reason why i like dreads.

ppl that grow weed think that they are the all knowing about everything...most growers really do have a better grasp of the universe, some are just idiots, but all in all they are an entertaining lot.

i like the ppl here alot.....way more level headed

13 years ago
119 posts

a cpl more replies from "weed nazis"...not all bad:

"It appears you take offense to how people label you. You seem to care a little too much how others view you - how others think.
You shouldn't.
Hippie? BMXer? Partier? Outdoorsman? This isn't high school. No one gives a fuck about labels. Why does it matter?
You shouldn't have to defend yourself against being labeled a certain way. And I'd watch how much info you divulge about yourself.... legal or not"

"If you think where you live is bad try living in the Midwest.........if you dont have that Wahl No. 2 cut and a goatee you are a dope smoking hippie. lol I have a normal haircut and that is what they think of me. Also I eat organic and not meat, meat and A potato and they think I am odd. These people are 30 years behind the rest of the country. Weed is as bad a Meth here"


hippy is a dirty word to a yuppie and their ilk.

the yuppies that yelled "greed is good" and then ran the world almost into the ground and are still doing their best to do so.

logically as a man of nature.

you should view being called a hippy a compliment, because the people that think hippies are no good?

would view you in the same way, hippy or not.

just another no good penniless drifter with nothing but ideals in his pockets.

which actually to any logical man, should be a compliment as well.

the yuppies value money more than their fellow man

and shortterm success over the wellbeing of the Entire planet

and all their Own descendants.

the yuppies basically pissed allover the future of their children and called it progress.

and laugh at those that do different "
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13 years ago
119 posts

this bro's post really hit home.....and i hope to meet some ppl here who are similar minded....i guess we don't stand out so much.

"As far as the rest of your views.. I'm the same way and I'm guessing that many of us from 25-45 are in a similar mindset.

I listen to mostly hip hop and rap, Love eminem, Live in colorado love to hunt and fish, currently learning all the skills necessary to live self sufficiently including farming and ranching....

I smoke weed everyday but also have a respectable main stream job dealing with people daily...

Don't know, but I know you're not a Hippie, neither am I... But maybe we are the New Neo-Hippies of today. Kinda like Gangsta-Hippies

I'm voting for Raun Paul, I grow Weed, I Own Guns, I know how to grow my own food... No flower power in our group, but we are very different and typically more progressive with our thoughts. Especially when It comes to weed. We value personal Freedoms are are adamant about them.

I think that most of the people who find out we smoke herb automatically label us as hippies. Because we are at least... to them... more hippie than them. haha"

13 years ago
119 posts

ok 1 more...

"I've really only met a few of "us"

But I swear it's only that way because we blend in better that most.

It's not like people look at me and go.... oh shit, he grows weed and likes to shoot guns.

I think it's more like, WTF, you like to smoke weed too!! Fuck yeah.... and you Grow, No Fucking Way, I would have never guessed.

Anyways, that's why we are all here, cause we can't talk to anyone about our hobby.


13 years ago
119 posts

ok 1 more....stoners do make some good points:

"its rather obvious where they get the idea to call you a hippy.

i saw your hair man

and this

is a shallow world.

appearances often are Everything.

you look like a hippy (or bum or some guy basically trying to copy some african style (And since you dont wear expensive clothes or had it done at an expensive place, A bum )

theyd probably call ya a bum if they werent being nice, hippy is kind outdated (bum might be too, i dont know, i dont keep up)

hey, dont get me wrong, i looked like a bum for years and didnt give a fuck (just dressed up for camoflague once inawhile or to please relatives )

but the wife likes me neat and gets to groom me


well, you lack the necessery scruffy beard to be truly classified as a bum or did in that pic, looked a bit too neat, though again, a hippy is basically a bum today.

(someone who defies social convention without making money out of it and does drugs and isnt rich. though true bums dont care about their appearance (you looked abit on your way there at least lol, betcha only wear comfortable clothes and dont care about dressing up at all)

and thats why hippy is a dirty word.

a hippy is basically a bum.

broken merchandise, for in this society, status comes from how much you can sell yourself. (people making "connections" often talk like salesmen about themselves)

you sell your services (your body basically or the use of it)

and all about

fame ("look at me, look at me!,,,,LOOOK! GODDAMNIT!")

money ("stuff!" "toys!"

and power ("lots of sex!" "doing what i want!" "people doing what i say!, im important goddamnit!")

the funny part is, the more fame you get, the more you realise you dont want it (cause everyone has to be perfect and no one is and privacy is pretty nice)

the more money you get, the less time you have to spend it. cause all your free time is spent in getting more money cause you can never have enough and if it "stays still" too long you start to lose money lol (its convoluted, but basically its a timerobber.

once you have the money you need to protect it and that is expensive, to get the money you have to live a certain life style and that is expensive, so you always need more and once you get more, you need more just to stay part of the pack (which you need to have connections and be able to stay in the game")

and youd think youd gain some freedoms instead, but thats not really true, the places you can go to are fewer and the fewer the more money you have (needing bodyguards and whatnot to go anywhere and so on)

same with power, it gains no true freedoms, you still have to operate within the system and all their true power would be in the shadows through brutes and buying lives.

the hidden life.

so basically life becomes nothing but a show, everywhere you go, you have to keep up appearances (why do you think elites dont mingle? they dont want you to see beyond the glamor)

where you do drugs and hookers in hiding, just like everyone else (just have people to handle things for you and doctormade hookers)

till you either twist into some thing that tortures hookers for fun or worse or and crash and burn.

even simply the lifestyle is so bad that they need body donors to keep alive (just look at celebriites (low level "elite) 20 years and they look like utter crap)

doesnt take much brains to realise thats not a good lifestyle choice.

problem is, society seems to be so sunk in this that the only way out seems to be mountains lol.

lol, most people dont see it either, too busy with their lives and work work work and getting ahead that they dont take care to look beyond the glamour..

but still.

if you desire only a comfortable life (house, bed, some plants and entertainment (computer lol or the nature))

then that life can be had with a minimum of work.

once you stop chasing being rich or looking a certain kind of way, life becomes pretty cheap..

most of our money goes into "cosmetics", be it clothes, makeup or even a trip to the doctor.

buying a cooler car or fancier purse.

trying to be one of the cool folks or making someone jelous

the funny thing, it was all borrowed money, the folks that the most fit into this image, for the most part.

while others worked hard to earn mostly a backache.

this society needs a serious rewrite.

but personally i think its simply a lack of intelligence that is the problem.

the cause of evil is stupidity. and one might as well relax and enjoy life, once you stop participating in the ratrace, life becomes a breeze in comparison.

leave the monkeybusiness to the monkeys and enjoy the simple good things in life.

cause actually, all the really good things are free or cheap.

(having a romantic walk in the park with your love, eating a icecream, smoking that weed you just grew and playing x-box with the mates, going out partying and looking for love, rollercoasterride in an amusement park,
taking halluconogenic drugs in the forest with your friends, having a chat with your friends, having sex with your love, eating good food, wearing really comfortable but cheap clothes you bought second hand and not giving a fuck what anyone thinks, cause anyone that would give you a hard time cause of it, is a monkey.

and trying to buy into the monkeylife style (cool cars and cool chicks)

well, it would cut so much into the good things in life, the cheap and free stuff.

so, thats a really long way of saying, i think hippies are much cooler than yuppies

and actually even bums outrank yuppies in my book. and they can keep their lifestyle to themselves and hey what the fuck. "

west of tazzmania
13 years ago
20 posts

i inpire to live off my land and isolate myself from society after college. I envy you lol hope i get to read something about how that goes in alaska

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