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user image 2011-03-03
By: Andelynn
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Ok, this may or may not be a stupid idea, but I think I will try it here and see what happens. On my facebook page, I try to post a LOL of the day every week day. I figure we all could use a little more laughter in our lives and.. we... I just like to share my warped sense of humor. Soooo I am going to post LOL of the day #1 here. Feel free to comment or whatever. If I don't get any comments, I may not continue, so we shall see how this goes! ;P

Ham'diya Mu
03/04/11 06:52:56PM @hamdiya-mu:

why men should never go clothes shop with wombmen..

Wife : Honey.. look at this dress I have tried on..does it make me look fat??

Husband: aaallll why are you going to ask me that .. if you like it I love it..

Wife: NO I want an honest answer does this dress makes me look fat... (now she is impatient)

Husband; Well only around the body looks fat..the rest looks fine.

Guess who is in the Dog House..

03/04/11 09:34:36AM @andelynn:
I think I will post one once a week and see how that goes for a while. Keep watching and keep commenting!! :)

Jesse Davis
03/04/11 12:04:56AM @jesse-davis:
good stuff man.

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