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1 man, 2600 miles, 4 countries, 1 month... on a bicycle

user image 2010-04-09
By: iluvblutak
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Right, i'll get straight to the point, this summer, starting in august i will be cycling 2600 miles through europe in a month, if you go to my photos there is a map of the route, if you can't be arsed to look for it then dont worry. my route will take me from limoges (middle of france) down south to monaco, then to pisa in italy, then rome, naples, then back north to venice. after venice i head over the alps to innsbruck in austria and then on to germany where i will pass through munich and stuttgart untill reaching france again through strasbourg. my final checkpoint is paris from which i will head south again to finish where i started.I am not doing this task just for the hell of it, i am doing it for charity. My chosen charity is the royal british legion, for people who don't know who they are, they help support soldiers who come back wounded from afganistan, iraq etc. this is also the charity that we get our poppys from on the 11th of november every year. They do an amazing job and donating money to them will help support soldiers who were prepared to give up and risk everything to help others.This event is completely self-funded, i have a job to pay for my part, i estimate i will need 300 for equipment such as a tent and spare parts for my bike etc and a further 200 for food and the occasional hostel visit so i can have a shower (probably only once every 4-5 days haha). I am working on some sponsorship from several bike shops here in york and this means that every single penny i recieve in donations from the public will go straight to the british royal legion, that is a promise.This is a solo attempt, my bike is actually a fully suspensioned mountain bike, however with some alterations to the forks and gears. this means i need to carry all my own food, clothes, tent etc.If any of you lovely people would like to donate there is a website and i will put it on my profile here so if you so wish you can have a look. also if you want to know more about my trip please do message me or leave a comment with any questions or ideas on how to get more publicity. remember the more people who know about this, the more money goes to help those who need it.As the time comes closer to me leaving i will set up a twitter account so i can update everyone on how things are going on my cycle, i will put details of this up later on this month or early next month.For everyone who has read this, thank you, spread it around, make the charity known, even if people dont donate it would be great if they are just aware of the great work charities like this do. thank you all, god bless xx

04/09/10 05:35:21PM @iluvblutak:
yea, thats awsome man.those big ones have always puzzled me, mainly on the getting on and off part of riding them, always seems like an achievement in itself just getting onto them hehe

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/09/10 05:30:05PM @soaring-eagle:
in a way my rides were for a simular purpose, but instead of helping soldiers after being blown apart was trying to prevent them from being blown up working towards disarmamentunicycles are amazing next best thing to flying, ive even tried an 8 foot and 12 foot "giraffe" unicycle which was great fun till i had to get

04/09/10 05:14:45PM @iluvblutak:
wow, thats amazing, i tried riding a unicycle, i really couldnt do it, was awfull, cant imagine doing that whilst fasting too.some people really do do some amazing things, i'm not quite there yet, but i'm hoping for these things to get bigger and bigger, as much of a challenge for me as possible and get charities noticed more.I will be taking vast amounts of pics/videos, i'm trying to get a camera that i can attatch to my helmet too, and a solar powered charger for cameras etc so i can go crazy :PI'm getting a bit of help from the army with this too as i'm an army scholar and they're trying to get the bbc (british broadcasting company) to do something about this too, so fingers crossed more and more people will realise how amazing this charity and others are.Thanks very much for featuring this man, means alot x

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/09/10 05:05:30PM @soaring-eagle:
thats awesomeit'll be a beautiful ridei know alotta people who bike coast to coast and 1 guy who has a crazy contraption which is kinda a human poweered motorhome powered by skipping or hopping (watch the rainbow spirit vid its around 18 minutes in theres 2 shots of it 1 in action, very unique way to propel a vehicle :))the longest ive done was a few hundred miles by unicycle while fasting for 10 days (twice)2600 is a good trip for sureand through some beautiful areas tootake lots of pics n vids of your tripi'll feature this to help u out

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