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On the Eve of Month Five...

user image 2012-02-29
By: DirtyGerund
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First, Happy Leap Year Day, everyone!

As I type this, my eyes stray up to the mirror set up behind my laptop. What am I going to write, regarding this happy mess of hopeful dreads? These past coupla weeks have been wonderful. Got up the gumption to comb out a couple of the smaller two-strand twists, T&R them into more desirable-sized locs.

Now that I feel more comfortable with my hair in the locking process, it boggles the mind that I was so dead-set on having uniform dreads. Nothing about me is ordered, anyway. It's beautiful to recognize the hang-ups on programmed insecurities. So much easier to see them at face value, then wipe it out. Lots of deep breaths, always. Tons of growing to do, on so many levels.

What else have I noticed?

My dreams have been amazing. Running the gauntlet fromterrifying to edifying.

Living with vegetarians has made me one by default the past three months, and I can say here and now, I don't think this is going to be a permanent thing for me. My body doesn't feel the same, and I don't dig it. Cutting out factory farms at every turn, for certain, but I think this means I have to get a jump on the rabbit hutch construction. Our chickens won't be ready for the chop til April, and if they turn out to be hens we're keeping them all. We're buying baby ducks next month, and I couldn't be more stoked. I realize that I may have lost a few of you with this paragraph, but I'm not going to defend myself besides saying that I've been a vegetarian/ vegan cook for the better part of six years. I research my own dietary choices and don't push my decisions on anyone else, so keep all self-righteous/preachy comments to yourself, pleaseandthankyou. If you'd like a good book that parallels my dietary beliefs, read The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith. Good Stuff.

Anyway, I'm drifting. I'm really happy this site has a blog space, my hair isn't the type of thing I can go on and on about in my other blogs, and there aren't too many dreadies in this town. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one. It's alright though. As the bumpers say, "You stare at me because I look different, I stare at you because you're all the same."


02/29/12 10:47:56PM @dirtygerund:
Thank you, Tara. It just struck me as so funny that I had started so neat and ordered, I mean, I've shaved my head several times, had Mohawks, then decided to go natural and grow a 'fro. Less work was the name of the game... Then I go for the twists and I get all OCD on it... Well, live and learn, I guess. I haven't re-twisted in a good while and don't think I'll resume anytime soon. Loving the puffy new growth. It's easier to start neat and go messy than the other way around, I suppose.

Tara C
02/29/12 09:41:41PM @tara-c:

Part of me wishes I could be a vegetarian, or at the very least, eat meat that I know doesn't come from animals who lived in terrible conditions and were pumped with stuff that has no need to be in our bodies. But...there are hardly any vegetables that I like, so my meals would be practically non-existent. That and I don't own my own farm.

I hear what you're saying about the dreads though; so many people on here, myself included, started off with this image of what they wanted, perfect-looking dreads and everything, but once the messiness and loops kick in, and looking at everyone's unique dreads, you can't help but love the weirdness of your dreads.

02/29/12 09:35:10PM @dirtygerund:
Thanks, SE. I really am going to resume butchering for personal consumption. Believe me when I say I've researched the subject extensively, and just do not believe that a body gets all its essential needs from dairy and/or plant matter. I hear and respect your view, but it is not a decision I'm willing to make with my body. I don't eat meat w every meal, and am very aware of what I put in my system. I raise my animals ethically and without all the chemicals,etc. I don't enter into these things half-cocked or heartlessly.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/29/12 09:20:31PM @soaring-eagle:

stick out ther veggie thinhg anouther 9 monthsand u never ever will washy []t to go back ive been veg 28 years and couldnmt imagine the horror or[f eating 1 bite of dead flesh ever again

its a detox your experiencing your body has to flush out all the meat toc[xins and adjust to its nsatural veg diet again it takes tijme like dreads so stick it out u will niot regretr it

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