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Combatting The Frustration Setting In

user image 2011-10-02
By: Tia
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Two months into this hair journey and I'm still going strong. The frustration I speak of does have to do with my hair, since I am in that stage right now, but it has to do with other things, as well.

Just as Isettled into the "Kramer" stage, along comes another... I am stumped as to what I should call it, actually... I guess the name will come to meafter the nextstage hits lolI didn't take a picture for the last month. I just wasn't up to it, really. My head has been killing me with the itchies, and I have been investigating the reason why... I'll get back to that in a minute. I'm starting back with the pictures this month, though. I'm interested to see what the season changes will bring.

So, my hair is still sticking out all over on the sides, and coming along pretty well. The top is doing pretty good as well, just a little bit of loose hair in the front "bang/fringe" area, prompting the thought of possibly combing the front out for now just to have some bangs for the holiday season, since no one knows I'm doing the dread thing yet. I still haven't combed them out and I'm not sure that I will, either. I have already committed two months to them, I really don't want to back-track on that...

Speaking of back-tracking, that's where I get to the itchies I was speaking of a minute ago and where the most frustration has been for me. First, the back is just not dreading. I thought it was separating for a little while there, but to no avail, it is not. Then I have been battling a case of dermatitis back there as well. I get this a couple times a year, on the exact same strip of scalp everytime.I had added the baking soda/ACV routine and cut my shampoo use in half and at first I didn't think anything of it... Until the back of my head was red, itchy, burning, tender,and bleeding. First I ommitted the acv and nothing got better. Then I ommitted the baking soda and it felt a little better. Since then I've stopped using the bs and acv and my scalp is improving. I guess I'm just not going to be able to use it as I want as few flare ups of that as possible.

I have decided that I do need to make sure that back part is separated properly so I can get to that strip of scalp easily between my dreads because one of the only things that soothes it is antibiotic ointment which is greasy and completely defeats what I am trying to do. So, instead of back combing, which I really don't want to do again to any part of my hair, I have decided to braid the sections around that area and let it dread that way. I can't imagine trying to pick through my dreads to get to the problem area. It hurts/itches so bad when it's happening, I need immediate relief or I'd probably cut my dreads off in that area trying to get to it.

Anyway, enough about my sore head. The flyaways at the front of my hair are definately frustrating as well and really making my hair looka complete mess. Any other time, I wouldn't care, since I mostly stay at home and can cover my head when I go out... But, again, the holidays are coming and I have events to go to and I need to look presentable (I'm always the quirky one in the group no matter what I do, so that's obsolete lol). I guess I have about 6 weeks before there is really anything I need to decide on... So, I won't be combing the bangsout until the day of if I decide to do it. My hair will probably look completely different at that point, so we'll see...

I'll post an updated pic of my hair soon...

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