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whos's job?

Who's job is it anyways?   Once upon a time, there were four people.Their names were Everybody, Somebody, Nobody and Anybody.There was an important job to be done and Everybody was asked to do it.Everybody was sure...

waxing dreadlocks is dread wax ever a good idea?

should you ever use dread wax on dreadlocks? the myths and realities guidewith dread companies pushing dread wax like a magical way to create dreads instantly its hard to see truth from lies. this is a guide to...

washing dreadlocks guide

washing new dreadlocks or old tip:cold cold water will eliminate dandruff and dread itch! wash with slightly cool water, but rinse with cold as you can stand. new dreadlocks   always use either a non residue soap or...

twisting dreads

twisting dreads as a way of maintain dreadlocks twisting dreads is common among African, or black style dreadlocks. however it is often overused severely. Twisting dreads should only be used to start and define...

twist and rip method dreading

twist and rip method dreading guidetwist and rip is often misunderstood. when compared to backcombing twist and rip has many advantages.1: twist and rip dreads hold together better then backcombed dreads2: they dont...

tip rubbing to create rounded blunted dread tips

tip rubbing to create rounded blunted dread tipscreating rounded blunted tips is easy, however certain points should be considered blunt or not to blunt?note these tips are for non african har, since african...

site feedback

sites like dreadheadhq and knottyboy do not allow any commentsthat are honest criticisms of the methods and products they sell.if you post a comment like "wax hurt my dreads" it will never getposted or seen. they edit...

salon dread guide (if you must go that route)

Most salon dreads are a disaster, and charge ridiculous prices. However a small number of salons might use harmless methods. Before continuing to read this you should know that hair dreads itself without effort,...

rubbing dreadlocks clockwise or counterclockwise rubbing

rubbing dreadlocks clockwise or counterclockwisewhen talking about rubbing dreadlocks many sites say they need to be rubbed in only 1 direction. lets examine the logic behind this illogical swirl direction...

root rubbing myths and realities

root rubbing is used to tighten dread roots introduction many sites recommend root rubbing to tighten roots. but roots donot need extra help. dreads form towards the roots, but a littleundreaded hair at the roots is...

ripping popping seperating dreads to prevent congos

the most basic maintenance for dreadlocks is separating one dread from another to prevent congos (dreads grown together)ripping, popping, and seperating are all terms that mean the same to separate dreads...

palm rolling dreads guide

palm rolling dreadlocks for rounded dreads Since posting this guide the general consensus has been that palm rolling is completely pointless and a waste of time and effort. palm rolling is used to round out flattened...
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