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tip rubbing to create rounded blunted dread tips

tip rubbing to create rounded blunted dread tips

creating rounded blunted tips is easy, however certain points should be considered 1st.

to blunt or not to blunt?

note these tips are for non african har, since african hair with tight curls will almost always blunt naturaly

reasons not to blunt tips

1: loose tips dry much faster, water runs right out the ends, but blunted ends tend to hold in water much longer.
2: loose tips look more natural, natural dreads often do not blunt on the tips, some do though by themselves, and every tip is unique.
3: blunting tips adds to the "manufactured dreads " look.

reasons to blunt dread tips

1: you want dreads like a certain celebrity (you will never end up with what you want no matter how hard you try, dreads have a way of doing what they want no matter how much effort you put into forcing conformity)
2: you must maintain a certain look for a professional image.
3: your under the false impression that only blunted rounded ends look like real dreads.

rub rub rub away the day when creating rounded or blunted tips there are 3 main ways, let them blunt by themselves if they want to, crochet (very damaging) or tip rubbing (damaging also)

to tip rub, take the tip of a dread, put it against the flattened palm of your hand and rub grinding it into your palm in circles (no it doesn't matter which way no matter how much some sites say it does)

this video shows both rubbing and crocheting the crocheting method is very damaging and i recommend you avoid it at all costs.

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02/21/13 10:44:56PM @brenna:

You won't be able to blunt the tips for about another 8 months on the short side. Locks need to be just about or completely mature to even start considering blunting. In that time, he may learn to love how quickly the dry when the tips are wispy. Blunt tips makes locks dry about 10-24 hours slower. While many people like this look, it cause increase the chance of mold/mildew growing in his locks.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/21/13 10:10:30PM @soaring-eagle:

dont blunt the tips just leave em alone

pure natures son
02/21/13 07:51:47PM @pure-natures-son:

I am trying to dread my boyfriends hair and its my first time. He has very soft thin straight hair, the twist and rip method is working great, but I can't get the ends at all. He wants the blunt tip but its just too much hair that won't get knotted at the gotten so the crochet method and rolling aren't working it just gets in this huge frizz mess and even the whole dread is super frizzy... Not sure what to do it is getting very frustrating for the both of us! Help, Please!

P Ayh (Mr. March)
02/16/12 07:11:11AM @p-ayh-mr-march:

the tip rubbing method is impossible for me. my hair is thick and curly but also very soft naturally. i mean soft like i would condition it all the time (which i didnt even before dreads. just shampooed) so when i do the tip rubbing it it just frays. no matter how long i do it. i've been using the crochet method for blunted tips and also use a sea salt water locking accelerator and tie them off with bands when i blunt them. any tips?(other than not using the crochet needle. i know its damaging but my hair is thick so it does very little to hurt it and im also very careful with it unlike some people ive seen who just stab the thing in and out rippin hairs like they got em all to spare haha)

Brian Napier
05/22/11 10:18:53AM @palmtree-novin:

My tips blunted on their own each end is different some blunted tips are big others little just let nature take its course

Chucky Rubba
08/14/10 08:12:21PM @caleb-tokarska:
For me, I just like the way it looks. I have about 5 that has come out quite nicely (mind you I am only in week 2, so ask me again in a few months).

shariah metzger
07/29/10 01:48:21AM @jennifer-schildknecht:
When I used to rub my tips, they always came out looking really weird.... It would create a small curled up ball at the end of my dreads, not even on the dread itself, but just kind of hanging there. I've had one or two of the little balls actually come off before. Once they did, I stopped right away. I wouldn't recommend it :/

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/24/09 02:01:20PM @soaring-eagle:
haha yea your right well do u wanna make 1 for us?

Caitlin Brynn
12/24/09 12:36:39PM @moyo:
i think the video is broken now.

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