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twist and rip method dreading

twist and rip method dreading guide

twist and rip is often misunderstood. when compared to backcombing twist and rip has many advantages.

1: twist and rip dreads hold together better then backcombed dreads
2: they dont look like clown dreads sticking straight up
3: they are generaly less dammaging
4: they look more like neat tidy dreads earlier
5: once you get the technique mastered they are easier and faster

they have just 2 drawbacks

1: they are harder to figure out the 1st time you try
2: they are slightly easier to do on thinner dreadlocks

how its done:

sectioning- generaly i recomend a more random sectioning between 1/4 inch to an inch in thickness (just carefull that hairs from 1 section dont cross hairs from another at the roots) you can do a more even sectioning if you wish. its up to you if u want to use rubber bands or not but if you do be sure you remove every single 1 by the next day

twist and rip- twist the section tightly then seperate the ends randomly in 1/2 pull the 2 parts away from eachother forcing knots towards the roots (does not need to be too forcefull or u can do dammage) keep retwisting and repeatting the seperating and pulling as seen in this video


this vids better, but is not in english, however its easier to see how its done

after you finish a dread you can palm roll a little if you want, it doesnt do much however and is not necessary.


twist and rip dreads after only 1 month

this is 1 of our members, when she arrived she was dead set on getting a dread perm, it took alot of convincing her that a dread perm was a bad idea, but she eventualy decided to try twist and rip instead. i think the results speak for themselves!!! she used real small sections to make thin dreadlocks , and i think the result was simply beautiful!

do not use dread wax

dread wax causes most dreadlocks to not last more then 3-4 years theres plenty of info on why you should not wax dreads in the forums so i won't add more here. for questions about the twist and rip method and all other dreading methods please see the dreading methods section of the forums
02/01/15 07:01:46AM @vikingalex:

The guide states two videos, there is no link for either.

The picture link also does not work. 


Shawn wurzberger2
08/21/14 08:32:36AM @shawn-wurzberger2:
So guys, because of all the stresd its been from sectioning & then resectioning to accidentally braiding my hair during the TnR, Ive decided to take it all out & start 100% organic free form, natural dreads. The way nature intended! This journey is NOT supposed to be stressful in the least bit, nor horribly painful, which its been for me since day one!! The only pain I should have endured, speaking of mental &/or physical, should be from occasional seperation of congos! Not from day one. It hasn't felt right for me from the beginning of this. Ive made the decision to just take it day by day with my employer (the reason why I chose the TnR method) I'll cross each bridge when I come to it.. How all of life should be imo ;-) I'll edit my profile & start a new set of pics once I begin this new chapter. Oh & another thing, as Ive been taking the dreads out I have come to realize that I have a "severe" amount of buildup. So much so my fingers get sticky. Like a waxy film & Ive used NO (0%) products! Its from the Dr Bronners soap & the hardest water EVER!!!! So...even "if" I wanted to proceed with the TnR'd dreads I would need to do some SERIOUS deep cleansez (the reason SE it seemed to be dreading so fast! Its been sorta glued together with buildup!!) So you see..the best route for me (& anyone else imo!) is to start fresh & let nature run its course! I will keep you all posted :-)

Shawn wurzberger2
08/19/14 10:46:39PM @shawn-wurzberger2:

Well, the thinh is SE, I did grab the sections like you describe but, I think I actually did kinda braid it :-( When I did the TnR this is how I did it.. twist, rip, grabbing a different section of hair, twist, rip, grab two more pieces, twist, rip, grab, twist, rip, grab, u get the idea. Where its kinda half braided, half woven. When u pull the section apart to look inside it, its all woven in there, like a bunch of little criss crosses. So it doesn't just appear kinda is :-/ I'm afraid its not going to be able to "do its thing" & naturally dread how nature intends. It just looks like it would cause it complications & I don't want to cause it any problems. It looks SO unatural, unorganic. I read that braided hair "will" dread but nothing like a normal dreading process & for me, that's part of the beauty! I don't know..I'm really bummed out!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/19/14 03:02:55PM @soaring-eagle:

lisa your fine thats not so much from twisting too much as it is from not randomizing the splits enough each time u seperate and pull Apart you should split it in a different spot with different ammounts of hair in each hand insted of splitting in the middle u might have only a lil pinch of hairs in 1 hand and all therestin the other the braided looks from always splitting right aboit in the middle..but the braided loo will go away as it dreads eventually

Shawn wurzberger2
08/19/14 01:27:03AM @shawn-wurzberger2:

So, I think I have a problem! I think I twisted my hair too much when I did my TnR cause they REALLY look like braids! Some are dreading up already at the root but all the rest of the length looks straight up like a braid. I'm just SICK thinking I'm gonna have to take them out and do them over now. (Sigh) Can someone please give me some input? Do I need to do 52 dreads over?? I'm so aggravated :-(

Nathaniel Green
03/18/14 06:54:06AM @nathaniel-green:

How much shrinkage is expected with this method? I know your left with something that appears to look like a dread but once the hair starts to really dread will you loose as much as natural method?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/07/13 07:12:50PM @soaring-eagle:

absolutely not just let them do thier thing

you never had to tnr once to begin with but redoing it will only reset progress

just leave them be to dread on thier own

12/07/13 06:07:36PM @coloursnrainbows:

Should I keep ripping/twisting over the next few days? Or just leave them to do their thing?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/05/13 06:31:55PM @soaring-eagle:

by that i mean youve done all you have to do, more then you had to do now time will do the dreading

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/05/13 06:30:04PM @soaring-eagle:

absolutely.. none of its dreaded yet..twist and rip dont give you dreads just defines the sections they need time to dread the roots and tips will be loose awhile

hairlines always last to dread

u got a good start now just let it dread

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