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ripping popping seperating dreads to prevent congos

the most basic maintenance for dreadlocks is separating one dread from another to prevent congos (dreads grown together)

ripping, popping, and seperating are all terms that mean the same thing.

how to separate dreads and keep them from growing together

this should be done often in the early stages of dreading, it can be done less as they become mature dreads . to start, grab 2 dreads next to each other and pull in opposite directions, breaking the connecting hairs. there will be a slight ripping or poping sound.
this can hurt if allowed to go too log between separations.

what to do if you can't easily separate dreads

1: first try spraying a little olive oil or spray on conditioner just on the connecting hairs.
2: if still unable to pull apart, try wiggling a fingertip under just a few hairs at a time and pull upwards away from the scalp, working towards the scalp till you loosen enough to be able to rip them.
3: if these methods fail, your best off allowing them to congo and become one dread, unless the dreadlocks way too thick for comfort. if separating is needed by cutting, do not just slice down the center, instead take tiny scissors like nail scissors and surgically clip just a few hairs at a time (with the blades vertically between the dreads) clip as you pull away from each other till you clip enough to allow ripping. clipping is not recommended so use care.

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09/20/14 06:00:51PM @shannan2:

My dreads are starting right at the very tips and then working their way up. The look very thin at first, but then start to thicken as they grow. It's very strange and I can't help but wonder why mine have started this way?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/10/14 04:39:51PM @soaring-eagle:

nothing in natures unifoem and thats where its beauty comes from

but painfuls a diferent story

in the future seperate while wet if nereded add a lil olive oil or something to the connected parts

08/10/14 04:23:49PM @icky:

08/10/14 04:22:03PM @icky:

I already separated them, the they look more filled in and nice. Uniformity is a personal preference, and they where painful. Just the bottoms of some of them had a big ball with the bifurcation on em. looked funny.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/09/14 09:31:43PM @soaring-eagle:

why should they look uniform and unless the base was really thicjk it would have been best to leave them combined ..but id just leave em be in the furure instead of trying to split them once thewy are aleready well grown together just leaveem unlessthey are so thick they might cause issues

08/09/14 07:48:30PM @icky:

I have multiple double dreads, and i didn't notice for awhile until i realized the separating at the root and bifurcated tail at the ends. I just pulled em apart like velcro. seems my dreads are more clean looking, more of them to fill in. But they are soft again, pretty damaged, but i did that with bleach on accident awhile back, maybe why they are so easy to pull apart. but at the ends a lot of them had what was left of one and the main one, so like a clump. Recommend just cutting them off or trimming them to look for uniform? they are a year old this month. 2014

☀tyrell parker☁
06/26/13 05:59:05AM @olivia2:

I get gross bird nest matting going on everyday, lol. In my first dreading attempt I would rip those suckers apart so bad it would sound like velcro! (I was kind of addicted to it.) This time around Im trying to be a bit gentler and loving to my hair. So the wiggle method is getting used a bit more. =)

05/19/13 10:34:30AM @tiedyedsoul:

thank you, Barrellady,for the link. I'm going to try the oil spray first. If that doesn't work I may let them grow together. I think maybe they were meant to be.. Is there such a thing as dread soul mates?.. lol again thank u... :-D

02/23/13 02:04:28AM @chase:

I guess I'd rather have them dread fast and pull them apart than to have them dread slowly

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/22/13 08:23:09PM @soaring-eagle:

fast dreading can causethat it will settle down as they mature

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