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root rubbing myths and realities

root rubbing is used to tighten dread roots


many sites recommend root rubbing to tighten roots. but roots donot need extra help. dreads form towards the roots, but a littleundreaded hair at the roots is totally normal, even necessary.

root maintenance facts

loose roots -roots should have between 1 inch (typical) up to3 inches (rare) of undreaded hair at the roots, this gives movementroom. movement is needed to dread. this is normal, and without thatspace it would be ver4y hard to clean the scalp, and knots forcedright up against the scalp will cause uneven pulling, pain, andpossibly cause dreads to stick up.

loose hair around scalp -again, this is normal and healthy.the loose hair provides sun screen to prevent sun burn, as it growsit will do one of 2 things. either it will join a dread, or becomea new dread. you cannot get rid of it without harm. better to justaccept it. new fuzz is always being creatted by seperatingdreads.

roots dread on without help - any rubbing of dreads or rootscause friction, friction causes damage, damage can never berepaired, the more you do, the worse it gets and can lead toweakening of the roots, even breakage.

so you still want to rub your roots? heres how

place the palm at the roots with the dread between thumb andforefinger and rub aggressively in circles.

do not ever use dread wax!
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04/06/12 08:17:20PM @brenna:

I've used a mixture of Teatree, rosemary and Jojoba. Clears it up really quick if you stop messing with it. You could also add a few drops of Lavender. It's good for it's antibiotic properties

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/06/12 08:07:42PM @soaring-eagle:

scab from rubbing/ stop rubbing thats easy

but u might need a likl something to help it heal antibiotic cream or teatree or something and wash often enough with the right stuff u shouldnt need anything but if u do aloe jojoba tc are great rosemary prevent s dry scalp

no hot washes ..warm to cold or cool

Zachary Hakes
04/06/12 08:02:07PM @zachary-hakes:

i have a scab from it, how do you get rid of that? and what are some good moisturizers or techniques for your scalp? i don't want them to be itchy or flacky :/

12/03/11 12:19:44AM @brenna:

root rubbing can also cause nasty sores and scabs to form on your scalp. no one wants an open wound under a lock

Dan Theriault
04/18/11 11:53:28PM @hannah-russell:
I want to hear more about "sea salt spray", it sounds yummy for the scalp, too. Do I just mix up some sea salt and water in a spray bottle, SE? I've been fussing with my roots and I'm going to leave them alone now. It's like hair-twirling, I just mess with them. I love it when they get all knotted up :) I'll look around here for the baking soda mix, I'm wondering if there's acv mixed in-I hear about that a lot. What is that little beeping sound? I love your commitment to healthy dreads, Soaring Eagle. Peace.

Davis Tyler Tejada
03/20/11 03:51:04PM @heaven-caten:

Washing with Bronner's, sometimes mixed with baking soda.

I haven't done any sea salt since they were babies. I'll give that a shot :) Thanks!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/20/11 03:37:17PM @soaring-eagle:

its normal for em to be that long in the 1st year not the 3rd what are u washing with and all thye rubbing could just hbe delatying maturity

define pretty long cause usualy its about 6 incheds when they start to dread

have u tried sea salt sprats or soaks adding sea salt to the baking soda mix gets my loose hairs dreading in a day usualy

Davis Tyler Tejada
03/20/11 02:38:07PM @heaven-caten:
The roots tend to take 3+ inches to start locking if I leave them alone. The loose hairs have not dreaded on their own yet (3 yrs old...they are pretty long).

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/19/11 07:16:52PM @soaring-eagle:

define long and loose they will always dread on theyre own they have to but if u been rubbing all the time u may have stunted theyre development alot they will need to be left alone u mean the roots connected to the dreads or the loose hairs between dreads those need ti get long enough to dread so leave them alone untill they do

thats all

Davis Tyler Tejada
03/19/11 06:46:05PM @heaven-caten:
So whaddya do if it just doesn't lock on its own? Mine are 3 years old, and what I haven't rubbedor joined in it long and loose.

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