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palm rolling dreads guide

palm rolling dreadlocks for rounded dreads

Since posting this guide the general consensus has been that palm rolling is completely pointless and a waste of time and effort.

palm rolling is used to round out flattened dreads, it is best done when the dreads are damp.
however, palm rolling is damaging. hair when wet is more easily molded into shape but is more easily damaged as well.

palm rolling to be effective at all requires alot of effort, when you palm roll they usually go back to the original shape in hours to a week.

with excessive effort they can be made round permanently, however, normally dreads will flatten and round on theyre own by pressure from sleeping on them and movement (when flattened on 1 side 1 day then the other another day they tend to become round)

additional notes before continuing on to the instructions

completely symmetrical round dreadlocks are boring, you may think thats what you want when starting off, but when mature you will find the 1 dread that refused to conform becomes your favorite. the flattened one, the bumpy one, the one that stands out from the rest. palm rolling removes much of the personality of the dread making it less unique.

how to palm roll (and does direction matter?)

1: direction does not matter counterclockwise clockwise or in both directions is fine.
2: just roll the dreads between your palms from root to tip
3: be gentle dont over do it dont roll hard enough to create heat, and don;t do it obsessively.
4:most important, don't ever use wax or gels

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06/07/12 05:54:41PM @vikki:

oh and let me mention they are not perfect they are still lumpy and zigzagy and stuff but just rounded out :)

06/07/12 05:50:34PM @vikki:

k i have read all these blogs on palm rolling i even posted one awhile ago mine are 6 months old now. i just moved back to SC from ID where they dont have head shops or anyone with even a tattoo its just like utah hell i lived 10 minutes from the boarder so u can imagine how i fit in k ramblin anyway the first thing i did was hit up a head shop to find sum beads that would fit my dreads they were all flat and zigzagy and ok REALLY FLAT to my surprise the owner and his wife both had dreads past their knees beautiful ones his mother was there and she actually just deals with people that have dreads shes kinda a hair dresser but not she believes they should b natural i asked her to please look at mine and tell me what she thought i should do because i was keeping them up because it just looked reallly bad she asked me when i washed my hair did i take a towel and roll then dry kinda like palm rolling only with a towel she also said try and stay like 2 or 3 inches from the root she said they would round out she examined my hair for a bit more and told me they were getting ready to drop which i took as good well as soon as i got home i washed it and did as she instructed and its been 3 weeks and mine are round and stay that way i dont wash them but once a week so thats when i do the towel roll thing and i ware them down now ive had so many compliments on them since i rounded them out they look so much nicer i dont mind all the strays or the little bits of hair that didnt dread yet so in my opinion i am all for the palm rolling but i do it like she told me to and not to over do it and it rounded them out the first time i did it i have a roomate and he automatically noticed so i guess to each his own but it worked for me hope this helps :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/17/12 12:10:15AM @soaring-eagle:

u can play with em u just dont gotta get sore arms palm rolling all day

Christina Ince
03/17/12 12:02:00AM @christina-ince:
It's so hard not to play with them tho!

caitlin jonkel
02/17/12 05:00:28PM @caitlin-jonkel:

anna, no I have found palm rolling to make my loose hairs stand out more. Eh, I do a salt rinse and palm roll my dreads about once a month. I've found it to help with loops and zig zags but only when the hair is wet with salt water. Mainly I do this because I do a deep sectioning once a month also, and palm rolling lets me know which dreads I've checked and which ones I haven't.

02/08/12 08:51:41AM @lasersnshit:

does palm rolling help tame loose hairs temporarily, like for a formal event?

Katie Griffin
09/19/11 10:26:07PM @katie-griffin:

if palmrolling is a no no, because i want interesting locks, what can i do to keep stray hairs and each loc seperated from root to ends?

07/08/11 12:30:06AM @bparty:

thanks that was really helpfull :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/08/11 05:05:53PM @soaring-eagle:

aloes conditionsing and palm rolling totaly ointless

why would u palm roll

Sidian Jones
02/08/11 04:07:05PM @tamara2:
is tightening gel made from aloe vera bad for dread when palm rolling?

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