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waxing dreadlocks is dread wax ever a good idea?

should you ever use dread wax on dreadlocks? the myths and realities guide

with dread companies pushing dread wax like a magical way to create dreads instantly its hard to see truth from lies. this is a guide to clearing up the misinformation.

so how do i know truth from lies?

simple, ask yourself, why are they telling me this? if they are profiting from it in any way, don't trust it. if they are telling you just to inform you, chances are good it is reliable.

the basics, to wax or not to wax.

they tell you to wax to hold backcombed hair together till it dreads , but backcombed hair when not able to move while trapped in wax will just stay backcombed hair and not dread till its able to move and knot. waxing slows down the dreading process a lot, clean hair dreads about 3 times faster on average.

they also say wax helps you keep dreads moisturized so they won't break, and claim it helps keep dreads clean by allowing you to wash dreads in the early stages. this is a total lie, dread wax does not moisturize, only the added vitamin e oil does (which is best used when not bound up in sticky wax) dreads when washed knot up most right after washing. dreads should always be kept clean, and backcombing is not dreading, it should unravel and loosen in order for dreading to take over. backcombing is damaging though so breakage can be a concern, however oils like vitamin e or jojoba, or aloe vera are better to use to condition.

clean dreadlocks need to be washed, but to wash out dirt trapped in wax you need to take extreme efforts to remove all the wax. dread wax does not come out easy many find using wax just a couple times in the early weeks leaves wax in the core of dreads for many years. dirt and moisture trapped in wax will lead to moldy dreads.

the proper way to use dread wax


project dreadwax

if you waxed there is hope dread wax doesn't always mean you will lose your dreadlocks . although most dreads do get cut in under 4 years due to wax, some do recover after removal of wax. we provided as much info on wax removal as we are able, as well as a wax recovery group, and we are trying to combat the lies and spread real education on the dangers of dreadwax.

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!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
03/22/14 09:23:11PM @soaring-eagle:

weird they never used to be i giess we need someone to post new vids?

03/22/14 09:06:55PM @tom3:

Yeah I can't see the videos either. It says they are set to private.

Chris Gilmer
12/03/12 09:27:19PM @chris-gilmer:

videos are set to private?

Dan Lambert
02/14/11 07:33:59PM @fitz-the-viking:
Yes im glad iaint used any wax even thoe i wanted tu get rid of ma loose hair ive had me dreads for a year wun mth now and they still aint all matted up yet still alot of new growth kummin thru wich is probly y theres still loose hair about. But ae im glad i aint gut wax in me dreads!!!!!Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/21/10 07:44:31AM @rachel-shipley:
I can't see the videos?

07/07/10 08:36:41PM @brie2:
the first video was funny! hahahaha...light it up!!

!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
04/15/10 01:16:42AM @soaring-eagle:
well..... thats an unknown cause whenever wax heats up it liquefies and easily moves around inside dreadsits known to clog pores on the scalp years later so i assume some must travel to the rootsi cant be 100% sure about that logically there wouldnt be nearly the same amount in new growth but with frequent washings heat etc it probly can disperse throughoutand when its hot you usualy got em tied up so it would flow don towards the new growth...i cant say 1 way ot yuje other for sure but can see how it could

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