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site feedback

sites like dreadheadhq and knottyboy do not allow any commentsthat are honest criticisms of the methods and products they sell.if you post a comment like "wax hurt my dreads" it will never getposted or seen. they edit the opinions of the users of the productsso it looks like everyone loves them.

this site will never do that. we want honest feedback on the siteand the info provided. we will never edit or delete comments postedhere (as long as they are not abusive)

let us know what you think of

Issam Barahmeh
03/22/14 10:28:07PM @issam-barahmeh:

I love this website, it's fed my brain with such excellent dread knowledge! working with what I have is going to be the task of a lifetime!

However.. I was wondering if you could allow user name changes? or if you already do, how do I change it?


Trae Davis
12/14/13 02:26:49PM @trae-davis:

Finding this site changed my life. I see all of you as traveling the same road in life. Searching for acceptance in pursuing a .life different from the worlds view.For some reason, I find great comfort in all the words of wisdom I find here. Blessing to all of you on your journey!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/09/13 03:36:39PM @soaring-eagle:

try the 2 on mobile and youll see why betas much better also when all the feaures are complete it will be wayyyyyy beyond better

07/09/13 03:20:20PM @yearningforpeace:
I actually like this layout better than the beta. Both are loading extremely slow for me, but that's just technical. The advice here blows anywhere else out of the water im sure. We are excited about our journey and looking forward to changing how people around us see dreads through proper dreaducation(already had to explain that they aren't dirty to the father-in-law). Thanks for the awesome website soaring Eagle :)

06/08/13 04:59:14PM @caitlyn:
Dreadlocks site is where I go if I am feeling extr a happy or when life can have its trials, just knowing I have this site to go to gets me through the tough times.One of my hubbies and my tiffs is about how much time I spend on Dreadlockssite.I have always loved dreads and dreads are who I am in the essence of my soul, when I first found out about this site I couldn't,t believe that such a site existed about having Dreadlocks and being able to see something many different kinds of dreads from different parts of the globe. To me it would be like finding a "Hermits who live deep in the forest" site, I know there,s no such thing - but Oh it would be something so wonderful if there was.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/29/12 12:49:16PM @soaring-eagle:

dreads are loose hair allowed to dread by forcing it with a jackhammer like force i=u broke alot of hair creating more loose hair but it will dread

dreads will always have loose hair though so ignore it and accept it the sections are already defined..too defined they wont grow together unless u force em to for a good long time

if u seperate regularly they will be fine

Joe buffington
10/29/12 12:39:16PM @joe-buffington:

thanks im just a lil woried about all the loose hairs and afraid my whole head will make one big dread insted of being in sections...not that i care about perfect sections just would like it to look half way some what sectioned a lil if that make any since

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/29/12 12:16:57PM @soaring-eagle:

yes they will but crochet recovery takes a long time the roots cant be rushed just let em have the time they need crochet will cause more loose hairs for awhile due to hair breakage

but once they recover they will get better and better

just leave em alone

dont root rub!

Joe buffington
10/29/12 12:01:29PM @joe-buffington:

alright unfortinatly i found this website after i had my girlfriend crochet my hair ...which was very very painfull and i did not let her get that close to thescalp.. i would like tohave some bad ass dreads but now im not shor if my hair will dread i have a lot of loose hair at the base...i have been sprayng with seasalt like once a week trying to get the hairs to knot up them self and washing almost every other day with a dread shampoo..even tryed someroot rubbing not hard but barley see a diffrence just trying to let them grow and do there own thing . is there any way that my dreads will be ok in the long run...or even dread at all????

christopher lazarus
09/04/12 06:40:02AM @christopher-lazarus:

This site is awesome, we have a beautiful community here, but there are a few usability issues I have with the site.

The main thing for me is the size of the text in the forums: it's waaay to big. Personally I think the appearance of the site needs an overhaul to make it nicer to use. I find links here all the time on Google and I'm like "ah this can't be good the website is so annoying", but it's not it's great! I'd like to get involved with admin and whatever I can to help make this site more awesome.

Oh I like the way you do donations on sign-up by the way, genius idea. :D Peace.

Oh one more thing :D Do you know about Hip Forums? We need some style like that man. Haha :D

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