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rubbing dreadlocks clockwise or counterclockwise rubbing

rubbing dreadlocks clockwise or counterclockwise

when talking about rubbing dreadlocks many sites say they need to be rubbed in only 1 direction. lets examine the logic behind this illogical myth.

hair swirl direction

hair does grow from the scalp in a swirl around the crown

in most this is a clockwise swirl as seen above, but like left handedness a percentage of people have hair that swirls in the opposite direction.

when is a swirl not a swirl? -placing a flat palm directly on the crown the hair under the palm indeed does swirl in 1 direction only, now move that palm to the side of the head, and any clockwise movement rubs nearly 1/2 the hair against the grain., no longer are you rubbing a swirl, but a curve, 1/2 with the grain, 1/2 against.

to rub or not to rub

rubbing to create knots also creates friction and damage. rubbing with a towel to dry hair creates knots that are the beginnings of dreads . more rubbing means more damage over time, so once you have some knots started, no more need to rub, ever.

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06/26/11 08:24:40PM @ourdub:
they are already so skinny.. since i haven't been rubbing.

03/04/11 10:02:14AM @jo3:

This is good for me because I was a rubbing addict! Its like I couldn't stop doing it for a week. My hair is short but I already have some nots begining.

Dominique Matteo
03/01/11 02:19:26AM @rosy-surovy:
sweet tip, ive been wondering if i should o that still or just let em b. started sleeping w wool scarf on dreads till i can get a tam lol. ghettofantabulous much?

tripple 7
02/15/10 10:39:07PM @amanda-turner:
yeah wool rubbing has definitely helped me in the first 2 weeks of locking! i already had some happen

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