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I'm so proud of my hair

By Siri Nam Simran Kaur, 2013-05-06

I'm so proud of my dread's, I was looking around on the T&R timelines and realized that my dreads are looking great. At a month I have no unraveling, few loose hairs, some have a noticeably twisty look, but most are dreading and round. This is my first time using the T&R method and I'm glad I did. Aside from T&R all I've done is swim a lot, wash a few times a week, throw some rosemary oil on it and sleep in from time to time. Keep it up little locks. Pictures will follow soon.

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please help 7-8 months in and getting discouraged

By Marq Mutant, 2013-05-05

7 months in and im starting to b worried i have maybe 7-8 dreads then the rest is regular hair basically i wash with the nag champa bar from i wash 3 times a week when i wash i rub the bar on my head in a circular motion to dry i wrap a towel on my head or let it air dry i wear a tam daily but i also put my hair in a ponytail a lot everyday can anybody help me please im getting discouraged

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My first youtube vid at 2 weeks

By Sunshinelove, 2013-05-03

Im pretty excited about them :) I Just hit my one month with dreads and Im about to make that video here in a minute, I will post that as well

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Mental health stuff

By JavaLizard, 2013-05-03

On a side note, mental health is a crazy subject. Did you know that the effects of cocaine on the brain are the same as pornography? Did you know that more than 75% of the population have experienced a traumatic event that leads to PTSD like symptoms including depression and other mental health disorders? And that bad oral hygiene is connected to heart disease? Sorry just sharing my reading today.

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Of dreads, and fear

By Nicole V., 2013-05-03

It is not possible to recall the many times I've changed my hair. How often without a thought I've slung various chemical concoctions onto my hair, with results every color on the spectrum.

So why is the choice to start growing dreadlocks so hard, so filled with emotion and with so many internal questions? Fear even? Is it theresidual ignorant fear that once you dread to go back you must shave your head? (I know this not to be true)

I've spent the majority of my adult life struggling with society's version of "beauty". I've always been chubby. I've never been interested in hair, makeup and fashion. I've spent so much time letting the world convince me that I'm not beautiful, no matter how perfectly coiffed my hair, no matter the thickness of the layers of makeup.

About 6 years ago, I started losing weight. 100lbs... gone! I discovered belly dance. I found that men were finally discovering... me. I was finally discovering MYSELF... hidden beneath years of shame, years of asocietal SCREAM that said: "YOU ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL... THEREFORE YOU ARE NOT WORTHY!"

Now there is this tiny voice inside of me that says: "Why are you doing this to yourself? They will judge you again, if not by your weight than by the style of your hair. They will think [insert random stereotype of someone with dreadlocks] of you."

I look in the mirror, and *I* really like the changes I'm already seeing. This is what should matter most to my heart.

I release my fear into the wilderness to roam... far, far away from me.

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Drugs that harm dreads

By Jahma, 2013-05-02

I dont know about a list of drugs that hurt dreads. I just know that I found myself with a period that my hair would no longer lock up.Doctors found I was diabetic not long ago and they started me on insulin and Metformin.

Every once in a while my hair might get a couple inches out without locking. But I had 4 inches not locked at all. It was just sosmooth and silky unlike mytypical hair. It was getting scary that I might lose my dreads. I lived on the road for years and have hung out with some tuff characters who made keeping my dreads a real feat at times but Icame closest to losing thembecause of the metformin. I am on a slue of drugsbut narrowed it down to it being that drug. My fingernails where also splitting severly at the time. I am vegetarian but I was even eating jello every day to try to get them to start back up.

I told my doctor that my dreads are more important and quit the drug. They started to lock again within a month and I just have a little narrow spot from when it happened. I am just sayin'.

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Pre-Dreading Thoughts

By Karin Mizopalko, 2013-05-01
Hello everyone!Well I am less than a month away to having dreadlocks again. (Long story short - had them 11 years ago, used a DIY kit, was grossly misinformed, removed them after only two months). The reason I am waiting is that I have a posh wedding to go to and since my wonderful boyfriend is going to be the one to dread me, I am honoring his request to wait (he is very supportive in my journey). This time around, I am finding that I am completely deluged with all this information. I am 100% mind, body, and spiritually ready for dreads, I am just (k)not sure which method to use to start them and aftercare. I am caucasian with mixed textured hair (it's coarse, thick, and curly on the bottom and fine, limp and super wavy on the top.) I only wash my hair once or twice a week and only use a wide tooth comb or pick once every month or so. I used the back-combing method the first time and I found that my hair doesn't take to teasing very well and all those hours were wasted because even though I used wax, they were coming loose. (I also wasn't washing it which probably contributed to it because of the excessive oils, maybe?) I was thinking about getting it started in a salon but there are just way too many horror stories. So, if there is anyone out there that could offer a couple of pearls of wisdom it would be much appreciated. =)
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Freak out moment last night

By Siri Nam Simran Kaur, 2013-05-01

I had a little freak out last night at 2 am while I was laying in bed and feeling around in my dready head and felt all of the twisted hairs that have yet to dread and feel and look more like braids then dreads (I used the twist and rip method) I started pulling them all apart and re T&Ring them. I'm feeling better but not quite done. For the most part many of them are dreading well, however I think I may have done more twisting then ripping on a few of them. Freak out moment behind me, I woke up at 12 pm since I was exhausted and life is good again.

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My Dreads

By Jahma, 2013-05-01

WhenI met Soaring Eagle I told him the story of how I became a dready. That I would share it in a post. That was in 2009 and I better do it before I run off onto the road again. My life is coming to another big change just like it did back in 1997 when it started for me.

True names are with held. I going to lay it on straight so dont judge me to harsh. We are all human:)

I was living in my sisters basement in 97. Selling hemp jewelry and tye-dyes at flea markets. I had this sister ummmmm Ruth come up and bought a necklace off of me. I found she was also selling hemp jewelry. She was a sweetie and she invited me to her home.

Ruth was the first person I even noticed who had dreads. I look at peoples eyes and even though I go to Rainbow Gatherings it never hit me.

Well Ruthie was a beautiful sister and when she offered me a couple clean doses and the world was put into flux. She was so beautiful and her hair was so beautiful. She asked me to run away with her onto the road. She said she was a "Kid" and I was a'Kid" too. Off into the great unknown. I told her that I did not have any money. That I was poor. She said "We can be poor together". The most romantic words ever spoken to me.

I had never done anything like this though I had hitch hiked all over the USA already a few times. I had been trying to get into the jewelry business. I know how to cut stones and cast metals, facet gems. Well of course you give it all away. I had so few possessions but I had the jewelry equipment. I knew an old DeadHead who had just gotten off the road permanent. We can call him Luke. Well I traded all my jewelry equipment to Luke for a drum. (I still have the drum)

Well my Mother found out I was planning on hitch hiking off with a 19yr old dready sister. Well I then was told a 17yr old dready sister. Well Ruthies mom informed me I was going to be hitching off with a 16yr old dready sister the day we went to the notary to get an afidavid signed saying she could be with me. My mother decided she better rent me a car. Moms are just that way sometimes.

So off I go. To get my last paycheck pick up my drum then off to Ruthies. I get my paycheck and start down the road and I see this Guy walking in the other direction. He was a Rasta Man with Dreads to his waist. I pulled over to offer a ride.

Rasta man looked as old as the Earth. He was carrying a bag and a flute. I asked "Do you want a ride?" He just knodded he was going in the opposite direction. I told him to jump in and that I would go in the other direction to help him out.

He wouldnt look at me except for a glance out the side of his eye. He wouldnt speak to me except thru jestures. I was rambling about how I was about to go on the road. I was going with Ruthie. My mom rented this car. I told him that I was a spiritual person. Then I said to him. "I wish I was more like you!"

Be careful of your wishes Kids. The moment I said those words on a bright blue clear day the heavens open up with a deluge of water on my car. I quickly started to try to find the windsheild wipers and he pointed them out in a millisecond. I looked over and caufght a glint of his mischiefious eye in that second. We didn;t need to talk after that. I was dropping him off just a mile up the road and I pulled over for him to get out. The instant he stepped out the sun was shining.

I could go into the story of what I thought, I wont. I met Jah that day. I picked up my drum and then Ruthie and went out into the great unknown. My life changed that day. It continued at that magical pace for years like that. Amazing stories strung together making my life. I have not cut my hair since. Jah Love

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Knotty Boy website is a sham

By Baba Fats, 2013-05-01

Just for kicks and giggles I decided to check out today. I was annoyed with their home page, but I pushed through it. At the bottom of the page there is a link for "what do you think?". So I clicked it. It sends you to a page full of links to surveys about their site: What do you want more of? How do you like buying their products? How do you like their new site? etc... All of them allow you to take the survey right on the spot. Then there is a link about How you like using their products? Unlike all of the other surveys, this one is not available. In fact, it sends you to a page that tells you that you need permission to take this survey. I requested permission just for the sake of it. But I'm not expecting to hear back.

Sure the reason for this is most likely them wanting to check your email address and making sure it matches up with one in their database. That would make sense. But I'm sure they are also making sure you aren't on a forum like this one, spreading the truth about their products. In every other survey, they claim that they want you to be honest about your opinion. But they aren't going to listen to you if you disagree with them.

I know this isn't an important, or even a particularly useful blog. But I though some people may find it entertaining to see how KB is screening yet another form of criticism

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