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Serious Loose hair problem

user image 2013-05-15
By: Sergio Gonzalez
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This loose hair is killing me! WHat can i do about it:C

the Barrellady
05/15/13 01:02:36AM @the-barrellady:

Okay,so you have dreaded for 5 months and it is from sweat. You will dread in time, but hate the smell, so until other members can help you out, like I said in chat, contact one of the hair and scalp specialists in the members section and one of them should be able to help you. Even ask an herbalist listed on there, maybe they will have a remedy for head sweat. I do know that for foot sweat, soaking the feet in water and 3 regular tea bags daily for 7 days will get rid of foot sweat and foot odor. Just repeat when necessary if it comes back. I wonder if you do this to your head for a week straight if that would help you out. worth a try. The foot soak needs to be done daily for 1/2 hour at a time, so if you did your head and pour it on (let the water cool down first) you could always put a plastic bag over it to soak the wet hair for the 1/2 hour...If you try that, let me know if it works...good luck and peace

the Barrellady
05/15/13 12:34:33AM @the-barrellady:

Hey Sergio. Can't tell on your profile page when you started, it just says one week, so i will do my best to help you. Are your loose hairs just at the faceline and ear area? If so, that is due to the oils those areas produce. I am over 14 months and still have that problem due to my European skin type. I do recommend that you wash there a few times a day to keep it oil free. The face oils keep the strands oily, thus no knotting happens. I am just starting to spray them with the Himalayan Sea Salt spray to see if that helps at all. Oily areas will stop the hair from knotting. Do you have loose hairs anywhere else? And yep, how long have you been dreading?

Sergio Gonzalez
05/15/13 12:21:01AM @sergio-gonzalez:

Sergio Gonzalez
05/15/13 12:19:35AM @sergio-gonzalez:

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