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Is this gross?

user image 2013-05-11
By: Coloursnrainbows
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So I was brushing my cat. It is an activity he absolutely loves. And I was thinking about all his hair that comes when I brush him. I thought I wonder if I can make a dread out of his hair. So then I got to rolling it in my hands. And here is the finishes product. Now would this be disturbing to anyone if it was attached to me own dreads? Obviously on a non permanent wayJust wondering what your thoughts are.I would love to have a peice of him and his energy with me all the time. And in the tarts that he won't be with me anymore. I do not want to think about that but he is 9 years old now.
05/13/13 10:19:37PM @coloursnrainbows:
HAha. Laura that's super funnie. :). I did have a cat that would have of her fur get matted into little ones. She was a long haired cat tho. I left the the little ones under her chin and chest neck area. All the others ones got cut out because they would cause her some pain. But no my black kitty mokey doesn't have long hair. Lol super funnie tho. :). Thank for the goodnight laugh.

Laura Earle
05/13/13 09:52:06PM @laura-earle:

Pahaha, I speed-read this the first time and thought you were dreading your cat. XD Coolest. Kitteh. Ever. No, I don't think there's anything wrong with carrying it with you.

Nicole V.
05/13/13 07:27:12PM @nicole-v:

There's a couple of people out there that will spin you a skein of yarn from brushed-out cat, dog or other fur... when washed and treated properly, nah... that's not gross at all.

Princess Kay
05/13/13 06:14:49PM @princess-kay:

i agree with taye ! And , i also have a pugs ike you... i have hairs of them knootted in my dreads for sure!! as you know ... with pugs is hair everywhere!

05/13/13 12:23:45PM @coloursnrainbows:
Taye. I have never noticed any fur or fuzz stuck in my hair. Not saying that its not there. So you are prolly right. :)

05/13/13 12:16:49PM @taye:

I think it is a sweet idea but i can pretty much guarantee that you are carrying around pieces of him already. My dogs sleep with me and they shed a lot...especially this time of year. I have a black dog and a dark brown one. I have found more than one of their hairs in my dreads. I believe that there are several knotted in with my own. With the dogs in the bed and my dreads flopping around all night in my sleep...there is no way that my dreads are dog hair free lol. Because my hair is dark and their's is just blends in. (purple fuzz from my favorite wool sweater gets in... so if the purple fuzz can I know the fur has too.)

05/12/13 02:19:46PM @naturaldreads01:

Such a pretty kitty :D.. very sweet idea. :D

05/12/13 12:23:58PM @coloursnrainbows:
Oh he is really special. He's not like any other cat. He is so gentle and loving. I swear he can read my mind. I can't go anywhere without him being by my side. He is my love.

Diego F.
05/12/13 12:12:49PM @diego-f:

if you are not allergic i think there's no problem

and you have an amazing cat! i really love all pets, especially cats.

05/11/13 02:22:04PM @coloursnrainbows:
Yeah that's what I was concerned about the allergies. But most of the people I am around don't have life threatening allergies. And I am always covered in pet hair. Haha. As I have two dogs and a cat. The pug sheds like crazy! And she is a constant shedder so it is never ending.I didn't wet felt it I am actually not experienced with felting so I don't know the first thing about that. It does seem pretty solid it is hard to pull apart.I like your idea of adding the yarn to make it a fall. That would be great. :)

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