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Natural and patience.

By Coloursnrainbows, 2012-10-23
Can't wait for my natural hair color to grow back in! These roots are driving me crazy! Learning to manage my patience is a journey in itself. On the road of my dread journey. Learning patience. :)
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By Coloursnrainbows, 2012-11-19
So I am super excited! I just bought some dreadlock shampoo from the Can't wait to be able to use them!But on another note. I am approaching almost the three month mark with my baby dreads. I must say they are becoming their own and very surprised at how fast they are locking up. In the last week I have noticed they have shrunk at least 2 1/2 inches or so! Almost all of them have loops and or zig Zags in them and there are 73 of them! That quite a lot of craziness!! But I do I have like three of them at the base of my hairline that are knotted really close to the scalp and are pretty tight oh and won't lay down. They just want to go in the other direction . How can I loosen them up at the root a little bit to create some more comfyness! They almost all look like this. Can't wait to see how they will transform! Thanx all for listening to me babble!<3 Anna.
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Henna dye?

By Coloursnrainbows, 2013-03-03
Does anyone have experience with using henna dye on dreads? I'm looking to match my natural color and don't want to use chemical dyes (ewwww). I have grown tired of waiting for my natural color to grow in. And they dyed chemical blonde is just boring to me. Although I do love it. I am so conflicted.
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Broke down..

By Coloursnrainbows, 2012-12-02
So I broke down and bought a box of hair dye.. I'm sitting here staring at it thinking do I want to do this? I only want to dye the body of my baby dreads and not touch the roots..I want to lighten the body of the dreads to a light blonde. As they are right now a yellowish orange color which is not very pleasing to me. So what Am I waiting for? Hmm. Kinda afraid of not being able to wash all the dye outDecisions decisions...
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Show off

By Coloursnrainbows, 2012-12-09
So I thought I would show off some of my crazy teenage baby dreads? At least that's what I think they are doing. Being rebellious in this stage of transformations.First I just found this one it's quite a huge loop thing. Not to sure what to make off it. And a little closer Then in perspective Now onto some others that are pretty flat but crazy. Hopefully in time they will round out a bit I mean it has only been 3 months. This one kinda reminds my of a bow. I love bows. But not sure if you can tell I couldn't quite get it from the right angle. (As I am the one taking the pictures)src=""> Just another crazy one.src="">Now onto the back of the head. Now lets see what's truly going on back there in the grand scheme of things. HeheBad angle I know... And another bad angle. But you get my jist. And now altogether now. How bout some side views.One side. And the other. (Sorry for the lighting on this one) And just some to finish my "showing off" ;) Thanx for enjoying them with me! It's so nice to have people to show em off too without them still judging.
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The missing two.

By Coloursnrainbows, 2012-12-09
Here's the other missing two photos that didn't upload right to my other post. Sorry. Had to be user error. First up is the bow look alike I was talking about. . And then the missing second one.
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Why do...

By Coloursnrainbows, 2012-12-13
Why do some baby dreads end up folding up on them selves? Almost like tying a bow or something? Just curious cuz some in the back have done it. Hmmm....
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Soap making?

By Coloursnrainbows, 2012-12-19
So I want to try to make some soap either bar soap or liquid. Maybe both. But I can't seem to understand why lye is needed. I know there needs to be a chemical reaction for something. But I just really want a simple recipe for all natural soap. Without using lye. It honestly scares me. Anyone got any ideas!?
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