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day 2 of twist n rip dreads :)

user image 2013-05-18
By: flowerchild
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so i had decided to start with the twist n rip method to get my journey started, nothin but neglect from here on out :) me so excited

the Barrellady
05/18/13 08:26:08PM @the-barrellady:

The braided look will eventually go away as they loosen up and start to mature. When you friends tell you how awesome they look and ask you to do theirs, try doing the T&R this way...twist rip rip rip, twist rip rip rip rip twist rip rip rip and so on. That way there is no braided look in the beginning. Bet your arms got sore doing them, I know mine did...They are very pretty on you, nice job...Peace

05/18/13 08:16:24PM @naturaldreads01:

Yeah, the braided look goes away. Looking great! :D

05/18/13 08:03:05PM @flowerchild:

also the braided look will pass right? i know they're not supposed to look that way, but i have real strong stubborn hair that doesnt let go of knots very easily so takin em out and fixing would be a big pain so i kinda want to avoid that lol

05/18/13 08:00:25PM @flowerchild:

thank you! you think once i wash em theyll loosen up a bit? they're not too tight now but they could use a little more space as they form and start doin their thang

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/18/13 07:46:51PM @soaring-eagle:

wow they look beautiful

looks like u maybe didnt randomize enough on some but they arent tooo tight so should clear that up in no time

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