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Great Journey

By: James11
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So its been 3 months since I started dreading and it's been a joyful time, some negative comments about not brushinh my hair but its ok.

It feels so fine when I see some baby dreads forming, sea salt mix has been a great help, my parents say I'm a hippie they want to cut my hair.

this little one started with about 5 strings of hair, it's gettin bigger.

so withoutfurther ado here are some pics.That's all, and happy dreading to all.

the Barrellady
05/14/13 09:55:35PM @the-barrellady:

The journey takes a long time, but I remember seeing my first little dread too. something we always remember...congrats...peace

noe albor
05/13/13 08:02:24AM @noe-albor:
Your dreads are coming along great, I'm glad you're doing it the right way. I'm also from mexico, and I'm glad to hear from brothers like you.. Hey keep posting on your progress man, and I'll try to post done pictures also...

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