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14 month T&R dreads
14 month T&R dreads
14 month T&R dreads
11 month


Lisa Ann Maynard
08/10/14 07:42:37PM @lisa-ann-maynard:
I have a question. Ive been putting in my tnr dreads by myself & not to mention some other things have come up that has caused this process to take over a week & Im still not done! (I have VERY thick hair & a bunch of it!) But my question is.. My hair is all sectioned. The dreads Ive put in Ive taken the bands out & the sections in the back that have still yet to be done are still banded. Well, cause its taken me so long to get them in my hair DESPERATELY needs washed!! I have sebum built up on my scalp & when I try to tnr the rest, it seems like its not knotting now bacause it is so dirty. Is it ok to wash in the middle of the process of tnr & finish the back after it dries?? Pls respond as soon as possible.. Im REALLY needing to wash my head asap!! Thank you so so much!! Peace, love & happiness always

01/01/14 01:58:44PM @simplespiveys:
Thank you for the chart! Turns out, we may be in the moderately hard or hard since there's a decent amount of lime and other minerals in the water... Not to mention chloramine, yuck. Our shower filter needed to be replaced, and now I'll stay ontop of it since I know how bad it makes my hair and skin feel. Peace, peace, hair grease.

Tina Mother's Milk
11/01/13 12:36:18PM @tina-mothers-milk:


I don't know how to describe it, but I lost sections of hair, not the entire strand from the root, but it broke and sometimes small, sometimes larger pieces of hair, like as if you brushed out a tiny knot from your hair and it broke off.

Exxxon Valdez
09/04/13 04:56:28PM @exxxon-valdez:

Hope all is well on your end. just seeing if you ever looked into making that barrel drum? would be awesome to see. I have a friend who makes goat milk soap sprays and face scrubs. she ended up giving me a goatskin that needed to be scraped all the fat off, although i left the hair. im working on 3 ceramic drums that one of my buddies a local artist threw. ill throw up a little timeline of the drum progression, like i said before, your work looks great. peace

Rocky Hudson Jr.
09/01/13 09:44:04PM @rocky-hudson-jr:
Greetings sis! sorry bout the delayed response. Give thanks:) its been a long journey thus far through ups and downs. on aother note i dig your locks there comin along properly.Peace

Chelsea Klubi
08/19/13 03:02:31AM @chelsea-klubi:

Super helpful tip about the hard/soft water thing, thanks!! :)

Zachary Tyler
08/16/13 03:04:22PM @zachary-tyler:
For some reason it won't let me message SE. But I wanted to let him know how the new site works with my phone-it doesn't. I can do more on here. I have an iPhone 4S. It's really slow to type or anything. And I can't scroll at all. So any menu option I chose or anything all I see is the top of the page with pics rotating thru. I can't see anything else or do anything else on the site. I can click on the menu you and get the same basic options that are on this site. But when I chose one it either does nothing or I can't tell cause I can't scroll or whatever. I just see that top green part with pics rotating. I don't even see the full pic. Idk if its my phone or the browser I use (safari-being iPhone).

Angel Herron
08/15/13 11:41:33PM @angel-herron:

Thank glAD TO BE HERE!!

08/13/13 07:29:06PM @vescha:

PS: What is too fast of a time frame for hair to lock up, or is there such a thing? And is there a way to prevent the hair from locking so close to the scalp? I left over an inch space from scalp to hair and it seems as some of them are starting to lock right up to the scalp. :/

08/13/13 07:24:53PM @vescha:

Thanks again! I did order that dread shampoo to try it out, I bought Vicki's unscented version because I have a huge supply of essential oils and herbs, etc. as it is part of my work, anyway, here's my experience thus far: The first time I tried it, as my hair dried, it became VERY dry. I walked around half the day trying to figure out why my hair was feeling like you could flip me over and use my head as a damn SOS scrub pad... I was freaking out a bit, until I realized, SEA SALT. When I spent a week at the beach, this was exactly what my hair would feel like after the babies dried and I would rinse them out and add some Dr. Bronners and rinse again. SO, what I did was add Jojoba, Coconut, Vitamin E, and Patchouli to a spray bottle of water and sprayed my hair, and this relaxed that feeling somewhat over the next few hours while it penetrated in. I have added those ingredients to Vicki's shampoo (I see it has Coconut oil in it), and maybe the next wash will have a calmer effect. I am thinking I will also dilute the shampoo into another bottle as well. My hair is actually chemically processed for Aeons, honestly, but I never use any dyes with Ammonia, and try to use organic as possible, and only dye my roots as the color never really fades out of my hair. I seriously doubt I will ever stop dying this hair of mine, so I have always been very picky with what products go on it. I love all the tips you have put out there for everyone, very detailed and informative. You and the rest of the members have a done a fabulous job on this website. : )

Thanks again a million times over.


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