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i need help with my dreads

user image 2013-05-15
By: newbke
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so i got my dreads done by her making a braid and using a crotchet hook and twisting my hair and she put a lot of gel but looking on here i decided to wash that out so ive been washing my hair 3 days a week (my dreads are only 10 days old) and now the roots are loose and the rest of it is still twisted and poofy im guessing (i also use mango and lime spray on my hair) so should i keep twisted them or let them grow on their own and leave them alone ?
the Barrellady
05/15/13 09:23:14PM @the-barrellady:

All dreads should be left alone. The only maintenance required is to wash them 2-3 times a week in the beginning, and to keep the sections from joining onto each other.....that is it. Real easy huh..

.Roots need to be loose or the hairs will start to pull out from the scalp, and it will also cause stress on the scalp. When they sway in the breeze, you don't want them to be pulling at your scalp, they won't with loose roots. For sections to become mature dreads, they will loosen, and shrink and change shape, this is how they mature. The crocheting will put you behind your locks maturing by 6 months, but if you leave them alone from now on, they will repair as best they can. The broken hairs by the hook will start to poke out, but eventually they will be pulled back into the locks. Expect changes, expect them not to look neat and tidy while they go on a maturing journey. Once they are mature though, they will look awesome...have patience my friend....

If you still want to maintain them by crochet because you want instant dreads, and tidy instant dreads, then please know that they WILL eventually fall off one by one, they will NOT last you a lifetime if that is what you expected. The locks will just be hundreds of broken hairs inside with no strength to them.

the choice is yours, it is not too late to save them if you do want them for will just be your lesson learned......Peace

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/15/13 09:52:59AM @soaring-eagle:

the crochet did severe damage why she did both gel twuists and crochet ids beyond me but sounds like shes clueless

never retwist or u end up bald

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