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Trying out the baking soda wash/rinse

By Red Dreemz, 2012-02-13
Hello there my fellow dreadies. I hope you all are having or have had a good day.Well today is the day I tried the Baking Soda rinse/wash. This was my first time so I am hoping I didn't mess it up!But one thing I did notice when pouring the rinse in my hair was that I can see a light cloud of dirt in sink.. I thought that was pretty cool. & it made me think that I should have found this site when I started my dreads.But is the rinse supposed be clear or cloudy?How often should I use this method?I just want to see if I can get my dreads back on the healthy track. Because I have been noticing my hair is drier looking then I would like.Wish me luck on my road to recovery!
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What is Your Favorite Dreadlock Nickname?

By Kid Ayn Gibran, 2012-02-13

We've all got one. As soon as we decide to dread an show some dread progress people begin to call us something besides our name. I have been called damn near everything from Marley or Bob Marley, Jesus, and of course Rastaman, but my all time favorite is definitely Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. I personally don't like nicknames, in general, but the Sideshow Bob made me laugh. I wanted to hear any nicknames people on here have been called.

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By Katarina Marie, 2012-02-13

It has been three months or maybe 4, I have lost track to be honest lol. My baby dreads are forming at lightning speed and over one night I notice my loose ends have almost completely been eaten by my babies! They are hungry!! nomnomnom!! I have noticed that even though I am brushing my loose hair every other day that my loose hairs are wanting to form more dreads! I'm thinking I am gonna add a new dread to my head every now and then until I feel like it! ;p I havent used the baking soda wash and I'm not sure if I will. I have been using paul mitchells tea tree shampoo (washing every 2-3 days)and occasionally using the conditioner when my scalp is dry and so far so good! I try to only suds up my scalp and let gravity do the rest. I have also been using a palmade to keep em tamed when I go to see the family. I'm still just experimenting with them! The big thing that has been on my mind is that my boyfriend is about to be my fiance and that means I get to plan a wedding :DDDD and part of a wedding is getting your hair all curled up and what not and I can not make up my mind if I want to have a full head of dreads for it or if I should just keep a few like I have now. IDK its a pretty important decision and this is going to take some time to figure out! Well I'm out


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7 months

By Panga, 2012-02-12

Hit the 7 month mark last week. I can't put my hair in a pony tail anymore without it falling out in a matter of minutes. Too many shorties in the middle and bottom that are causing the massive amount of "volume" I have in the back. My front ones are starting to loop and dread up (finally!). Since I can't really do any updos with my dreadies, I have been just wearing them down, occassionally putting a tam on. I made one tam a few months back and love it (crochet). I also made two crochet headbands, and my very first knitted headband a few nights ago. The only problem I have with headbands at the moment is that it just doesn't feel comfy. I made one headband too big, thinking that would be better and it didn't matter. I think since I always wear my dreads down, having them pulled back just feels funny/odd. Plus, there is so much bulk already with dreads, having an added band of yarn feels like my head is massive. Hoping I can get over it and just start wearing them since I love knitting/crocheting them. I also added some more pony beads on some of the smaller dreads, hoping they will start to knot up some. Realized though that I can't keep them in for too long because they will get sucked in and stuck on the dread like my little blue star bead did.

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Can I dye 2 Week old dreads?

By Melissa Waggoner, 2012-02-09

I have naturally straight hair and my dreads are only 2 weeks old. I have always dyed my hair previously back and forth from blonde to brunette. One reason I put dreadlocks in my hair was so I could stop any further damage to my hair. But since ive been using residue free soap to wash my hair some of it has turned a weird grey color...
Any advice about dying it? Would it be too soon???

Help please! :)


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Dry Dreads

By Red Dreemz, 2012-02-08

Hello peeps I am new to the site and enjoy so far... But I really need some help! I have been growing my dreads going on 2 years and now all of a sudden I am noticing that my dreads are dry. gross I know... I want to know if this normal, only because my scalp is not dry I do not have dandruff, flakes or itchy scalp. I usually use the Jamaican Mango & Lime products & I have recently started greasing my scalp with olive oilmoisturizer. I wash my hair weekly andmoisturizedailyI just want to understand what is going on and how come my dreads feel like sand paper!!!! Please Help.. Thank you

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Chlorine and salt water

By anna b, 2012-02-07

ive heard loads that salt water is super good for dreads and helps them lock faster but what about chlorine? does it make them lock, untangle or nothing? im guessing normal water does nothing. and just while we're talking about locking, does palm rolling actually do something or just temporarily push down fuzzy hairs?

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YaY! My Etsy Shop!

By Jade Skelly, 2012-02-07

I'm very excited that my Etsy Shop "InspirationsByJade" is now featured in the shops on this great dread lock site! It is so great to be able to share my ideas with so many people who love and enjoy the same things as I do. I hope everyone loves my work! Please take a look and let me know what you think. I am going to work on some more dread accessories soon just for all of you!!! Thanks you for your support!


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help to convince parents to allow dreads???

By anna b, 2012-02-07

yo peeps

just joined this web :)) love the useful info here!!! i want dreads sooooo much - i theyre beautiful and would reflect my personality and make me feel good about my image and stuff, plus i hate brushing my hair (lol dont we all)!! buuuuuuuut since still live with parents they wont let me get them!! i have done so much research on them, showed a presentation/essay with all their evil stereotypes about dreads proved wrong, but they wont let me. theyre not talking about them being dirty or anything anymore since i told them about it, but now theyre saying that no one famous or successul white person has dreadlocks, or they all look stupid, or theyre ugly, or only hippies/homeless ppl have them, etc. i know this is wrong, but these are kinda opinion things, ya know? u cant convince someone to think diff about that kind of stuff. even worse, my mum agreed to make me ONE DREAD and then immediately take it out, but she made it super super loose and fuzzy so know she's convinced thats what all dreads look like in the months before they mature, when basically she just twisted my hair then rubbed it!!! srry to blab on so much but just wanna know, any more tips on convincing parents??? i feel like ive tried everything, but everyone is like def NONONONONO. plz help!!!!!

PS planning on doingtwist n ripdreads, not neglect!! would love to do natural but they take a long time and dont look presentable for ages, and not brushing my hair would NOT go down very well!!

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my dream last night.

By Naked Naturalist, 2012-02-07

so i had this crazy dream last night. well before the dream know that i am sick. i dont sleep at all. but this night i slept particularly long. well this dream was so long. i was with my father. he is a construction worker and we were going from house to house doing his work. i think when we got in the truck it was a portal to the next dream because i saw a dreaded man standing in a pool. he told me to join him and i did. so as im swimming around the pool he tells me he put a lot of acid in the pool. crazy right? and hes just standing there in the middle of the pool. so after a min or two i get out and i start tripping. the dream was weird because i actually was trippin. like seeing and feeling things but it wasnt intense. just caught me by suprise. and all i said was "dudeeee" and like came out of my dream. so what does this dream mean?

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