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Katarina Marie


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user image 2012-02-13
By: Katarina Marie
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It has been three months or maybe 4, I have lost track to be honest lol. My baby dreads are forming at lightning speed and over one night I notice my loose ends have almost completely been eaten by my babies! They are hungry!! nomnomnom!! I have noticed that even though I am brushing my loose hair every other day that my loose hairs are wanting to form more dreads! I'm thinking I am gonna add a new dread to my head every now and then until I feel like it! ;p I havent used the baking soda wash and I'm not sure if I will. I have been using paul mitchells tea tree shampoo (washing every 2-3 days)and occasionally using the conditioner when my scalp is dry and so far so good! I try to only suds up my scalp and let gravity do the rest. I have also been using a palmade to keep em tamed when I go to see the family. I'm still just experimenting with them! The big thing that has been on my mind is that my boyfriend is about to be my fiance and that means I get to plan a wedding :DDDD and part of a wedding is getting your hair all curled up and what not and I can not make up my mind if I want to have a full head of dreads for it or if I should just keep a few like I have now. IDK its a pretty important decision and this is going to take some time to figure out! Well I'm out


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