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What is Your Favorite Dreadlock Nickname?

user image 2012-02-13
By: Kid Ayn Gibran
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We've all got one. As soon as we decide to dread an show some dread progress people begin to call us something besides our name. I have been called damn near everything from Marley or Bob Marley, Jesus, and of course Rastaman, but my all time favorite is definitely Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. I personally don't like nicknames, in general, but the Sideshow Bob made me laugh. I wanted to hear any nicknames people on here have been called.

Arkynstone GypsyFae
12/08/14 06:43:02PM @arkynstone-gypsyfae:

Ha! My friends and coworkers aren't that creative. I've been called "Dreads" by one guy, who has kept that nickname for me. Other than that, my honey calls me his "dirty hippie" but only does so because I can't help but to reply that I'm clean and I showered and he likes to push my buttons. LOL And one co-worker told me I reminded her of Aunt Jemima when I had them wrapped one day.

11/25/14 05:52:06PM @themaneman:

my mom likes BUM , my friend calls me
"caveman" which ive grown too..

Jayke Watson
04/13/14 07:13:41AM @jayke-watson:
I don't usually get many nicknames but a few of the people at my school have started calling me hippie. Not 'a hippie' or 'the hippie' but just using hippie instead of my name :P

04/12/14 07:01:08PM @sunflower:

my mom liked to say I look like a hobo. But in general I get also hippie

02/09/14 03:49:10AM @pete:

I am sideshow bob too . :D

04/14/13 08:38:22PM @jazzymomma:

haha my cousin called me SNARLS MAGEE ahha didnt really mind tho was funny haha dont got a fav i guess but natty is cool

Rainbow Fortune
06/03/12 07:39:37PM @rainbow-fortune:

Mother Earth, Shaman, hippie. But there is also 'dredovka', which would be something like 'actress', 'policewoman', or any otheroccupation adapted for females, but with the word 'dreads' instead of 'police', 'act', etc. That last one kinda pisses me off, since I'm a grammar nazi, and that word is stupid (even in Serbian), and does not exist. :D

06/03/12 03:56:20PM @jo2:
I've been called an Empress to a Mop. Lmao

06/03/12 02:03:41PM @valrie:

I have a bunch of different friends who have always called me Kitten or Neko (cat in Japanese) because I love my feline friends so much. Since dreads it's shifted to Dread Kitten. =^_^=

Rebecca Woods
06/02/12 08:27:54PM @rebecca-woods:

oh I've also been caled Gaia, the godess of earth lol

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