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dreadlocks shampoo
Jayke Watson


Location: Murrumbateman
Country: AU

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Jayke Watson

Confliction over tattoos

Hey everyone, I'm not quite old...
@Jayke Watson 11 years ago - Comments: 2
Jayke Watson

What's the issue?

To be honest, unless the wiki page...
@Jayke Watson 11 years ago - Comments: 3

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Wraps + Beads
Half Up-do (8 1/2 months)
Bun (9 months)
Yellow and White Arrangement (My First Ever)
Warm Arrangement
Trippy Coloured Arrangement
Short Round Arrangement
Right Side (4 months)
Left Side (4 months)
Back Underneath (4 months)
Profile (4 months)


08/08/13 02:56:54PM @space-monster:

Hi, Jayke, here's your picture sorry it took so long I just wasn't in the right mood to draw it until recently..

07/26/13 01:29:15AM @space-monster:

it sounds beautiful
i'lldefinitely try to draw it as i really like the idea and i've also had a similar image in my head for some time but i wasn't sure about some details of it.. so i like yours even better than mine :)

07/25/13 07:13:24PM @space-monster:

i LOVE wood spirits :)
which of the drawings did you like? i just want to get the idea of what to draw for you.. btw, if you wish, feel free to print the ones i posted, i'm absolutely ok with that

07/25/13 06:11:33PM @space-monster:

i don't sell them because they all are pretty personal and mean a lot to me.. but i think i could try to draw something for you for free if you like :)

07/17/13 01:51:04AM @naturaldreads01:

I saw that link for your Jam session, so I decided to check it out.. I love your playing style. :D.. Very Nice!

Light Faerie ~
07/17/13 12:42:24AM @light-faerie:

Awesome jam session! I enjoyed listening to it. You're pretty good!! :) ~ Much Love to ya

Mario hernandez
06/05/13 12:20:13AM @mario-hernandez:
Would rosemary alone in what i wash my hair with help? And also can i go swimming? I just started my natural dreads like two weeks ago

06/03/13 01:10:34PM @jazzymomma:

lol peace bro

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/23/13 06:44:12PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome u should only wool rub once to get some knots started then never again

Baba Fats
04/23/13 05:11:25PM @baba-fats:

Welcome. Do you have naturally oily hair? If not, then you need to be rinsing out the BS really well and then doing a few second rinse with apple cider vinegar. BS is a base, and will raise your pH level too high, frying your hair and scalp. ACV is an acid, and will bring your pH level back to a healthy range.

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