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Location: Brooklyn, NY
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Christina Rivers
06/10/12 03:22:35AM @christina-rivers:

Hi :D Thanks. You are gorgeous, by the way.

I LOVE unschooling. Donovan loves it too. He would be finishing up 1st grade if he were in compulsory school & he reads at a 4th grade level; spells words up to fourth grade level; speaks basic German; does excellent with math - addition, subtraction, multiplication, measuring length. He is very social. We go to the park often and he makes friends easily with neighborhood children. He has a penchant for learning and he is very proud of himself. I think it's easier for him to learn because he is not afraid of making mistakes; mistakes are how we learn and he doesn't have to worry about getting "bad grades" or having a classroom full of kids watching him when he works on answering a question. We have read everything from the Iliad to various Poe poems this year. I'd say go for it!

The only teaching program we use is Singapore Math & we love it. I would recommend reading "The Well Trained Mind" by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise; we follow the trivium method explained in this book.

When I started homeschooling I thought, "What if I screw my kid up." But he is learning so quickly and effortlessly and he has such incredible social skills (he has friends he made at our neighborhood park that he calls and that call him to set up play dates! LOL).

I hope you don't mind my long winded answer. I'm still getting used to this site and I'm not sure if there was a more appropriate forum to respond to your comment like PMing or something.

Anyway, it's nice to "meet" you.

06/07/12 01:36:25AM @angella:


Stephen Wondal
06/01/12 02:24:30PM @stephen-wondal:

hi jo, thanks for the add. i hope this time your dreadlocks would last longer. :D have a great journey, ya! oh, i would love to see some pics of your dreads. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/24/12 07:59:11PM @soaring-eagle:

good ..i hate seeing dreads combed out

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/02/12 11:41:24AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome why are u concidering combing em out//

Althea Jesse
10/07/11 12:45:52PM @demoniac:

thanks so much the squiggles love you! (;

Nadya Papusa
09/15/11 11:19:28PM @ashley6:

Thanks! Yeah I went through some rough patches with them, but once I started growing, so did they! Good luck~

Brooke Jackson
02/04/11 03:02:27PM @rebecca2:
That trip would be epic. soo spendy though. i got friends in different states and whenever I see them bud is usually one of the topics, just hearing all the different prices, sampling different quality and all thats always fun. Oregon and Cali can hold their own thats for sure. some santa rosa club doja is sell like 1.2g dubs >_< but oh well, its crazy tasty, humboldt honey! mmmhhhmm haha. plus havin a dispensary about 15-20 minutes from me is clutch. And the bombs around here are really hit or miss, i assume thats like everywhere though. i always checkd pill report before sampling anything though. not tryna pick up disco biscuits with tweek or anything.

Brooke Jackson
02/04/11 10:13:39AM @rebecca2:
For sure, some people just will never understand it, but im ok with that, I think it's kinda fun that way. like when you meet someone else wearing kandi during the day or something, its like and instant bond and yall are just so happy to see each other! I love that haha. And mmmmhhhhmmmm the greenery will always be valuable amenity. It really does compliment everything. I mean I can't ever remember roasting a few bowls out skiing, or just with some friends on an adventure, (maybe a pink floyd lazer show! haha) and being anything less than super stoked with my day. And not to toot me own horn, but Seattle really delivers on a quality product. lol

Brooke Jackson
02/04/11 02:08:08AM @rebecca2:
I hear ya on that. I lived in spokane for a bit and people said it had a big scene, (after all it is the second biggest city in WA) and theres really noting. there are a nice amount of ravers around here though, kandi posers will always be around, people would ask me about it and when i told them about it, i could just tell they were judging me. But that doesnt matter to me. Although it is be fun to roll, i kinda passed that phase. Rave safe! :)

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