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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Tremonton, UT
Zipcode: 84337
Country: US

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april 29 2013
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Castaway J
11/24/12 10:47:56AM @castaway-j:

Hi Angella, just wanted to say thank you for posting each day like you do. ive been enjoying them :)

08/02/12 09:30:54AM @craftydangles:
2nd Full Moon (Corn Moon) Festival for spec, The Corn Moon is a great time for spell work involving spiritual and physical health. It is a good time to harvest all the energy you can for your betterment. Make sacrifices and work for the sake of the future, building potential energy to propel you through the winter.On this day, a festival was held in honor of Spes, Goddess of hope. She was often called the last Goddess. As hope is the very last resource available to someone experiencing hard times.

06/06/12 07:45:27PM @jo2:
Thanks, angella for the friend. Hope to see more of your lovely loc's.

01/12/12 06:10:23PM @earthstudios:

Thanks for the kind words on the bus, I did a step by step kinda thingy in the traveling dreadies group :) but I sold it lol... I'll make another one. Been thinking about turning it into a job for me since everyone likes this one so much. I really enjoy doing it. <3

01/02/12 04:15:22PM @hippiegal:

Hi Angella, and thanks for the add. Beautiful locks!

01/01/12 03:46:16PM @naturelover:

Thanks for the add, Angella :) Your locks are forming well! Keep it up. Take care, man. Shalom!

12/16/11 07:43:58AM @klete:

Thanks for the friendship!! Your dreads are looking super, gonna look great on you!! Utah, is that as bad as Nebraska?? I sure catch a lot of looks walking around town!! Even after 2 and half years!! lol, thanks again for the friendship!!

Castaway J
12/07/11 05:35:54PM @castaway-j:

thanks for the add friend :)

12/02/11 05:14:15PM @exalthimx7:

Thanks for the friend, Angella'] God Bless your journey

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/01/11 02:05:11PM @soaring-eagle:

did u use a blow dryer toelt the wax in? you wont feel wax thats in the core of the dread only whats on the surface ppl have washed for 7 yewars and thought the wax was all gone only to cut 1 open and find a core of wax..just cause u dont feel it dontr mean its not there..wax repels water so washing it out is nearly imposible

u gotta soak in vinager 1st then use the hottest water u can stand and lots and lots of dawn dish soap and scrub like crazy

and besides u wikll find its not nearly as dreaded as u think its just gluedtogerther in wax wax can prevent it =from ever dreading for years

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