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Location: Atco, NJ
Zipcode: 08004
Country: US

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By Your Side

By Your Side

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My first video update']

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Κύριε Ελέησόν
03/27/13 12:45:04AM @κύριε-ελέησόν:
FINALLY! The day has arrived! I have some spare change I'd like to burn. Could I make a request for a headband or jewelry?

Κύριε Ελέησόν
02/19/13 02:54:04AM @κύριε-ελέησόν:
Hi there! I just stumbled upon your Etsy shop... you're seriously talented! I hope to order some trinkets from you soon. AND I'm stoked you've got Christian items!!! May God bless and keep you!

Shannon Gillespie
01/28/13 10:47:55AM @shannon-gillespie:
Thank you so much for your kind welcome :)

melanie rose
01/07/13 12:59:23PM @melanie-rose:
You are extremely talented, I already have 2 things picked out. Thanks for the link :)

melanie rose
01/07/13 01:17:54AM @melanie-rose:
Hello friend:) so you make jewelry? Do you do wraps?

Karrington <3
11/11/12 01:35:04PM @karrington-3:
Wowzers! I bet that looks awesome!

Karrington <3
11/11/12 10:07:56AM @karrington-3:
Thanks! I need to post pics of them currently, they're coming along nicely.. :)How is your second set going?

Ethon O'Brien
06/01/12 09:06:33PM @ethon-obrien:

haha well it clearly already is pretty unique. i kind of wish i had started mine natural rather than twist and rip, but i would have started them short, cause i saw this guy on youtube who had natural dreads that had virtually no loose hair and just looked so need and round, and it was cause he started them short. i like twist and rip though, i love how they mature so bumpy and loopy

Ethon O'Brien
06/01/12 06:07:11AM @ethon-obrien:

you're welcome exalthimx7. i like how your dreads are coming along, never seen straight hair dread quite like that.

Jill Martin
02/09/12 09:29:35PM @jill-martin:

i just spent like 15 minutes looking at all of your pictures. i am in love with the headbands that you make!!!!!!! i wish i had that gift to be crafty and such... i love your music. i'm singing along with all of your songs. :) well, thanks for the add back. wonderful to find sisters with dreads!! talk to you soon!!! <3

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