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Ethon O'Brien


Location: Seattle, WA
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Ethon O'Brien

slightly different baking soda method

When i wash my dreads, i like to get...
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11/07/12 03:44:56PM @sweet:

I am having such a hart time leaving messages on your Tea-heads, i tried to send you link with a recipy for pine needle tea on you tube and some pics for Tea-heads, also getting here took a good few goes, so i'm going to inbox SE and tell him, don't know if its the site or what, i'm lucky i got this message through!

11/07/12 03:20:05PM @sweet:

Oh yes it is how these martial arts people philosophyze that attracts me in the first place to get my kids started on kerate. And yes my kids are 10 and 11, my daughter being the eldest and more the tom boy. I will definatly look up the 'Bruce Lee's fighting method' books.

My part time job at a chicken farm has turned into nearly a full time 7 days a week job so i haven't been on my DLS for some time now and have really missed it, next i'm going to see what is happening on Tea-Heads :)

10/25/12 05:02:47PM @sweet:

WOW - when i said more people have joined there was only another 2 people, but now Tea-heads is really taking off!! Well done, just be sure to answer each persons comment no matter how trivial and try to welcome each new member, i'm only brainstorming these ideas so you really keep the group growing.

10/25/12 04:28:24PM @sweet:

I've been sending my kids to karate classes, think its a real good way for defense and the teachers don't like to use it to start a fight.

Yeh i think i got rid of the post i did about starting dreads, can't find it anywhere? I really thought people would want to tell their story's in what got them started with dreads, but really you can see it all happening on this website as people ask SE what to do to get them started of with their dreads.

10/25/12 04:13:04PM @sweet:

Yeh - but its which coloured text is the one i made green that gets me confused, each category of text has its own name and i don't know which one this text is called eg Heading text, links text etc................
I know when it comes to setting up computers i'm more than a bit slow but i'm real happy i figured out how to get the forest background after being a member for a long time!

10/24/12 04:46:01PM @sweet:

I recon when anyone firstly sets up a topic it seems to take ages to take off, but i do know just like with incenses us dreadies do drink a lot of herbal tea more than anyone. I even think i have tried come to think of it the page might be still there, i thought about starting of a topic on how and what made each of us dreadies decide to start dreading. I even forgot myself about the page, it may even be not there anymore.
Yours looks like its getting of to a good start, was glad to see a couple more members :)

10/24/12 04:37:28PM @sweet:

I have just seen your comments to me - yes you are right about the green on my page, after setting it all up do you think i can find which setting it was that i made my writing green!

I wish there was some way on my page that they would let me know someone has left me a comment, sorry it has taken me so long to get back.

09/27/12 05:35:46PM @sweet:

Hey Ethon is it you who had made up the Tea- heads, what a great idea, i recon tea drinking goes with incense burning, this is how i unwind at the end of a day :)

I'm trying to think of a discussion i could add to you Tea-heads to get it started, being sort of newish i haven't started a discussion yet, i am thinking on it though :)

09/19/12 11:22:12PM @fernand:

hello, how big would you say you started your sections as?

Trina Sandress
06/03/12 06:34:49PM @trina-sandress:

Thank you! And your dreadlocks are looking great thus far. I like that you use green tea on your dreads. I like to use rosemary,peppermint,spearmint,sage tea on my dreadies. It's so good for them and they smell just so fragrant after using the rinse.

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