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Location: Atco, NJ
Zipcode: 08004
Country: US


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My first video update']

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12/19/11 07:17:37AM @exalthimx7:

lol thanks Chicas...Jen, I had to undo one section to do the bangs, my sections are all over the place, I have no part. I really like it like that tho']

12/17/11 09:42:18PM @dreadfern:

Hahahaha! you're hilarious!

12/16/11 05:48:34PM @exalthimx7:

aww, thanks'] I'm so much less self conscious now that I'm older, maybe I will! You probably didn't notice the dishwasher 'cause it's a part of everyday life, haha!

12/16/11 05:42:54PM @hippiegal:

I didn't notice the dishwasher - till you mentioned it and I had to see the video again! Lol!Love to see another when you're ready.

12/16/11 05:35:47PM @exalthimx7:

thanks ladies! Yes, I will turn them off, lol then you won't see the dishwasher waiting to be emptied']

12/16/11 04:41:50PM @hippiegal:

Love the way this video starts!Your bangs really suit you. :)I'm keeping mine too, until I get sick of them.

12/16/11 04:30:31PM @heather:

your so funny! i love your bangs. i really want to have some softness around my face but my hair is so thin that it would take half of my hair to have bangs like that. just a tip, in your next video turn off the kitchen lights in the background because it causes a lot of glare. more videos!! :)

12/15/11 07:19:37AM @exalthimx7:

Thank youmy friends']

12/14/11 07:33:21PM @foxpaw:

your awesome :-)

Karrington <3
12/14/11 04:26:06PM @karrington-3:
you are precious :)) great video :)))

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