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Location: Stip
Country: MK


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jessica rainbow
08/15/12 11:04:25PM @storm730:

braddddddddddddd!!!!!! foxpaww!!! miss you so much. hope you're doing amazingly :D

myo teck
06/09/12 10:53:30PM @myo-teck:
:) Nice u meet u!!

Chris Alarcio
06/03/12 10:25:45PM @chris-alarcio:

just stumbled on your page and heard eddie vedder and wanted to say awesome and nice choice of devendra songs :D

04/16/12 07:24:52PM @pennyroyal:

OMG! Please text me AS SOON as you can! I wanna hear all about it! Better yet, call me!!!!! <3

04/11/12 04:56:21PM @pennyroyal:

Now it's your turn to make a video!!! :-P

Kanna Vincent
04/01/12 11:29:58AM @kanna-vincent:

yeah its me :-D hey there!

03/11/12 10:17:24AM @rebekah:

good sunday? ;) hope you had a wonderful weekend kind sir.

Jacob E. Fernando
03/04/12 01:14:08PM @ruca671:

thanks for the request man!

Heather Frey
03/03/12 10:15:17AM @heather-frey:

Hello my brother. Just wanted to tell you that you have very unique and beautiful locks. Jah Bless.

Brittni Ballou
02/29/12 10:39:01PM @brittni-ballou:

you saw me on fuckyeahdreadlocks ?! thats awesome.. crazy how the dreadies find each other....

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