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Chlorine and salt water

By: anna b
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ive heard loads that salt water is super good for dreads and helps them lock faster but what about chlorine? does it make them lock, untangle or nothing? im guessing normal water does nothing. and just while we're talking about locking, does palm rolling actually do something or just temporarily push down fuzzy hairs?

anna b
02/08/12 09:50:17AM @anna-b:

thanks, will keep that in mind!! oww def not gonna palm roll too much then!!

Tied up in knots
02/07/12 01:32:17PM @tied-up-in-knots:

Given the way my hair feels after swimming I would imagine that chlorine helps things knot up but at the same time it's chlorine. It's damaging to hair. Make sure to clean it out well after swimming.

Even normal water if you are swimming with your hair loose with help create knots. Movement makes knots. Always keep that in mind. If your hair can't move it isn't making knots.

Palm rolling is a temporary fix only. Unless you do it too much. Then it makes your dreads fall off.

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