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Naked Naturalist


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my dream last night.

By: Naked Naturalist
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so i had this crazy dream last night. well before the dream know that i am sick. i dont sleep at all. but this night i slept particularly long. well this dream was so long. i was with my father. he is a construction worker and we were going from house to house doing his work. i think when we got in the truck it was a portal to the next dream because i saw a dreaded man standing in a pool. he told me to join him and i did. so as im swimming around the pool he tells me he put a lot of acid in the pool. crazy right? and hes just standing there in the middle of the pool. so after a min or two i get out and i start tripping. the dream was weird because i actually was trippin. like seeing and feeling things but it wasnt intense. just caught me by suprise. and all i said was "dudeeee" and like came out of my dream. so what does this dream mean?

anna b
02/10/12 09:40:30AM @anna-b:
I once had a horrible dream where I stabbedvmy sister with a knife, was shaking for 10min after i woke up...

Naked Naturalist
02/09/12 05:58:48AM @naked-naturalist:

my dreams are crazy. last night i had a dream i walked into a town that was hit by a war. my boyfriend accidentally bumped into one of the bodies and a man inside told him that body would haunt us for as long as we are here. and that were in the spirit realm. and there was no way to get out.

anna b
02/08/12 09:54:40AM @anna-b:

idk, but it could mean ur thinking about having doubts or wanting ur dreads to lock faster?? dreams r always something ur thinking about subconsciously, so it depends, mebbe u were doing something that day that made u think about that kind of stuff?

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