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my dream last night.

By Naked Naturalist, 2012-02-07

so i had this crazy dream last night. well before the dream know that i am sick. i dont sleep at all. but this night i slept particularly long. well this dream was so long. i was with my father. he is a construction worker and we were going from house to house doing his work. i think when we got in the truck it was a portal to the next dream because i saw a dreaded man standing in a pool. he told me to join him and i did. so as im swimming around the pool he tells me he put a lot of acid in the pool. crazy right? and hes just standing there in the middle of the pool. so after a min or two i get out and i start tripping. the dream was weird because i actually was trippin. like seeing and feeling things but it wasnt intense. just caught me by suprise. and all i said was "dudeeee" and like came out of my dream. so what does this dream mean?

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